Star Ring Mission Chapter 70


Chapter 70 is not good

Everyone followed Zhou Qian moved towards the rear, Su Mo stopped for two minutes , also began to retreat, while retreating while blocking.

As soon as Su Mo’s firepower weakened, a large number of Bai Ze rushed in. There were a lot of them, but fortunately there were no two tails.

Soon Su Mo and the others evacuated to the back of the base, where there is a way out.

“Quick, go!”

Lin Zinuo kept urging his companions.

Zhou Qian and the others all ran away desperately, and they managed to get to this point. No one wanted to die here because of their slow running.

not very long They successfully escaped from the base through the back door.

Su Mo, who was in charge of the rear of the palace, saw Lin Zino and the others escaped, so they stopped blocking, and sprinted towards the back door with all their strength.

Just as he rushed out of the back door, Su Mo controlled the mecha extend the hand, fiercely smashed the emergency switch on the wall, directly smashing the switch, and the gate of the back door also began to fall rapidly.

At this time, Bai Ze, who was chasing up behind him, became even more crazy.

I’m about to catch up.


The rear gate is closed.

The escaped Lin Zinuo and the others gasped.

“Finally escaped.”

Zhou Qian sat on the ground with her buttocks on the ground, she was really tired from the continuous battle.

“Yeah, I thought I was going to die.”

Qin Wang and the others were also very fortunate to replied.

At this time, there was a violent crash and roar from the broken back door, which scared Zhou Qian and the others to get up quickly.

“No, don’t you give up?”

“If I remember correctly, the information about Bai Ze in the guild is written like this, Bai Ze is a kind of extreme A monster of vengeance and unity. The I-type elite Bai Ze I killed before should be regarded as their little leader. It is a bit like the Wolf King in the wolf pack. If the Wolf King is dead, they are naturally irreconcilable with us. But don’t worry. , the gate behind us is super thick and not so easy to break.”

Su Mo didn’t panic too much, and calmly explained to Zhou Qian and the others.

Zhou Qian and several people looked at Su Mo’s eyes more and more different, and some people actually went to read the information of the guild.

At this time, Lin Zinuo roughly observed the all around environment, and found that the back door exit of the base was halfway up the adjacent mountain forest, so she hurriedly said.

“It’s not safe here, let’s go to the opposite mountain.”


Zhou Qian and the others responded quickly.

Su Mo naturally had no opinion, so Lin Zinuo and the others started walking up the mountain.

At this time, the sky was completely dark, the road up the mountain was very difficult, and there were bushes and thorns everywhere.

Accidentally scratches the skin.

Lin Zinuo and the others climbed very hard.

Only Su Mo was driving mecha with no pressure at all. But the only fly in the ointment is that mecha’s fuel is only about half left, and the previous high-intensity battle has consumed a lot of fuel.

In fact, before retreating, Su Mo wanted to go to the warehouse to change the new mecha, but in the end he gave up.

The situation is too critical for him to do this.

“Su Mo!”

Suddenly Lin Zino’s shout interrupted Su Mo’s thoughts, so he asked suspiciously.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Zino sighed, helplessly said: “I said you don’t know how to be attentive? Won’t you take me?”

After Su Mo finished listening, he controlled mecha to extend the hand to gently grab Lin Zino and put it on mecha’s shoulder.

Lin Zinuo’s expression became even more helpless. A straight man is a straight man. She took a deep breath, cheered up and said to Su Mo, “Do you think it is appropriate for me to sit here?”

“Where are you going to sit then?”

Su Mo’s unfathomable mystery asks.

“hu~ Open the cockpit, I’ll sit with you.”

Lin Zinuo kept hinting to himself, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, just smile.

Expert! Low emotional intelligence is also normal.


Su Mo didn’t say much and opened the cab.

Lin Zino cautiously turned into the cab.

β€œWhere are you going to sit, there is no other seat here.”

Su Mo asked curiously.

Lin Zinuo couldn’t help rolling her eyes, and then said to Su Mo, “Sit down a bit.”

Before Su Mo could react, Lin Zinuo directly followed Su Mo squeezed into one spot.

Su Mo is also speechless, but forget it, he’s not fighting at the moment.

Zhou Qian and the others looked envious when they saw this scene. It was really cool that they didn’t have to walk by themselves.

But no one complained, after all, mecha was too hard to squeeze into two people.

Forty minutes later, Su Mo and the others finally reached the top.

In the cab of the mecha, Lin Zinuo asked Su Mo, “How is the observation ability of this mecha.”

“Not bad, with night vision mode.”

Su Mo explained to Lin Zinuo slightly surprised.

“Then you observe the situation nearby and see if you can find some clues. Find out why we are being attacked all the time, and how many monsters attack us.”

Lin Zino said all his doubts to Su Mo.


Su Mo nods, he starts to operate mecha, looks into the distance, and observes the movement of monsters near the base

Because Lin Zino doesn’t know anything about mecha, she can only wait quietly without disturbing Su Mo’s operation.

After a while, Su Mo’s expression became more solemn, and his brows were almost knit together.

On the display screen, infrared thermal imaging presents a densely packed enemy. Like a flood, moved towards the distance.

Lin Zinuo, who was sitting beside him, suddenly turned gloomy.

“Why so many?”

“I don’t know.”

Su Mo shook the replied helplessly.

“Let’s go to mecha and have a small meeting to discuss.”

Lin Zinuo made a suggestion.


Su Mo opens the cab.

Zhou Qian and the others, who were resting at this time, saw mecha’s cab open and jokingly said.

“Sister Zinuo, you are finally willing to come out.”

“That’s right, it’s too boring, our legs are sore.”

“Stop making trouble, let’s have a meeting.”

Lin Zinuo said in deadly earnest.

Hearing Lin Zinuo’s words, everyone put away their smiles and became very serious.

Lin Zinuo said to Su Mo: “Tell me about what you observed.”

“The Bai Ze who attacked us was not a small group, but densely packed. Like the tide, the number is impossible to count. From my observation, they are emerging from the direction we came from, and a super large number of monsters have crossed the base and headed south. As for where to go, I will I don’t know.”

Su Mo said simply and neatly.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, everyone present took a breath. Fortunately, they left the base and ran to the side of the mountain from the back door, avoiding the monster tide in disguise.

“It’s dangerous!”

“Yeah, it’s almost over.”

Everyone responded.

Just as everyone looked happy, Lin Zino suddenly thought of something complexion greatly changed and said: “Not good!”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo was also taken aback by Lin Zino’s reaction.

(end of this chapter)

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