Star Ring Mission Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Attack

“Okay, are you possessed by a showman? Our naval combat team is training every day now. , is there any official business? Even if there is official business, you can just call Sister Ziqing directly. Don’t tell me the things explained above. You don’t have her contact information. Don’t you have a large group? Directly in the group @She is done, make up a reason and will not make up, I think you are here, just want to cheat on Miss Ziqing.”

Wan Jian complained, he cursed inwardly, I even want to cheat, all No chance yet.

Do you want to see the possibility?

Su Mo slightly startled, he picked up his phone, called up 12 groups, and directly @子青.

“The boy has a kind.”

Wan Jian gave a thumbs up to Su Mo, this guy is really in the group @ Ziqing.

Unfortunately, Ziqing didn’t respond for a long time.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle, he thought to himself, Ziqing must be playing games.

Seeing that Su Mo didn’t give up, Liu Zhu was also a little annoyed, so she said, “Okay, let me tell you the truth. Sister Ziqing is not here, she was half an hour ago. Just left.”

“Where did she go?”

Su Mo asked directly.

Liu Zhu touched his forehead, not knowing what to say, and replied silently.

“I don’t know.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo turned and left, planning to go home first. Anyway, Ziqing and the others will go back sooner or later, wait until they come back.

A moment later, Su Mo took the mobile phone navigation and followed the directions to board the No. 3 underground rail train.

The train was very crowded and crowded.

Many people who get off work together are chatting.

“Don’t run around when you have nothing to do lately.”

“What’s the matter.”

“Didn’t you hear about it? A lot of people are making trouble there.”

“Isn’t this idle pain in the balls?”

“I can’t say that for a reason”

Su Mo lifts the head A few glances at the young man chatting in the distance, with a confused look on his face, why does the atmosphere feel strange.


Exterior of Hongshan Bay Base.

Row after row of rocket launchers poured out rockets like they didn’t want money.

Densely packed rockets were about to fall into the Hongshan Bay base, and the entire base suddenly extended densely packed close-up artillery, madly counterattacking.


More than 90% of the rockets exploded in midair.

A small part fell into the base and exploded.

At this time, one after another tank launched a frontal attack on the base.


The muzzle kept pouring shells.

It is followed by an elite player.

However, just as it approached the base, the ground inside the base was lifted, and rows of missiles poured out. Those missiles flew high in the sky, then turned around, and fell into a sky-filled barrage.

At the same time, the pitch-black muzzles stretched out, shooting frantically at the intruding enemy!


Tanks were hit and burst open.

In each defensive position of the base, a soldier with cracked skin all over his body, revealing a strange red light, controls all the defensive weapons with empty eyes, and counterattacks fearless.

Qianchengxue, dressed in mechanical armor, stood at a commanding height, looking at the troops whose attack was frustrated, her eyes getting colder.

This is the seventh offense, and the situation is still very poor.

The peripheral weapons of this base are still not completely disintegrated, but it does not mean that the people below cannot attack it, but it will cause a large number of casualties.

There is a very important prerequisite for laying down this base, that the death toll must not be too many.

Otherwise everything would be meaningless.

At this moment, a tall girl with delicate complexion, clear eyes and a bright moon-like smile on the corner of her mouth, dressed in a generation of black mechanical armor, came over.

“Sun Li’s elder sister.”

When all the people around saw the girl, they respectfully greeted her.

The person who came is the leader of Group 1, and also the Deputy Corps Head Sun Li of the tenth Legion.

The leader of the twelve teams of Legion, the leader of the first two groups also serves as the deputy Corps Head, and is Qianchengxue’s right-hand man.

<>Sun Li nodded slightly, as the one who responded to all around greetings, and then said to Qianchengxue.

“Elder sister, time is running out. The monsters in Bai Ze are not far away from us. If we delay, we will easily be attacked.”

“I know.”

“I have a suggestion. Why don’t we go there in person and let Chen Meng and the others be responsible for blocking Bai Ze in the rear.” anxiety.

Qianchengxue’s eyes narrowed, and she turned around and said coldly, “First group join me in the war!”

When Sun Li heard Qianchengxue’s words, she responded with a smile like a flower.


I saw Qianchengxue walking behind him, and not far away there was a silver mecha that was twelve meters high and half-kneeling. The mecha surface armor is bright and shiny, the shoulder is equipped with a 30MM short-range gun, the left hand holds a high-strength alloy blade, and the right hand holds a silver metal shield.

This mecha is Qianchengxue’s second generation mecha Β· Dawn Guardian who won the City of Dawn and obtained the strongest weapon.

Qianchengxue easily climbed into the cab, and immediately the whole mecha automatically activated and stood up, and a powerful oppression spread.

At this time, Sun Li came over in the I-generation Green Shield mecha. Followed by a mecha formation formation, there are more than 100 units.


Qianchengxue pulled the control mecha and rushed out, and then Sun Li and the others were also fearless to drive the mecha to follow.

They cut into the battlefield as fast as a torrent of steel.

The other team members who were in charge of the attack saw Qianchengxue lead a group of mecha into the battlefield.

Each shouted excitedly.

“Master Corps Head has joined the battle!!!”

The puppet monsters at the weapon position of the Hongshan Bay Base turned their heads and stared at the incoming mecha.

Suddenly the base’s gun muzzles began to turn around, aiming at the incoming mecha.

Qianchengxue gave orders coldly in the communication channel.

“scatter! ”

Hundreds of mechas were immediately broken into pieces and scattered!

At this time, the shells fell heavily.


The violent explosion spread out with huge smoke, covering all the mecha. At first glance, it seems that all the mecha have been destroyed.

However, in the next second, Qianchengxue rushed out of the smoke first, followed by a mecha.

They all dodge attacks with precision.

At this time, the base’s self-defense weapons poured out more frantic firepower, and a large number of sub-munitions were also fired.

Qianchengxue’s eyes narrowed, and she pushed the power device to its maximum value, and the Dawn Guardian suddenly burst into a powerful force, which was very fast to meet him.

one after another cannonball swept past her, landed on the ground behind her, and exploded.

In just a few breaths, Qianchengxue drove mecha to approach the base, and in an instant she launched an attack, and the short-range cannon on her shoulder blasted out.


The sturdy steel fence of the base was blasted into a hole in an instant.

At the same time, the green shield mecha behind him raised their giant firearms one after another and shot violently at the firepower points outside the base!


The firing ports of the artillery pieces were blown up one by one, and a puppet soldier was killed at the same time.

Qiancheng Xue took the lead and rushed into the base through the torn opening.

(end of this chapter)

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