Star Ring Mission Chapter 69


Chapter 69 is me

Another green shield mecha suddenly appeared and everyone was startled.

Lin Zino was even more stunned.

Then the mecha raised its dark muzzle and shot frantically at the elite Bai Ze.

peng~ peng~!!

The whole process is in one go, the gun hits!

The elite Bai Ze, all over his body, was also hit with horrible to see wounds.

I saw the elite-level Bai Ze, making a painful sound. The other two I-type common-level Bai Ze immediately felt the danger, and decisively dropped the spills of war, changed the attack target, and rushed towards Su Mo fierce and unafraid of death from different directions from left and right.

Su Mo was very calm, not panicking, and certainly not sitting still.

He pushed the operating lever to maximize the power output, and the whole mecha rushed out, directly rushing through the middle of the two I-type Ordinary Level Bai Ze. Immediately, the two Bai Ze jumped into the air. Su Mo drove the mecha to an emergency stop, and then violently controlled the mecha to turn around.


The vents on the back of the abdomen opened, and two short-range missiles shot out, hitting the two Type I Common White Zes!


A huge explosion spread with flames.

After the smoke dissipated, two torn skin and gaping flesh, and the charred I-type common white zebra staggered out. He was hit by a short-range missile at such a close distance, and he hasn’t died yet. It can be seen that his life force is tenacious.

However, Su Mo was not touched at all, and he indifferently manipulated mecha to raise the gun in his hand.

A shuttle, like fist-sized bullets, hit both of them on the head, killing them on the spot.

At this time, the other mature Bai Ze rushed up one by one like crazy.

Su Mo raised the gun in his hand and pulled it, only to find that there was no bullet. He directly threw the firearm in his hand and smashed it on a Bai Ze who was rushing towards him.

He then controlled mecha to punch the other mature Bai Ze, hitting its face and smashing it. Smashed out.

At this moment, the Type I Elite rushed up from the side.

Su Mo is keenly aware of the danger, but unfortunately too late to react.

No accident Su Mo was thrown to the ground, Su Mo brows tightly frowns in the cab. Because the operation is too rusty, resulting in mistakes. If the operation is skilled, not to mention counterattack, at least it can be avoided.

Bai Ze controlled the two tails behind him, as if lance moved towards mecha, the head pierced down.

He pulled the operating lever and quickly pressed several buttons on the operating table.

I saw mecha lift his right foot, fiercely kicked Bai Ze, and kicked him fiercely out.

Then Su Mo controlled mecha and got up as much as possible with his hands on the ground.

Zhou Qian and the others watched Su Mo’s battle while fighting against the remaining Bai Ze, and were amazed inside.

“Who the hell is driving that mecha? The technology is so good?” All mecha drivers have died!

You must know that all the weapons in this world are exactly the same as reality. Without systematic study and long-term practice, it is impossible to operate.

It’s like when you call someone who will not go fly a plane.

Isn’t this nonsense?

At this time, the murderous eyes of the I-type elite Bai Ze stared at Su Mo, and it grinned, looking for an opportunity to attack.

The two faced each other like this, and time passed by little by little.

Su Mo also took this opportunity to control mecha’s head, offset a little to the right, and looked towards other weapons that damaged mecha.

The Type I Elite Bai Ze keenly seized the moment of Su Mo’s distraction, burst out with supernormal power, and rushed towards Su Mo like a gust of wind.

And just as it approached, Su Mo controlled the mecha right hand to clench it into a fist, with full power, and punched it on its head with great precision, directly smashing it.

Su Mo naturally wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity, he controlled mecha and rammed it arrogantly, knocking the elite Bai Ze to the ground instead.

Immediately, Su Mo controlled mecha to bend down slightly and jumped up sharply.

Dozens of tons of mecha, fiercely smashed on Bai Ze who fell to the ground.


Bai Ze’s entire chest was sunken, and he let out a painful scream.

But it didn’t end there, Su Mo controlled mecha to ride on Bai Ze, punching punch after punch on his head, punching to the head without a trace of rest.

Immediately, his head was smashed into a bloody mess, and his skeleton shattered.

But even so, Su Mo didn’t want to stop, for fear that the other party’s death was not thorough enough.

In this way, Su Mo smashed his head completely, and stopped to stand up after confirming that he was dead.

Then he immediately rushed to the mecha wreckage next to him, picked up their firearms, and shot at the remaining mature Bai Ze all around.

Bai Ze, who rushed in, was quickly cleaned up.

It finally turned the scene around.

“Who are you?”

Lin Zino, who was covered in dirt at this time, gasped, walked to mecha and asked.

Everyone present looked over, and they were also very curious as to who opened the mecha and how powerful it was.

“It’s me.”

Su Mo solemnly replied .

Hearing Su Mo’s voice, Zhou Qian and the others were dumbfounded.

Lin Zinuo was also stunned, she suddenly reacted. This guy Su Mo is really an expert, he seems to have found a treasure.

“You actually know how to open mecha.”

When Su Mo was about to answer Lin Zino, Min Ru noticed an abnormal noise in the passage, he immediately reacted and rushed to the other two. Destroyed mecha, take their firearms.

Then rushed to the exit of the passage, raised the gun, and shot violently.

peng~ peng~!

Bai Ze who rushed in was beaten into meat sauce.

The imposing manner of one man holds the pass, blocking ten-thousand!

Zhou Qian and the others said quickly: “Sisters, we will also go up and help.”

However, at this time, Lin Zinuo stopped Zhou Qian and said to him: “Zhou Qian, bring me with you. A group of people will look for it to see if there is any other way out. When it really can’t stand it, there is still a way out, and here it is left to us.”


Zhou Qian reacted and left immediately with someone.

Lin Zinuo took the remaining sisters, whether they were production players or combat players, all picked up the QBZ-171 rifle and went up to fight side by side.

Su Mo glanced sideways at Lin Zinuo and the others, then concentrated one’s mind shooting.

Time flies by.

More and more Bai Ze were killed, but the number of monsters rushing in from the entrance not only did not decrease, but instead increased.


Su Mo’s firearms were fired one by one.

Su Mo couldn’t help but said to Lin Zino seriously: “I can’t stand it anymore.”

Lin Zino also felt very troublesome. It’s like she can’t kill them all, the problem is that she doesn’t have a particularly good way.

It’s unrealistic to go out now, it’ll just be torn to shreds.

Just when Lin Zino was in a dilemma, Zhou Qian ran over gasping for breath from behind.

“Sister Zinuo, we found a hidden back door behind.”

Zino was very happy after hearing that, she guessed it right. The normal base will definitely leave a way for her, and she immediately said to Su Mo.

“Let’s withdraw.”

“Okay, I’ll cover you.”

Su Mo glanced at Bai Ze who was rushing in more and more said.


Zi Nuo gave the order decisively without any hesitation.

(end of this chapter)

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