Star Ring Mission Chapter 77


Chapter 77 Division of Labor

Lin Zinuo tried again and again, but still no effect, she can be sure that this ship should be on strike.

At this time, Qin Wang said, “Sister Zinuo, this ship has not started for too long. Maybe something went wrong.”

“Well, Qin Wang, I remember you seem to be a Mechanical repairer, will you maintain this ship?”

Lin Zinuo looked towards Qin Wang.

“It shouldn’t be a problem. In reality, I have repaired similar things. But you also know that the current conditions are limited, there are no hands and no hands, and there are no things, so you are not sure if you can fix it. “

Qin Wang speak frankly’s reply.

“Okay, then bring someone to check the whole ship.”

Lin Zinuo nodded opened the mouth and said.

“Okay, no problem.”

Qin Wang responded quickly.

“Sister Zinuo, what should I do with this corpse? It looks pitiful.”

Zhou Qian asked a little reluctantly.

“Burn his body and find a container for the ashes. I’ll go back and get some oil to open the mecha. By the way, I’ll take the ashes back to the house and bury them together. It’s considered a joint burial.”

Su Mo said suddenly.


Lin Zino didn’t say much.

“That matter has been resolved, and this ship will be ours from now on.”

Several girls next to her said excitedly.

“Okay, a boat will make you happy.”

Although Lin Zinuo said so, there was still a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, which was finally a gain.

“It’s not that easy to take down this ship, can you do it?”

Su Mo suddenly poured a basin of cold water down.

Everyone looked at each other, looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what to say, how could they possibly sail.

Zhou Qian looked at Su Mo with anticipation: “Su Mo, do you know how to drive?”

“Yes, you can even drive mecha, this should be even more difficult. .”

Everyone looked at Su Mo expectantly.

Unfortunately, they were destined to be disappointed when they got the answer. Su Mo calmly told Lin Zinuo them.


“No, then this ship is useless.”

Everyone was extremely disappointed, and they subconsciously put Su Mo became the omnipotent man.

“It’s okay, think of a way.”

Lin Zinuo touched his head, replied with some headaches, and there were a lot of troubles.

“It’s not completely impossible, we won’t drive, but someone will.”

Su Mo said very simply.

β€œWho is it?”

Lin Zinuo and the others were very curiously asked.

“Ziqing and the others.”

Su Mo said simply.

“You’re not talking nonsense. Of course I know they will be open. They are the naval combat team. The problem is that they can’t come.”

Lin Zinuo touched her head and replied, she I thought Su Mo had some special good idea, but it was useless to talk for a long time.

“They can’t come, but that doesn’t mean they can’t teach us. We can go offline, go to them to learn, and finally start by ourselves.”

Su Mo is very happy. Simply speak your mind.

“Uh, Sister Zino, it seems like you can try this method.”

Zhou Qian turned her head in surprise and looked towards Lin Zino.

“Then do it, Su Mo, you and Ziqing don’t live together, I’ll leave this to you to notify. Well, our online business is long enough, from now on , and wait for Qin Wang to finish the inspection, leave two people to guard the ship. The others are off the assembly line to rest, and go back to work to replace people.”

Lin Zinuo immediately settled the matter, although it was a temporary study, Technology is definitely not the same. But they don’t need to drive well, they just need to get the boat up and running.

“en. ”

Su Mo didn’t say much and just chose to log out of the game.

After a flash of white light, Su Mo opened his eyes, took off his gaming helmet, and got off the space chair.

Immediately leaving the computer room, he walked straight into the elevator, swiped his card, and selected the 23rd floor.


Soon the elevator door opened.

Su Mo came out of the elevator. This floor was very lively. The handsome guys and beauties of the naval battle group were discussing the battle of Auroville.

“Dawn City is so fierce, will there be any problems?”

“Not good said, I heard that there are too many monsters, and there are many of them Variant.”

“Then why don’t we go up to help?”

“What are we going to do? Leader Zhao Han’s intention is very clear, let us not go online, we Going up can’t help much. If there are more deaths, it will not be worthwhile. We have not many people.”

“That is to say, but I always feel bad about it. I can go offline.”

“Forget it, these are nothing, have you been online recently?”

“I’m exhausted from training every day, how can I get free? What’s the matter.”

“You don’t know, the Internet has been very lively recently. Forget it, I can’t tell you for a while, you can go online and see for yourself when you have time.”

Su Mo glanced at it, then moved towards the service desk next to him.

A girl with good temperament, wearing high-heeled shoes, is holding a makeup mirror at the reception desk while repairing her makeup, while talking and laughing with a male colleague with freckles next to her. They seem to have not seen Su. Mo like.

“Wan Jian, do you think the new tea restaurant next door is delicious?”

“If you like Liu Zhu, I’ll take you there after get off work.”


“Really, won’t this be very expensive?”

“Look at what you said, money isn’t just for spending. After dinner, we’re going to watch a movie. Let’s go.”


Su Mo greeted politely.

Liu Zhu felt as if she was being disturbed, and lifted the head towards Su Mo a little displeased.

“What’s the matter.”

“Help me find Ziqing, the naval war department, I have something to do with her.”

Su Mo directly explained his intention, he Without Ziqing’s contact information, he looked at the time. At this point, she should be there normally.

“Are you looking for Ziqing? Do you have an appointment?”


“No, then please register and indicate that you are looking for her. The reason, and the appointment time.”

Liu Zhu picked up an application form and handed it to Su Mo, wanting to send him off.

It’s a pity that Su Mo didn’t give up, he didn’t want to waste any time, he repeated.

“Please help me contact her now, we have business to find her.”

Liu Zhu gave Su Mo a white look, there are many people who want to find Ziqing for various reasons every day Well, she has long been surprised by this kind of thing. There are eight instead of ten every day, and also take a look at yourself in the mirror.

“Sister Ziqing is not something you can see if you want to. Follow the procedure, or please come back! Don’t tell me any reason, I’m tired of hearing any reason.”

Just as Su Mo was about to speak back, Wan Jian next to him interrupted Su Mo’s words with a playful smile on his face.

“Brother has passed, now it’s time for you to leave quickly.”

“I’m looking for her for business.”

Su Mo was silent for a few seconds replied .

(end of this chapter)

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