Star Ring Mission Chapter 83


Chapter 83 Showdown

The Daybreak Guild treats meals very well. Not only can work meals be eaten for free, but the key is to eat It’s pretty good.

Su Mo came to Twelfth Layer restaurant, because many people couldn’t get out, so there were quite a lot of people.

But basically talking about those turbulent things.

Everyone is worried, for fear that the game will be yellow, and when the time comes they will become victims.

Maybe it will be completely eliminated.

Su Mo ordered a casual work meal and found a quiet corner to sit down.

As he ate, he picked up his phone and opened his browser, ready to search for Star Ring news.

As a result, countless news popped up without him searching, and a large number of people were full of fear for the unknown Star Ring. In addition, some people who have dark illnesses and are not mentally strong enough have been stabbed out because of the events of playing Star Ring death and becoming mental disorder.

Now panic and anger have exploded in some people’s hearts.

Of course, things will ferment to this point, and the most important reason is because in the past, the parliament has not made any clarification on related matters, just like default.

For a while, the dark cloud has been shrouded in everyone’s heart, and it can’t be dissipated for a long time.


In the office of the Imperial Capital parliament building, the head of parliament is looking at a document intently.

It seems that the angry network, the rioting outside world, has no effect on it at all.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps, and Tang Qin walked in and greeted respectfully.

“The President of the Council.”

The President of the Council put down the document in his hand.

“en. ”

Tang Qin hesitated for a while, and said with some worry: “Sir President, now the public opinion is so fermented, do we really not explain it? And those The representatives of the people have been waiting for a long time, are they really not sending people to see them?”

“How to explain?”

The president lifts the head, staring at Tang Qin with deep eyes.

Tang Qin couldn’t tell for a long time, was he? What is the explanation, at best it’s just a cover up.

The president of the council stood up slowly, he showed a kind smile and said: “Okay, don’t worry about it. How are you preparing for the things I asked you to prepare?”

“It’s ready, I’ve got the people from the TV station in place, but what is Sir President going to do?”

Tang Qin didn’t quite understand.

“Go to the TV station and let those people’s representatives go too.”

The president of the parliament said with a smile.

Hearing this, Tang Qin’s face showed an extremely shocked expression.

In the Dawning Group building, Su Mo is digging into his meal.

At this time, in the restaurant, the holographic projection was automatically turned on and switched to live broadcast mode.

The screen shows a chat podium with a spacious arc-shaped sofa on which people can sit and chat face-to-face.

Everyone at the meal watched it with great curiosity. What kind of show is this?

I saw an old man dressed very plainly and very kindly, with the support of everyone, calmly appearing.

Seeing the old man, everyone in the restaurant was shocked.

“It’s the president of the council!”

“It’s really the president of the council.”

Su Mo is also surprised, although he doesn’t care much about these things. But no matter how stupid people know, the president of the parliament has come forward in person, and the matter must be more serious than expected.

At this time, four representatives from the bottom came to power, two men and two women, both middle-aged.

The president first saluted all the audience and greeted them kindly.

“Hello, dear citizens, I’m sorry to take up a little of your time. Recently, there have been extreme differences of opinion and remarks about Star Ring, and even a lot of doubts. Adhering to the In the spirit of fairness and justice, and the spirit of democracy, I have specially invited representatives of people who question people from all sides, we will have a deep dialogue, and all your doubts will be solved.” The four representatives extended the hand and greeted kindly.

“Thank you very much for coming. You can ask questions as you like without being rigid.”

“Thank you very much to the President for giving us this opportunity.”

Four The delegates were very excited to extend the hand and shook hands with the president of the parliament one by one.

“Then let’s get started.”

The council president calmly went straight to the point.

The first to ask the question was a bald middle-aged man Li Mo, who asked very excitedly: “Sir President, the level of realism of that Star Ring game has reached an indescribable level. . Is that game really just a game? Or, it really exists.”

This question is actually what everyone cares about the most, about games causing death and insanity. After all, it’s just a small number of people who are too weak to bear it, and most normal players are fine.

Including Su Mo, who was watching, also put down his chopsticks and stared at the live video.

“You guessed it right, it’s the real world.”

The president’s words were like thunder, shocking everyone.

Hearing the speaker’s words, don’t say that the audience was dumbfounded, and even the person who asked the question was speechless.

You must know that conjectures are conjectures, and when conjectures become true, the nature is completely different.


The representatives present stuttered.

The President of the Council continued graciously: “I know that everyone must be full of shock and confusion at this time, but I hope everyone can stay calm and listen to me. Of course, before explaining, I need to talk to the big guys. Let’s talk about something.”

The people who were originally shocked, gradually came back to his senses, and all listened carefully.

“We don’t talk about the whole world, we talk about our own homeland. Everyone knows that since the war a hundred years ago, only three-tenths of the world’s land can be used. And even this Three-tenths of the land that can be used, there are also various problems in many places. However, after the war, our population has returned to its original level, which means that we need three-tenths and limited resources to feed The same population as before.”

“This is a very simple math problem, I believe everyone can calculate how difficult this task is, and it may not even be possible. But you can Look at yourself and around you, everyone has their own stable jobs, and everyone can support themselves. At least there is no shortage of food, drink and housing, which is what the parliament has put in over the years. We have never thought about abandoning any People, whether you are poor or rich, because you are all children of the motherland. What you need to do is to live a quiet life, and we are moving forward silently for you.”

President of the House of Representatives He spoke to the crowd affectionately.

A lot of eyes were wet when I heard the president’s words.

It is true that after the war, due to the pollution of a lot of land and resources, as well as the explosion of population, many countries outside are living in extreme poverty.

In comparison, country Z is indeed happy.

(end of this chapter)

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