Star Ring Mission Chapter 74


Chapter 74 Mummies


Suddenly a wild beast-like roar sounded, and a butcher held a big iron hook, moved towards Su Mo, and they rushed forward.

“Be careful it’s a butcher!”

Zhou Qian’s heart lifted.

Su Mo raised the gun in his hand and shot the butcher in the head!

peng~ peng~!

Two shots smashed the fat on his face, exposing the inner skeleton, and three shots blew his head completely.

The bloated butcher slammed heavily on the ground.

No substantial harm was done throughout.

“Amazing! As expected of Su Mo.”

“Too handsome!”

Qin Wang and the others watched Su Mo’s neat fight, He couldn’t help feeling his blood boil and shouted excitedly.

“Zi Nuo, are the other Mecha Masters in our group that much?”

Zhou Qian looked at Su Mo who was neat and tidy, and asked with a dry throat.

“It’s not like you don’t know the level of mecha pilots in our group. They can kill the butcher, but so casually, three or two shots are thrown, so let’s forget it. I think it’s even 1. The mecha drivers in the group are not necessarily as strong as Su Mo.”

Lin Zino answered with certainty.

Zhou Qian immediately lowered her face and said to Zino: “Then we have to be careful, don’t turn around and be poached by a group of people. Don’t forget to poach people with the same Legion, but you don’t need to pay compensation.”

“I see.”

Lin Zinuo felt a little uneasy when she heard Zhou Qian say this.

However, just as they reached the edge of the town, Mecha, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped.

Immediately after the cockpit opened, Su Mo flipped over.

“Su Mo, why don’t you open it?”

Zhou Qian and the others were also taken aback.

“No fuel.”

Su Mo quickly changed the magazine for the QBZ-171 in his hand.

“Ah, what should I do, those zombies rushed over.”

Zhou Qian and others were dumbfounded.

“Follow me, get rid of them, or you’ll just kill more.”

Su Mo moved towards and ran to the side.

Lin Zinuo and the others were immediately speechless, and quickly followed along.

Originally, Su Mo was thinking of mecha fuel to give more power, and he went straight in, so he didn’t have to be so troublesome, but unfortunately it backfired.

Soon after, Su Mo’s dozen or so people appeared in an alley.

Su Mo cautiously leaned against the wall, moved towards the street.

In the silent streets, there are plenty of zombies wandering around looking for food.

“Where are we going now?”

Lin Zino asked Su Mo in a low voice.

“Go to the public station, if it’s a station, maybe I can find some fuel and see if I can restart mecha.”

Su Mo speaks his mind.

“You don’t have to hold out your expectations. Mecha uses not ordinary fuel, but a military version of special synthetic fuel, which is usually a supply base or a special building to find it.”

Lin Zinuo directly smashed Su Mo’s fantasy.

Su Mo was silent for a while, then said, “If this is the case, let’s search the nearby buildings first to see if we can find some supplies and maps to determine our location.”

“en. “

Lin Zinuo nodded.

Then Su Mo found an opportunity and took Lin Zinuo and the others to the opposite street, and they quickly entered a two-storey house.

After entering the house, Zhou Qian immediately closed the door of the house.

Su Mo held the gun and searched all the rooms and corners of the house to make sure that there were no zombies or monsters hiding inside.

After confirming safety again, Lin Zinuo said to Qin Wang and the others.

“Do you guys search the house carefully to see if there is anything useful?”


Qin Wang and other life players immediately dispersed Open and start rummaging.

Not to mention, being able to be a living home in the Dawning Guild, everyone is a good hand, and soon all the valuable things in the house are turned out.

A pile of gold and silver jewelry, canned food, and some bauble.

“Sister Zinuo, that’s all, nothing else.”

Qin Wang said to the head.

“It’s normal. If you find something good all at once, you’ll be in hell.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t have any anger or disappointment.

“It doesn’t matter, we go through the back door, there are many houses behind.”

Su Mo stood at the window next to the back door and looked out.

The architecture of the town is not the same as that of the city. The city is all one building and many residents live there.

Basically, every household here is a single-family house, and they are piled up next to each other.

“Well, just do that, keep searching!”

Lin Zino agreed.

A few hours later, Su Mo’s group hid in a very ordinary house.

They are counting the income of their searches, but they don’t know if they don’t.

“What the fuck, this town looks ugly, how come every family is so rich.”

Zhou Qian said in amazement.

“These gold and silver jewelry will be converted by me into gold points and silver points. When this mission is over, I will count all the income and return it to everyone according to the share. Whether it is alive or not There are all dead companions, it is an additional subsidy, do you have any opinions?”

Lin Zinuo said to the crowd, normally these benefits are to be handed over to the guild. However, the guild also has unwritten rules by default. Generally, the rewards of a small amount will be privately divided equally and used as subsidies.

“Sister Zinuo said what she said.”

Zhou Qian replied with a smile.

“Okay, that’s it, we’ll find it here today, and we’ll rest here for a while.”

After Lin Zinuo finished speaking, she put all the gold and silver jewelry , all converted into gold and silver points.


Zhou Qian and several others responded.

“Since I’m going to stay here, I’ll take a look around to see if there’s any danger.”

Su Mo suggested after thinking for a while.

“Thank you for your hard work, this gun is for you.”

Lin Zino took off a maxin9 collector’s edition integrated silencer pistol from his waist and threw it to Su Mo.

Su Mo caught the pistol, he doubled it up and down, it looked very technical and felt very good.

“en. ”

Su Mo left with a silenced pistol.

“Okay, that’s not your favorite pistol, it’s worth giving it away.”

Zhou Qian winked at Lin Zino and said.

Lin Zinuo gave Zhou Qian a white replied: “I’m just borrowing him to use it, I can’t let him use a rifle when he encounters an enemy. When the time comes to attract a group of zombies, we also How to rest?”

“Okay, okay, you’re right.”

Zhou Qian replied with a smile.

deng deng ~~

There was a hurried downstairs, followed by a shout.

“Sister Zinuo.”

“What’s wrong?”

Zinuo lifts the head looked towards in confusion, the flustered sister.

“We were in the attic and saw a mummified corpse.”

The sister said in a panic.

“Go up and have a look.”

Lin Zinuo brows slightly wrinkle, and then moved towards the upstairs. Mummies are rare these days, and most of them have mutated.

(end of this chapter)

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