Star Ring Mission Chapter 76


Chapter 76 Ships

“It seems that the defense is not very strict? Shall we go in?”

Zhou Qian tried to ask.

Lin Zinuo’s expression changed for a while, and finally ordered: “Go!”

Su Mo and the others raised their QBZ-171 rifles and started firing.

peng~ peng~!

Zombies fell down one by one, and they moved towards the gate and killed them.

In just a few minutes, Su Mo and the others attacked. After entering the base, the number of zombies gathered was very small.

They shot him dead in three or two strokes.

Su Mo carefully observes all around, there are few buildings in the base, just a few buildings.

But the central area has a concave dock where an old ship is docked alone.

“It’s a ship!”

Zhou Qian shouted in surprise.

Su Mo glanced a little and could probably tell that this ship should be an old ship on the verge of obsolescence.

However, it should still be very valuable if it is remodeled. He still remembered that Ziqing and the others said that the twelve groups had no ships, only a few fishing boats.

Zhou Qian and the others were so excited that they rushed over there.


Lin Zinuo calmly called Zhou Qian and the others.

“Sister Zinuo, it’s a ship, let’s hurry up and take a look.”

Zhou Qian stopped and said to Lin Zinuo.

“What’s the hurry, explore this base little by little, clear up all the hidden dangers, and finally go to that ship.”

Lin Zinuo said calmly.


Zhou Qian gradually calmed down.

Su Mo gave Lin Zino more points in his heart. To be able to be a Vice Group Leader, there is really nothing to say about his talent.

Then they moved towards the nearest building.

After more than an hour, Su Mo and the others cleaned up this small base, and there were really not many zombies in it. It should be that the original people of this base have all left, leaving only a small number of people to guard.

In addition, there is nothing in the building of this base, just find some ship parts in the warehouse. There are also some different types of fuel, among them mecha fuel.

After confirming that there is no danger, Zhou Qian couldn’t help but suggest.

“Sister Zinuo, let’s go and see that ship now.”

Lin Zinuo nodded replied.

“Let’s go.”

“Very good!”

The joy on Zhou Qian and the others’ faces simply couldn’t hold back.

So the entire group excitedly moved towards the harbour, when they approached the beach of the harbour.


Su Mo raised his hand suddenly and lowered his voice.

Zhou Qian and the others were startled one after another, and hurriedly raised their weapons to face all around, a gust of bright wind blew past, and there was no shadow of the enemy at all.

β€œSu Mo?”

Lin Zino looked at Su Mo suspiciously.

“Look at the beach.”

Su Mo’s eyes became more serious.

Everyone looked over and saw two huge puddles with contours sunken on the flat sandy beach.

β€œThis is?”

Lin Zinuo and the others brows slightly wrinkle.

β€œIt should be a trace of some kind of monster.”

Su Mo explained.

“But haven’t we searched the entire base and didn’t see any suspicious monsters, is it possible that on or near this ship?”

Zhou Qian and the At the end, others looked a little unnatural. She had already made a mistake in the carelessness before.

“Not good said.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Let’s look at that ship first.”

Lin Zino tried to calm down as much as possible.

Soon Su Mo and the others came to the old ship. They did not go up rashly, but watched carefully around the ship.

The ship is about 60 meters long, 10 meters wide, and has a draft of more than two meters. On the surface, there is a 76mm naval gun and 4 7.62 machine guns on the ship. The internal structure is unknown, and the surface of the hull is rusted.

“It seems to be pretty good.”

Lin Zinuo took a look around and found no obvious damage.

“The tonnage of this ship is not expected to be very heavy, it should be about 700 tons. A ship of this level should be an ordinary patrol ship, and it is so old. , I don’t think it can be used.”

Su Mo is not very optimistic.

“Isn’t it?”

Zhou Qian and the others were a little disappointed.

At this time, Lin Zinuo said, “No matter how bad this boat is, it is still better than those fishing boats in our group. Let’s get on the boat to search and eliminate all hidden dangers, everyone be careful.”


Zhou Qian and the others responded.

Immediately, Su Mo and several others boarded the ship cautiously.

“Everyone, don’t scatter.”

Lin Zinuo reminded in a low voice as he walked.

With the help of the weak light, they inspected the bridge, the living quarters, and the bottom power and ammunition bays little by little, not missing every corner.

Unexpectedly, there was not even a zombie on the entire ship, let alone a large monster. Of course, they did not find nothing, that is, they found a mummified corpse in the bridge.

At this time, Zhou Qian squatted down and was cautiously examining the mummy. Judging from the uniform style and emblem worn on the mummy, it should be a non-commissioned officer-level existence.

Obviously much higher level than those wandering soldiers before.


When Zhou Qian was fumbling around in her pocket, she suddenly found something hard, and she quickly took it out with a happy expression.

As a result, a specially made metal key and a yellowed photo fell.

Lin Zinuo bent down to pick up the key and photo, Su Mo and the others approached. I saw that the yellowed photo was a parent-child photo. A man with a resolute face was holding a child of about ten years old, with bright smiles on their faces.

“This child can’t be that poor child.”

Zhou Qian said subconsciously, covering her mouth.

“It should be, you can tell by looking at the clothes on your body.”

Lin Zino sighed sadly.

Everyone fell silent one after another. Sure enough, as they had guessed before, the boy’s father was indeed dead, so he didn’t go home. He was left with a corpse in the huge ship. In other places, only a large amount of blood can be seen. It should be all sacrificed, and there are no bones. It can be seen that everything is tragic. He should have held on and sailed back alone, probably because he wanted to see him one last time. And after he died, the direction he faced was the foggy town, which showed his deep thoughts.

“Sister Zino, there seem to be words on the back of this photo.”

Qin Wang saw it inadvertently and said quickly.

After listening, Lin Zinuo turned the photo over and saw two words written in blood on the back of the photo.

“Be careful!”

Seeing these two words, everyone was startled slightly.

“What does this mean?”

Zhou Qian looked very curious.

“It should be to remind my companions that there may be some danger at that time. It should be nothing now, after all, he has been dead for so long.”

Lin Zinuo thought about it and said, in fact, She was also a little disturbed when she saw these two words. But I think that the entire base and ships have been searched, and there is nothing unusual. It should be nothing. People can’t always be unlucky.

“Sister Zhou Qian, this key?”

The sister next to her asked curiously.

“This should be the start key of the ship.”

Lin Zino walked to the console, and sure enough, there was a socket in the most conspicuous place of the console.

She inserted the key in exactly the same way.

Immediately, Lin Zino turned the key, but there was no response at all.

(end of this chapter)

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