Star Ring Mission Chapter 71


Chapter 71 Helpless

“The direction in which the monsters move is not the direction in which Corps Head is reclaiming wasteland. Corps Head and the others have Dangerous.”

Lin Zinuo was in a hurry, if Corps Head and the others were hit hard. Then the whole Legion is over, and when the time comes they don’t even have a good time.

Zhou Qian and the others were also anxious when they heard this, and they were a bit out of proportion.

“What should we do now?”

“No, we must quickly catch up with the Corps Head wasteland team and give them an early warning to prevent them from being attacked by sneak.”

Lin Zino’s expression changed for a while.


None of the surviving people at the scene flinched and feared, and each responded without the slightest hesitation.

However, Su Mo said abruptly, denying Lin Zinuo’s proposal.


“Su Mo, aren’t you harming afraid right?”

Lin Zinuo brows slightly wrinkle asked.

“There are only fifteen people left, and there are only about seven combat players. There is also a mecha riddled with scars. Now catch up and hit those monsters directly. It’s absolutely over.”

Su Mo said unceremoniously.

And these fifteen people, eleven women and four men. Female fighting players: Lin Zinuo, Zhou Qian, Sun Hong, Gao Mei, Xiaolu, Zhou Wenna. Girls life players: Li Miaocui, Wang Lan, Zhang Youdie, Zhao Ying, Wang Pingyan. Boys fighting players: Su Mo, boy life players, Qin Wang, Li Kuo, Wang Dailong.

“Then, we can’t back down. Corps Head leads the wasteland team in groups 1-6, almost covering the strongest combat players in the entire Legion. If they are severely damaged, our tenth Legion is basically about the same. It’s over.”

Lin Zinuo bit her lip, her eyes were very firm, and she didn’t mean to give up, no matter how dangerous she was, she planned to give it a try.

Su Mo scolded lightly: “Are you stupid? It’s not simple to notify information, why do you want to die? This is a game, you just need to inform them if you go offline.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo’s expression suddenly became wonderful, and he was really dizzy. I forgot to be able to go offline, but it’s normal that the simulation of this world is too real, and I can’t tell the difference between reality and virtuality.

The expressions of Zhou Qian and others also became very strange and embarrassing.

Lin Zinuo coughed to relieve the embarrassment, and then said to the crowd: “You guys wait here, I’ll go offline.”


The crowd was nodded.

Lin Zino then quit the game.

Su Mo sat down directly, took out mineral water and biscuits from his backpack and ate them, recovering his strength as much as possible. It is estimated that it will take a long time for Lin Zinuo to go offline to report the information. After all, the game time difference is there.

Zhou Qian also said to the other sisters, “Everyone should rest in place and eat something to regain their strength as soon as possible. When Sister Zino comes back, we will probably start the next evacuation operation.”


Su Mo, who was sitting beside him, was eating, his eyes inadvertently glanced at the bracelet, and his eyes showed a slight surprise.

He tapped the bracelet a few times, and there was a log in the bracelet.

Tips: Congratulations on killing the Type I mutant (common) alone, unlocking the achievement, the primary level pioneer (title).

Tips: Congratulations on killing the Type I mutant (elite) alone, you will gain experience bonus 5, primary level pioneer (5/100).

Tips: Congratulations on your proficient operation of I-generation mecha, unlock achievements, primary level mecha operator.

Tips: Congratulations on beheading 30 Baizes in a row by yourself and getting 3 achievement points.

Su Mo looked at the scrolling log with increasing interest. He seems to have started to achieve some achievements. These achievements should be the resumes that the guild recruits players to use to judge the strength of players.

Su Mo flipped through the log a little and found that all of his combat data was recorded. And on the bracelet, there is also a rating system called KIP estimated combat value, which will give you a comprehensive evaluation and score according to your combat difficulty and achievements.

Now my KIP score is 342 points.

Su Mo doesn’t know if this score is high or low.

However, one thing has not changed. Achievements can only be used as glory to prove yourself. There is no substantive reward, and substantive impact.

So far, the public tasks on the bracelet are the survival tasks of one-dimensional civilization, and the progress has not changed much.

Just when Su Mo was flipping through the bracelet, he was fascinated.

Lin Zinuo’s illusory silhouette emerged little by little, and she went online again.

“Sister Zinuo, how did you notify Corps Head?”

Zhou Qian and the others asked nervously, if this notification fails, they will be in trouble, maybe it is true Going to chase the army.

“I have already told my elder sister Zhao Han that she will inform Corps Head, so we don’t need to worry about this.”

Lin Zinuo replied with a little worried.

“Isn’t this a good thing? Why does Sister Zinuo feel that you look unhappy?”

Before Zhou Qian had time to be happy, she was keenly aware of Lin Zinuo’s Looks a little wrong.

“We’re in big trouble now.”

Lin Zino sighed.

“Sister Zino, is it because we lost our base and killed and injured so many people, is Zhao Han elder sister to blame?”

Zhou Qian asked hesitantly.

“Ah, let’s not talk about this for a while, the biggest trouble now is what should we do?”

“Shouldn’t we withdraw it?”

“Dawn City can’t go back.”

Lin Zinuo said after a few seconds of silence.


Everyone was dumbfounded and made a sound of astonishment.

Su Mo also looked puzzled, looked at Lin Zinuo and asked, “What happened?”

“Not only were we attacked, Dawn City was also attacked. A large-scale monster attack. And these monsters rushed over from Dawn City. Now the elites of the first six groups are not there, and the remaining six groups are guarding. The situation is very critical, elder sister Zhao Han, let us not go back. They can’t protect themselves now, and simply can’t respond to us.”

Lin Zinuo explained to Zhou Qian and the others.

“Then what should we do, stay here?”

Qin Wang and the others asked anxiously.

“You can’t stop here, it’s not safe here, and it will be discovered by monsters sooner or later.”

Su Mo rejected this suggestion, this area must not stay here, stay at There is nothing less than chronic suicide.

“I also discussed with elder sister Zhao Han, and the last suggestion she gave was, let us bypass the monster group and find a way to join the wasteland group. On the one hand, it can be regarded as supporting them.”

Lin Zinuo calmly explained the situation.

“Since the situation in Auroville is so critical, why did Lord Corps Head not change his strategic goals and return?”

Zhou Qian was very puzzled. Not finished.

“I don’t know about this. Lord Corps Head may have his own considerations. Now my suggestion is to bypass these monsters and find a way to join the army. Do you have any opinions?”


Lin Zinuo looked around the crowd, and finally settled on Su Mo.

(end of this chapter)

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