Star Ring Mission Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Lost

Su Mo just replied lightly: “I have no opinion.”

“OK , then it’s settled, let’s go.”

Lin Zinuo just settled the matter.

After confirming, Su Mo climbed back into the cab, he extended the hand to Lin Zinuo.

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo’s outstretched hand with a warm heart. This piece of wood finally opened up a little bit, but this time she refused.

“No, I won’t go up, it will easily affect your driving. You still need to clear the road behind, you need to concentrate one’s mind.”



Su Mo didn’t say much, he closed the cab again.

He drove the mecha and observed all around, then moved towards the side peaks.

Along the way, he drove a green shield to cut through obstacles and drove out a smooth street.

These forest obstacles do not pose any threat to mecha, the only trouble is that the mountain road is very irregular, and it is very difficult to control mecha.

Lin Zinuo and the others followed closely behind Su Mo. With Su Mo leading the way, they felt a lot easier.

At this time, Zhou Qian secretly stabbed Lin Zino with her arm and asked in a low voice.

“Sister Zinuo, do we think we have found a treasure?”

“Yes, yes, but.”

Lin Zinuo’s expression is a little complicated the replicated.

“But what?”

Zhou Qian looked at Lin Zinuo curiously.

Lin Zinuo said a little helplessly: “But you didn’t find out that his title of destroying engine is well deserved? Hundreds of people died in action when he first came to our group. He went on a mission and almost wiped out the group. There are only 15 people left in the 60s, and five mecha backup drivers and seven tank operators have died. I want to die, and I have it all.”

“Yes, but it seems that without him, our group would have been destroyed.”

Zhou Qian replied with an unnatural expression.

“It’s up to you to say it, of course I know. So I didn’t say anything, but I always felt… oh! Don’t say it.”

Lin Zinoshook the head, deeply sighed.



The periphery of Hongshan Bay Base.

A fully armed elite player, cooperating with tanks, advancing cautiously.

A green shield mecha with heavy weapons on both sides is alert all around.

It has a large number of elite combat players behind it.

At this moment, a very stern girl’s voice sounded on the wireless channel.

“Everyone stopped advancing and entered a state of waiting for battle. The leader of the fifth group, Lin Xiaojia, and the leader of the third group, Chen Meng, each led an elite team to join me.”

β€œ Got it!”


A moment later, there was a high ground on the right side of the Hongshan Bay base.

A girl wearing a generation of snow-white mechanical armor, silver long hair, indifferent and frosty eyes, and an extremely beautiful appearance, holding a telescope and observing the huge bay base in front of her.

The entire steel base of the bay, the walls, and the ground are filled with red blisters like spores that beat like hearts.

There are a lot of walking corpses wandering inside, but these walking corpses are not the same as ordinary zombies. Their body surface skin has different degrees of cracks, cracked gaps, and strangeness. red rays of light.

In addition, in the deepest part of the base, a red giant sporophyte flesh ball with a height of more than 30 meters stands.

Lin Xiaojia swallowed her spit with difficulty and asked, “Sister Xue, why does this base look so weird.”

“I also feel weird, those wandering corpses should Not zombies, I just looked at them, a lot of these guys are still holding weapons. And the roaming area is also very regular, like they are sticking to their posts, and what the hell are those red blisters?”

Chen Meng said with a tingling scalp.

“I don’t know, if I’m not mistaken, there may be Type III monsters in this base.”

Qianchengxue replied indifferently.

Chen Meng and Lin Xiaojia couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air. Type II monsters are already extremely perverted beings. Type III monsters are terrifying even if they are common species!

“Captain, do you want to renegotiate the attack plan? This base is probably not that easy to attack, and our current situation is not very optimistic. According to the information, there are not a lot of Bai Ze in the rear. Are the monsters gathering towards us?”

Chen Mengbrace oneself asked.

“Don’t change, what we want is in there, send the order down, prepare to fight!”

Qianchengxue did not waver at all.


In the early morning of the next day, Su Mo and the others walked cautiously in a dense forest.

Lin Zinuo and the others were nervously holding their weapons, alert all around.

Suddenly on the tree, one and a half monkeys with rotting bodies and red eyes jumped down with a creak, and a girl who moved towards one rushed over.

Su Mo’s hands are quick, he controls mecha, and slaps him!


Just like playing a ball, shoot it out.

The mutant monkey hit the tree and died instantly.

Everyone was sighed in relief. On the way, they didn’t encounter any large monsters, but such mutant animals appeared endlessly.

It made everyone a little nervous, don’t look at their life force and battle strength is not strong. But it is also very troublesome if bitten, and it is easy to be infected and poisoned.

“Be careful.”

Lin Zino repeatedly reminded everyone.


The crowd responded.

“It’s strange, at this time, the sky should be bright, why is the visibility still so low.”

Zhou Qian asked suspiciously.

“You’re right.”

Lin Zinuo also noticed something was wrong, and she kept looking around.

“You just noticed it now, it’s foggy. Besides, there is strong magnetic interference in this area, and there is a problem with mecha’s directional positioning device. We are now walking entirely by feeling.”

Su Mo responded lightly.

After hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo and the others’ expressions turned ugly.

“Aren’t we walking blindly now? Why didn’t you tell me earlier.”

“What’s the difference between telling earlier and later? is it possible that you have How to tell the direction?”

Su Mo didn’t care at all, he estimated it. Go in the direction you choose, although there will be deviations, but at least the general direction will not be too outrageous. Even if it is really wrong, at least it is going in one direction, and maybe it is possible to get out of the foggy area. when the time comes is trying to find a way to adjust, but if a person points in one direction, when the time comes is really messed up, or it will turn around in circles.

The expressions of Lin Zinuo and the others became more and more exciting, but unfortunately they couldn’t say half a sentence of refutation. Forget it, that’s it.

Four hours later.

Zhou Qian and the others sat on the ground and said weakly, “We really can’t walk.”

It’s not that they are hypocritical, they have been walking for more than ten consecutive times. hours. Coupled with the previous battle, the physical strength is almost exhausted.

Su Mo also stopped. He glanced at mecha’s fuel, and it was almost bottoming out.

His expression became more and more solemn, and when the fuel was completely used up, this mecha would be completely incapacitated, and when the time comes, it can only be discarded.

(end of this chapter)

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