Star Ring Mission Chapter 7


Chapter 7 teasing

Su Mo nodded slightly, took the card and put it in his pocket, turned and went upstairs go with.

Meet a maid along the way and greet him with a big smile.

“Hello, sir.”

Su Mo felt very uncomfortable, and soon he came to his private room on the third floor, he pushed open the door and went in.

The private room is very spacious and decorated very warmly. The luxury version of the game cabin is placed in the center. The whole body exudes a light blue metallic luster, fully worthy of its million-dollar worth.

A high-end leather sofa is placed on the left side of the game cabin, and the front is also equipped with a cinema-level virtual projection.

A wide variety of drinks and snacks, and even a small plate of sliced apples, is impeccable.

Su Mo walked over to the couch and lay down, it was a while before the game started. He set an alarm clock and closed his eyes to keep his spirits up.

A few hours later, Su Mo’s phone vibrated. He slowly opened his eyes, picked up his phone and looked at it. There were less than five minutes left before the game started.

Su Mo stood up and moved.

At this moment, he heard a deafening sound coming from outside, so he opened the door curiously and walked out.

On the platform of Star Travel Cafe, a huge countdown number appeared.



Thousands of people shouted excitedly throughout the Star Cafe.

In fact, not only here, but in every corner of the world, the players waiting in every region are shouting excitedly. Tonight from space looked towards Blue Star, brightly lit, I don’t know how to think it’s Chinese New Year.

Su Mo’s calm heart also boiled uncontrollably.

He closed the door, walked over to the open play bay, and lay inside.

The game bay closes automatically.

This is the first time he has used this device, and it feels pretty good, a bit like a sleeping bag, very comfortable.

A virtual countdown also appeared in front of him.




Su Mo took a deep breath.

The next second, Su Mo suddenly felt that the world in front of him was black, and the whole person was like falling from a high altitude, and was in a free body movement.

Wait until Su Mo spirit slowly recovers and find himself on a platform with no end in sight.

one after another rays of light fall from the sky, a player appears.

Everyone looked at their hands and bodies in amazement, just like the real thing, someone tried to pinch their cheeks, and suddenly felt a burst of pain. Moreover, the appearance and clothes of the characters are still the same as the outside world, and of course they cannot be changed later.

“Fuck, it’s too real.”

“It’s incredible, is this really a game?”

densely packed Countless people , discussed excitedly.

At this moment, on the high-altitude platform in the distance, a cute loli NPC in a colorful dress appeared.

Her childish voice rang in everyone’s ears.

“Thank you all for coming, I’m Golly, and you guide the NPC. Now let me introduce you to the Star Ring game you’re about to enter.”

” This is a 100% real world, where you can see everything that this world does not have, you will experience unprecedented shocks, you can enjoy all kinds of wonders and beautiful scenery, and you can create epics together with your companions. This will be the life of your life. Another stage, give full play to your potential.”

“At the same time, the time and sensory experience of this world are inconsistent with the outside world. There is a generation difference of nearly ten times between the two, which means you In this world, life has been extended tenfold in disguise to some extent. There is no need to complain about the shortness of life and the lack of time.”

“Is it so amazing?”

“It’s unbelievable!”

More than a billion players were shocked to discuss Golly’s words.

However, at this moment, Ge Li’s words changed.

“Of course there is one thing I need to remind you, the difficulty of this game is very high. Not everyone can adapt to it. If you can’t bear the pain, fear, etc., please quit immediately. To avoid unpleasant experiences and troubles.”

Hearing Goli’s words, the players present shouted excitedly.

“What an international joke, isn’t it just a game? We will be scared? Crook, don’t you think it’s funny? Haha!”

“Yes, what is there? At worst, it will blow up every minute and ruin the game.”

“That’s it.”

There were even a lot of people who blew hooligan whistle on the spot.

What’s even more outrageous is that someone took off his pants on the spot and twisted the onion dance. It seemed that he had taken drugs before coming in, and was a little overexcited.

For a time, Ge Li didn’t know what to do.

At this time, the white sky cracked open into a huge void. An NPC girl with long silver hair, wearing a blue dress, a cold expression, arrogant and elegant demeanor, wearing crystal high-heeled shoes, and full of queen style, came from the air. Then coldly said.

“hmph ~ it’s up to you? Don’t wait to cry, just shout to quit the game.”

“Aiya, if you say that, we’re even more excited.”

“That’s right, you wait, wait for us to break through the game. When the time comes, download your data and use it as a personal maid.”

Virtual servant technology, within the high wall, Special technology that spreads. Create a highly simulated human-like mechanical body, which is then used to carry artificial intelligence data downloads. According to your own interests and hobby, you can come down to the virtual servant of the corresponding character, commonly known as Β· develop.

“That’s it.”

“I like this cold girl, come to ravage me, whip me.”


“Oh, is that so? Then show your true ability, I’m very wait and see. I hope you will be able to laugh later.”

Ikaloya is not angry either , The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he said proudly to the crowd.

Accompanied by the girl’s tone barely fell , the black players turned into one after another white light and rushed into the sky.

The game is officially on!

Su Mo only felt the world spinning for a while, and when he came back to his senses, he found that the scene of all around had undergone a change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

The whole person is already in a ruined city, with cracked concrete streets at the foot, and dilapidated buildings covered with dark red stains on both sides, some tall and some short. All around are swaying cars, the high-voltage lines above the head are broken, and a few lines are still braving electric sparks. The scene looked as if it had gone through a catastrophe.

The time at this time, probably in the twilight stage, looks very strange.

However, the originally quiet city suddenly became lively due to the arrival of a large number of players.

As for other regions, Su Mo is unknown.

(end of this chapter)

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