Star Ring Mission Chapter 81


Chapter 81 Decadent

Zi Qing took a closer look, then asked Su Mo, “Are the parameters accurate? ?”

“95% accurate, if you want more detailed parameters and status, you need to go back and record the video.”

Su Mo replied simply

“Well, from what you’ve drawn so far, this should be a light patrol boat.”

“I think so too, the problem is that we won’t drive now. I discussed it with Lin Zinuo. Now, I want you to teach us.”

Su Mo simply explained things.

“This kind of ship should be considered a relatively low difficulty to drive, but it is limited to our profession. It is very difficult for you to operate. For any qualified captain, his training cycle is In terms of years, no matter how fast it is, it will take several months.”

Ziqing strictly forbids talking to Su Mo.

“That just doesn’t work.”

Su Mo’s heart involuntarily sank to the bottom.

“Not necessarily. It is unrealistic to fully control the ship in a short period of time and become a qualified captain. But we may be able to give it a try and learn by surprise. Maybe there is still hope that we can start it.”

Zi Qing explained.

“Okay, I’ll send a message to Zi Nuo.”

Su Mo nods.

“Don’t rush, except to teach you to drive the boat. It’s a question of whether the ship can be started after being abandoned for so long. If it is broken, even if you learn to drive, it will be useless.”

“Don’t worry about this. There seems to be a mechanical maintenance engineer named Qin Wang among us. Zi Nuo asked him to overhaul the ship. In addition, we also found a lot of accessories at the base.”

“So you are still bringing Qin Wang, so there should be no problem. He is an old master. We will officially train you at work tomorrow.”

Zi Qing said in a good mood.


Su Mo nods, the matter is done.

Hanna sighed in disappointment.

“If this were replaced by the ship I got before, I would be absolutely happy, but now, why can’t I lift my spirits.”

Zi Qing helplessly shook the head , said simply to Han Na: “I said, don’t think too much, just do your own essential work. And you think we really got the ship, you think too much, but for things that are not available, Don’t hold out too much hope. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. There are many variables in this. First, it is still a problem whether the ship can be started. It’s not so easy to get back.”


Hanna was replied by several people.

“Everyone should rest early and keep their spirits up. There have been a lot of things going on recently, and the Legion’s situation in the game is not very good, and it may be urgently summon to participate in the war at any time.”

Ziqing Probably explain the situation to everyone.

Su Mo remembered at this time that Auroville seemed to be still under attack.

“Ziqing? Isn’t the battle of Dawn City over yet?”

“No, there are a lot of attack monsters, so it is estimated that you need to prepare for a protracted war. Don’t worry, the team leader Zhao Han and the other team leaders who stayed behind will solve it.”

Zi Qing said this matter with a hint of worry in her expression.

“Understood, I’ll go take a shower first.”

Su Mo was really tired, he went back to the house to get a set of clothes and went into the bathroom.

He planned to take a hot bath to soothe his tired nerves.

Su Mo filled a bathtub full of hot water and immersed himself in it.


He let out a long breath, feeling that the pores all over his body were opening at the moment.

Today is not just overloaded playing games, the main game is either fighting or escaping the whole process, which is really exhausting.

Su Mo closed his eyes slowly, but the memory in the Star Ring involuntarily emerged in his mind, and all the battle scenes kept reappearing.

At this moment, he seemed to be standing from the perspective of a bystander, watching his battle in all directions.

Su Mo was dissatisfied when he saw his first battle with mecha. What seems like a great operation is actually full of weak spots and mistakes.

His mind quickly calculated, if he fought again, how should he optimize the battle and exert the strongest battle strength under the limited operation skills.


Two days later, Su Mo came to the company early in the morning. After he punched the card skillfully, he moved towards the computer room.

Soon Su Mo came to a computer room, he found a machine to log into the game. Appearing on the deck of the ship after a while, he looked towards the distance, Qin Wang took some people, and some absent-mindedly repaired the ship.

During this time, Su Mo took a moment to send the ashes back, and after a little effort, he drove the mecha back.

His current job is very simple, which is to help Qin Wang move some accessories from the base warehouse from time to time.

The other is responsible for vigilance work, but the monsters here have been cleared, and there is basically no danger.

It is also worth mentioning that it is about the training of ship captains. As a leader, Lin Zinuo volunteered to take on this responsibility.

According to her words, she has long wanted to try driving this big guy, it will be cool.

So Lin Zinuo took several sisters and followed Lin Zinuo to do high-intensity assault training.

On the whole, their team is still optimistic. However, it seems that due to the recent situation, everyone is in a low mood.

At this moment, Su Mo saw Zhou Qian. She made a small reclining chair not far away and was lying down, but she didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

When she saw that Su Mo was online, she waved her hand weakly.

β€œSu Mo!”

Su Mo walked over and asked suspiciously.

“What’s the matter.”

Zhou Qian stretched her waist and said to Su Mo: “It’s nothing, it’s just boring, I’ll have a chat with you.”

Su Mo was speechless for a while, he didn’t know what to talk about.

“Forget it, I’ll go to guard.”

“Don’t be so rigid, no one said you’re boring?”

Zhou Qian is right Su Mo rolled the eyes, if she wasn’t in a very annoying mood, no one could chat, she wouldn’t bring anyone to look for Su Mo, and there was absolutely no way to communicate.

Su Mo was silent for a while, really not knowing how to chat, he lifted the head to look at Zhou Qian and asked, “When will the ship be repaired.”


Zhou Qian sighed, really boring.

This guy is only reliable when fighting, she said to Su Mo: “In a few days (game time), Qin Wang has probably been overhauled, this ship is not too bad. The big problem is that the power system and some equipment need to be debugged, some old parts need to be replaced, and fuel and oil need to be added.”

“en. ”

Su Mo nods.

“But it’s boring. It’s not necessarily a good thing if the ship is repaired.”

Zhou Qian sighed, feeling a little down.

“Are you worried about the game?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“Bullshit, don’t worry about this, what are you worried about, this game is dead in disguise, and there is such a big turmoil now, it’s no wonder if you don’t worry about it. If this game is really over, we will definitely be punished.

If there are layoffs, then the hard work and hard work will be in vain.”

Zhou Qian did not hide it from Su Mo.

(end of this chapter)

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