Star Ring Mission Chapter 75


Chapter 75 Diary

After a while, Su Mo quietly returned to the building where he was hiding, but he saw that the first floor was empty Yes, only Qin Wang was alone.

“Where are they?”

“They are in the attic, what did they find over there. By the way, Su Mo big brother, how is the outside situation?”

Qin Wang Very respectful replied. These days, as long as you are an expert, you can win the respect of others wherever you are.

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo replied lightly, then moved towards the stairs.

Soon he came to the attic, and in the corner of the attic, a mummified child curled up silently.

Lin Zinuo and the others gathered around, holding a yellowed diary in their hands.

But what surprised Su Mo was that Lin Zinuo and the others had red eyes and tears.

“What’s wrong?”

It was the first time he had seen this.

Lin Zino sniffed, closed the diary in his hand, and handed it to Su Mo.

“Look at it.”

Su Mo took it, opened the yellowed diary, and the tender handwriting came into view.

“On January 3rd, I secretly cried again, but I didn’t mean it, I really wanted my father too much. But I understand that the father is a hero, and he went to protect us all. Fight those monsters.”

“February 4th, father, I have a good meal, listen to your words, and grow taller.”

“February 15th, Grandma is sick, but I’m already a man, I will take good care of grandma, I made her favorite porridge.”

“On March 8, grandma became more and more ill. , can’t get out of bed anymore, father, when will you come back? Grandma said you were in the vicinity to watch us, but you couldn’t come back.”

“On March 10, grandma fell asleep, I couldn’t wake up no matter how I called. I ran to my neighbor’s aunt. The aunt told me that my grandma was just too tired and they were going to take her out of here. The aunt asked me to live with them, but I refused, and I had to wait for my father at home. “

“On March 13th, it was so dark at home at night, I just secretly cried a little.”

“On April 3rd, it was terrifying outside, and there were crying everywhere and the monster’s roar. But I’m not afraid, the father will come back to save me.”

“April 7th, I’m so hungry.”

“April 8th, I I saw the father”

Su Mo finished flipping through the notebook, his heart was also a little heavy, and he couldn’t help but glance at the young mummy.

This scene further confirmed his thoughts, they really might have come to another parallel plane.

Before this, all the weird things made sense.

Of course, the specific true or false is still to be verified. After all, what we know now is speculation, and there is no substantive evidence.

At this time, Zhou Qian wiped away her tears and said sobbing.

“It’s too pitiful, sister Zino, why don’t we bury him”

“en. ”

Zino took a deep breath, calm down Mood said.

“If it is buried, it will only be dug up by those zombies. When we are about to leave, we will burn this place.”

Su Mo said in a tranquil voice.

Zhou Qian and the others looked towards Su Mo in astonishment.

“It’s not more pathetic.”

“Just do as Su Mo said.”

Lin Zinuo sighed said.

β€œOne more thing.”

Su Mo suddenly lifts the head looked towards Lin Zinuo and the others.

“What’s the matter? What else do you need to do if it burns?”

Zhou Qian and the others looked at Su Mo with slightly moved expressions.

“I’m not talking about the corpse. If I’m not mistaken, there should be a military base nearby. According to the contents of the diary, it can be seen more or less that the child’s father should be He has joined the army. And his grandmother said that his father was watching them in the vicinity, so the base must be in the vicinity. In addition, the reason why this town is so rich and has great probability is that there are family members of soldiers here. Enjoy better treatment.”

Su Mo said all his guesses.

When everyone heard Su Mo’s words, they looked at each other with a look of astonishment on their faces.

But they pondered what Su Mo said, and it seemed that it was not that absolutely does not have truth.

“Where will the base be?”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo.

“If there is an area where family members are placed, then it will definitely not be too far. It may be beneficial to look around all around. Of course, there is also a probability, that is, my prediction was wrong.”


Su Mo thinks twice about replied.

“Okay, let’s rest for a while and then leave the town.”

Lin Zinuo was ready to give it a shot, and her mission this time was a complete failure. Although there is a reason for the incident, the above will not blame it, but she received equipment supplies from the Twelfth team, and the loss was her own.

If there is a military base here, maybe you can find something, even if you can’t attack it, you will find a land reclamation point, and you can call some people back.

Zhou Qian glanced at each other, then said, “Let’s find some oil, we’ll burn this place later.”


Lin Zino waved his hand.

A few hours later, Su Mo and the others rested. At this time, Zhou Qian and the others took a bucket of cooking oil and poured it all over the room.

Lin Zinuo looked at the corpse in the attic for a long time in silence, and finally put the notebook lightly on his hand.

“Sister Zinuo, everything is ready, we should go.”

Qin Wang came over to know.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Zino didn’t stop.

Soon after Su Mo and the others left the house, flames burst out behind them, and soon the entire house was ablaze.

I don’t know if it was unintentional positive outcomes or just luck. The fire gradually spread and spread to all the surrounding houses.

The rest of the zombies in the town also moved towards the direction of the fire and gathered, finally disappearing into the flames.

Maybe this is relief.

Su Mo A dozen people took the opportunity to quickly cross the town, and they walked forward along the coastline.

Actually, they don’t know whether they will gain anything if they go forward, it’s just a gamble.

Then Su Mo and the others walked for more than ten kilometers. Qin Wang excitedly pointed to the distance and shouted: “Look, there seems to be a seaport base ahead.”

Lin Zinuoand The others were dying of joy, and they didn’t have much hope.

Su Mo calmly reminded: “Don’t be too happy, let’s investigate and see if we can attack.”

“en. ”

Lin Zinuo Hold down the joy in your heart.

So Su Mo and the others touched it quietly. This is a small harbor base, and the walls around it are not very high.

The iron door was naked and open, a gust of wind blew past, and the iron door kept making creak sounds, very desolate.

In addition, there was a group of zombies wearing uniforms wandering around the base.

It looks like the soldiers who were originally stationed here, but the number is very sparse.

Su Mo became more and more silent when he saw this scene. He was a little curious, what happened to them in this world now.

Or is this just a plot?

(end of this chapter)

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