Star Ring Mission Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Complaints

However, the moment they invaded the base, the base was all over the place, like blisters The sarcomas burst open one by one.

A monster with no hair on its body, conical deformed head, with tentacles, sharp teeth in its mouth, and strange red lines all over its body drilled out.

These monsters vary in size, the big ones are five or six meters high, and the smallest are only the size of a palm.

This monster is called Kazami. Kazami in childhood has strong parasitic ability and can control physical creatures. And it can also absorb the genes of parasitic people and further mutate.

Fully mature Kazami can reach five or six meters in size, evolved into a type I mutant, is fast in action, and has an extremely tenacious life force.

Once the special genes are acquired, the Kazami, which has successfully grown and evolved, can evolve into different forms of type II variants.

Kazami moved towards Qianchengxue like crazy.

Qianchengxue waved the sharp alloy blade in his hand, just like chopping vegetables, splitting the rushing Kazami in half one by one.

The mecha squad behind him spread out, raised the gun in his hand and fired violently, creating a fire net without dead ends to block these monsters.

Immediately after, a heavy tank rammed in.

A large number of elite players rushed in.

Just as the favorable situation was moving towards their tilt, a puppet soldier emerged from all directions. They were armed with single rocket launchers, and light machine guns surrounded them and attacked the crowd.

xiu xiu ~

A rain of bullets is coming!

“Everyone relies on heavy weapons as cover to clean up those monsters!”

Qianchengxue commanded the battle while beheading the monsters.


The various Small Captains responded continuously on the communication channel.

I saw the elite players present, facing the sudden outflanking, not only did not have any panic, but relied on various bunkers to launch a precise counterattack.

a The puppet soldier was swept away and fell down.

However, the next second, the soldiers who hung up stood up staggeringly.

“What’s the situation? How can it not be killed.”

“I killed it here and got up again.”

“Don’t mess around, use a large caliber If you can’t kill them once, you can kill them twice, and the sixth mecha squad will support them with firepower.”

Sun Li gave an order to the crowd.


The players who were present suddenly changed their weapons, some replaced them with grenade guns, some took out grenades, and some directly replaced them with rocket launchers.

At the same time, ten mechas changed their attack direction and cooperated with the players below to attack the puppet soldiers.

xiu xiu ~

more violently buddy moved towards those covered puppet soldiers falling.


A Puppet soldier was beaten all split up and in pieces or was blasted into pieces,

on the puppet soldier’s body When it completely collapsed, a juvenile Kazami came out, and they quickly drilled into every corner.

Then moved towards the elite players and touched them. They are small in size, but move very fast, very similar to mice.

“Kill those juveniles, don’t let them get close!”

Qianchengxue squinted her eyes, and immediately sensed the imminent crisis.

However, just after she finished prompting, one after another red beam swept across in the distance, hitting several mechas and tanks in an instant.


A huge explosion, directly disrupting their formation.

Many of those juveniles rushed over to take advantage of the chaos, and rushed towards the player’s body, frantically moving towards their mouths and bare skin.


a didn’t have time to dodge the player, and was hit directly.

However, the companions next to them were not in a mess. They pulled out sharp daggers and went up to give those ghosts a knife.

It was really parasitized and unsaved, they resolutely stayed away from the crowd and pulled the grenade to commit suicide.

Qianchengxue’s eyes became colder and colder, she looked over with cold eyes, and saw all around the building, there were strange-shaped Type II Kazami, their bodies were densely covered with strange red lines, and at the same time those strange red lines appeared. Gather at the chest to form a red eyeball.

“Captain, the number of enemies is more than expected, and the number is still rising. Do we need to retreat temporarily.”

Lin Xiaojia’s inquiry sounded in the communication channel.

Sun Li strongly disagreed with opening the mouth and said: “Let’s get out now, it will be hard for us to attack again.”

Her elite regiment has already suffered casualties, so If you quit like this, it doesn’t mean everything is in vain.

“Withdraw, reorganize and come back!”

Qianchengxue gave the order very calmly, not because she was afraid, but because the situation was not very good now, those juvenile monsters were like The shit stirrer has already begun to enter her team, and it will definitely cause some confusion.


Sun Li and the others heard Qian Chengxue’s words and immediately abandoned their opinions and implemented them unconditionally.

When Qianchengxue drove the mecha and turned around to evacuate, he glanced indifferently at the huge sarcoid blister in the distance.

That’s the real scourge.



When Su Mo returned to the apartment, it was already dark.

He opened the door and walked in, only to be stunned.

I saw Ziqing four people around a computer, browsing something, and still discussing fiercely.

“You guys are back?”

“en. ”

Ziqing and the others responded lightly, instead of looking back, they continued to watch the computer.

β€œWhat are you doing?”

Su Mo asked curiously.

“Looking at the news, the situation has been a little turbulent recently.”

Ziqing simply told Su Mo.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo asked curiously. On the way back just now, he felt that the atmosphere was not right.

“What else can I do? It’s for Star Ring.”

Hanna got up and walked to the refrigerator, took out a bottle of cold beer, opened the ring and took a sip, A worried look.

Su Mo was also interested when he heard the word Star Ring.

“What does this have to do with Star Ring?”

“Hey, you don’t really never go online, do you even know the current situation?”

Hanna looked at Su Mo in disbelief, but she saw Su Mo’s blank expression, so she explained it to him.

“That’s right, you know how difficult the Star Ring game is, right? Many online players died within five minutes of survival. Those who died didn’t have to play, so they scolded the Internet. , and complain about the game.”

“Isn’t this normal”

“Yes, it’s normal, but you also know that this Star Ring game does not accept complaints Yes. And it was nothing at worst, but then a group of parents appeared online, who posted and complained that the game was too bloody and violent, and had a negative impact on people’s psychology.”

Han Na took a gulp of her temper and said helplessly.

“Well, it’s normal.”

Su Mo replied lightly. Violence and gore are prohibited, but Star Ring is indeed beyond the bounds. .

(end of this chapter)

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