Star Ring Mission Chapter 8


Chapter 8 Test

“Hey, this game is quite realistic.”

“Yeah. , but how do you play?”

“I don’t know, there are a lot of shops over there, why don’t we go and have a look?”

The descending player looked at all around curiously. surroundings.

Su Mo was also extremely shocked at this time, and he tried to call.


At this moment, a special metal bracelet that Su Mo was wearing on his left hand suddenly rang.

A virtual projection display screen is directly illuminated above, and there are two functions on the whole display screen, one is logout, and the other is task prompt box.

Nothing else, no character interface, no backpack.

It’s so clean that it can’t be cleaned, and if it weren’t for this logout button, Su Mo might even wonder if he had come to another real world.

In addition to these, Su Mo also found a metal bracelet with the number 0 displayed on it.

I don’t know what it does either.

Su Mo didn’t stand still, he moved towards the store next to him.

Then he entered a small supermarket, where the shelves were crooked, the scattered things were covered with dust, and some of the food was moldy.

Su Mo tried to pick up a bottle of mineral water and checked that it seemed like it was still drinkable. He tried to unscrew it, smelled it, and found that there was no other odor, so he put it in his mouth and took a sip, trying to swallow it.

gu lu ~

The super-first-class real feeling is incredible, and it is no different from reality at all.

But this more and more real feeling made Su Mo instinctively feel more dangerous. He began to try to find weapons of self-protection. There is a saying, be careful to sail the ship for thousands of years.

He walked to the tool area, where he found a hammer, a kitchen knife, and a few pocket knives. Apart from this, he didn’t find anything more destructive.

Su Mo first unpacked the knife. He held the knife and swiped his finger lightly. There was no accident. A very fine wound was drawn, and there was even a trace of blood.

And he also felt a little pain, but Su Mo was very keen to judge a very crucial information from the pain. The pain here is only about 50% of the outside world, but that 50% is enough.

Just then, Su Mo heard screams from outside.

He tensed in vain, and then ran out of the store, but he was stunned by what he saw in front of him.

I saw four young people dressed in fancy clothes and a pretty young woman surrounded by a smirk.

“Little girl, let me kiss you, it’s a game anyway, so you won’t suffer.”

“That’s right, don’t be afraid, maybe the several brothers are happy and can bring them with you. You’re playing!”

Other players all around looked hesitant when they saw this scene. A man went up to stop him just now, but he was beaten to death and is still lying on the ground crying in pain.

This game does not seem to have any specific order, the open scale is extremely large, and there are no restrictions.

The girl was so scared that she wanted to log out of the game.

As a result, the young man who took the lead went up and touched the girl’s face directly, interrupting her logout.

β€œWhere does younger sister want to go?”

β€œYou are shameless.”

β€œAh, we are shameless, what can you do.”

Su Mo watched this scene, touched the chin and fell into deep thought, he is a little confused now, what is this game about?

It seems that there are no enemies? Is the enemy the player himself?

Thinking of this, Su Mo suddenly became a little eager to have a try. It stands to reason that if you want to verify this very difficult problem, you can’t find trouble with other players for no reason? This is not in line with his principles.

But now that it’s available, Su Mo doesn’t plan to be polite. He abruptly walked behind the four young men, extending the hand and pressing the shoulder of the leading man.

“Who is it!”

The young man turned his head irritably and shouted.

The result was a hammer blow.


The head of the young man in front of him was like a watermelon, directly blooming and falling down.

The other three youths were also splashed with a red and white liquid, which made them pee on the spot.

Including the girl who was molested, also fainted.

“Ah! Murdered!”

All the people around watching saw this and ran away.

The last scene was also seen by someone in the distance.

On the scene, only Su Mo, who was covered in blood, stood on the spot with a pensive expression on his face. He has already killed the players, but there is no prompt, and no profit is shown. How do you play?

Forget it, just skip the questions that you can’t figure out. Su Mo turned and left. He planned to go to the buildings all around and explore again to see if there was anything else to gain.

He entered an apartment building, used a hammer in his hand, forcibly broke the closed door, and entered a residential room.

The moldy air was blowing in, the room was cramped, and the furniture was crooked.

Su Mo didn’t sit still and started rummaging through boxes for something of value.

Let’s not even tell him he found something special, two gold necklaces for women, and a gold ring for men. Su Mo weighed it, the amount added up was ok.

If according to the official settings, this thing should be able to be exchanged for real gold, I don’t know what the exchange rate is.

At this moment, the gold necklace in Su Mo’s hand accidentally touched the bracelet.

A prompt message popped up directly on the bracelet.

“Whether to convert gold accessories into gold points.”


Su Mo’s expression moved slightly and clicked on the bracelet.

Immediately, the two necklaces and rings in his hands were disappeared. Instead, the gold value displayed on the bracelet changed from 0 to 0.1.

After looking at the changes in the values, he found a little direction. Since things like gold and silver can be exchanged, they should also be very important for this game.

And if there are no accidents, there is a probability that ordinary residents can find gold and silver jewelry at home.

However, it is relatively difficult to search, and there is definitely not much stock.

There is only one place where there are more of these things, and that is the gold shop.

Thinking of this, Su Mo leaves the apartment.

Half an hour later, Su Mo appeared in a large shopping mall, and it took a lot of effort to break open a small door and enter.

The whole mall is very quiet and very dark, giving people a fluffy feeling.

Of course Su Mo didn’t care, he started searching for anything of value.

Unexpectedly, many of the shop counters on the first floor were empty, or were of little value. For example, some electrical appliances, luxury bags, cosmetics, etc., are useless at all.

The only thing that’s still useful is that Su Mo finds a backpack in the middle that can be used to decorate things.

Soon, Su Mo searched, searched, and found a hidden iron door in the corner.

He slowly opened the iron gate and walked in cautiously. It’s dark inside, but if you look closely, you can see a lot of shelves with a lot of goods on them.

Su Mo walked in and started to rummage through the shelves, stuff myriad, everything.

Then Su Mo opened the backpack behind him and began to pack some useful daily necessities.

A pocket knife.

A bundle of rope.

A box of lighters.

A bottle of alcohol.

While Su Mo was pretending to be in a trance.


The door of the storage room was suddenly closed.


Su Mo immediately folded his body and rushed over at a speed of 100 meters and 7 seconds. Fiercely slammed the door, trying to open the iron door. However, it was still a step slower, and the harsh sound of heavy objects pushing outside the door had stopped.

There is no doubt that the door has been blocked, and this iron door is still open to the outside.

“Open the door!”

Su Mo said in a deep voice.

(end of this chapter)

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