Star Ring Mission Chapter 73


Chapter 73 Misty Town

To be honest, if Su Mo had a choice, he really didn’t want to go to that step. . Although this mecha is bulky and has many shortcomings, he likes it very much and suits him very much.

Looks like I’ll have to do some scouting around here to see if there’s any unexpected gains.

“Su Mo, take a rest, everyone is almost at their limit.”

Lin Zinuo walked to mecha who stopped, raised his hands and patted the thick armor and shouted.

Su Mo controlled mecha to squat down, then opened the cockpit and jumped down, saying to Lin Zino.

“I see, you rest in place for a while, and I’ll go all around to investigate. When I’m not around, be careful.”

“Wait, you go alone. , wouldn’t it be too dangerous.”

“It’s nothing.”

Su Mo didn’t care at all, waved his hand, and walked away.

“Then you are driving mecha.”

Lin Zino subconsciously extend the hand to grab Su Mo’s shoulder and pull it back.

Su Mo slightly startled said.

“The fuel is about to run out, I’ll do some reconnaissance nearby, I won’t go far.”

“Hey, why are you running out of fuel at this time, then take this with you. Go on.”

Lin Zinuo handed the rifle in his hand to Su Mo, then took out a grenade from his pocket and slapped it directly on Su Mo’s hand.

Su Mo looked at the weapon in his hand, was silent for a second, then put the grenade in his pocket and thanked him sincerely.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, just be careful and shoot if there is a situation. We will go to support you when we hear the sound of gunfire.”

Lin Zinuo repeatedly instructed Su Mo, for fear that something would happen to him.

“I see.”

Su Mo turned and left.

Lin Zino just stood there, looking at Su Mo’s silhouette, which was gradually obscured by the mist, looking a little dazed.

“Sister Zinuo!”

Zhou Qian suddenly appeared beside Lin Zinuo and suddenly shouted.

“Ah, Zhou Qian, what are you doing?”

“hehe! Don’t look at it, everyone is gone. When did you worry about him so much, for fear that something would happen to him? .I remember that every time someone mentioned him before, he hated gnash the teeth?”

“Go, let you talk nonsense.”

Lin Zinuo is a little bit Annoyed, reached out to creak Zhou Qian.

“Don’t, don’t make me wrong.”

On the other side, after Su Mo walked out not too far, the fog all around began to lighten.

This surprised him very much. After a long time, they had come to the edge of the fog. And the trees all around are starting to become sparse, it should be out of the woods soon.

Su Mo raised the gun in his hand and walked forward cautiously.

A moment later, he walked out of the woods smoothly. In the distance, a small town near the sea came into view. There were many zombies wandering outside the town, but fortunately, there was no silhouette of Bai Ze.

Su Mo cautiously observed for a while, then his expression fluctuated a little, and his eyes kept changing. Then Su Mo made a very bold decision, he detoured a little to the left, and observed the town more comprehensively.

In the foggy area, Zhou Qian and the others gathered together to rest. Several girls were dozing off with their tired eyelids, while Lin Zinuo was holding a gun and watching.

From time to time, she looked at the direction Su Mo was leaving, and secretly said with some worry: “Why hasn’t that guy come back yet, is there something wrong?”

At this moment, the fog There was a sound of footsteps.


Lin Zino raised his gun alertly.

“It’s me.”

Su Mo’s voice came from the fog.

“You finally came back, did you find anything.”

Lin Zinuo sighed in relief.

“Well, call everyone here.”

Su Mo solemnly nodded, although he only saw zombie. But anyway, it was a town.

“Everyone get up.”

Lin Zinuo turned around and shouted to the dozing crowd.

Zhou Qian and the others immediately woke up, subconsciously clenching the guns in their hands.

“Sister Zino, what’s wrong?”

“Su Mo came back from the investigation. Let’s have a temporary meeting together.”


Soon everyone gathered around, and they all looked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo briefly explained the situation: “I just scouted it, and if we go further, we will walk out of the fog, and we will also walk out of the woods, and there is a small town near the sea in the outer area. .”

“Is there a town? Was it occupied by another guild?”

Zhou Qian asked in surprise.

“No, there are a lot of zombies roaming outside the town. If a guild takes it, it should be cleaned up.”

“Ah, this”

Qin Wang and the others were also a little disappointed, and thought they had arrived at a Safety Sector.

After listening to Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo pondered for a while and asked, “Su Mo, do you think we have a chance to break into that town?”

“Ah! Zinuo Sister, are you kidding me, fifteen of us are fighting that town?”

Zhou Qian and the others were suddenly sleepy and almost dumbfounded.

“Theoretically, it’s not impossible, after all, we still have plenty of ammunition for small arms. And there is a mecha. Although it is almost out of fuel, it still has battle strength. In addition, if we attack that The small town has many benefits, and we can find some supplies. If we are lucky, we can rest in the small town, and”

Su Mo also means this from the bottom of his heart, it’s just that he Not the commander, so it’s not easy to speak up.

“And what?”

Zhou Qian looked towards Su Mo curiously.

“Although I didn’t enter the town, I think there might be something along the coast of the town.”

Su Mo said hesitantly.

“You mean there might be a car?”

The girls present were excited, and if there was a car, they wouldn’t have to walk.

“It’s just a possibility.”

Su Mo wasn’t quite sure, after all, he was afraid to beat the grass to scare the snake, so he didn’t dare to get too close, he just saw some black spot.

“Since that’s the case, let’s not talk about that, it’s decided, let’s attack that town first and set off!!”

Lin Zinuo is not an indecisive person either.


Su Mo immediately climbed into the mecha and entered the cockpit. He looked at the indicator on the display screen, which indicated that the fuel was low.

Pray silently, give some strength, and don’t turn off the fire so quickly.

Then Su Mo pulls the lever.


Mecha, who was squatting down, got up and moved towards the town.

A moment later, Su Mo and the others successfully arrived at the outskirts of the town. Zombie, who was wandering all around, found Su Mo and the others, and rushed over like crazy.

Su Mo drove the mecha like a bulldozer and swept across, while Lin Zinuo and the others raised their pistols to harvest some remnants of zombies.

Everyone cooperated very tacitly and moved towards the small suppress and kill all the way.

“These zombies are just scum compared to Bai Ze, they are too good to kill.”

Qin Wang and the others shouted excitedly.

“Although Zombie is the lowest monster, don’t take it lightly. There are also existences that have evolved to a relatively high level.”

Lin Zinuo kept reminding everyone.

Su Mo still agrees with Lin Zinuo’s words, the zombie that evolves to form may be even more dangerous than Bai Ze.

(end of this chapter)

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