Star Ring Mission Chapter 84


Chapter 84 March

“However, next, I want to tell you a very cruel thing, even if we No matter how hard we try, we are starting to lose our ability to run this country well. Because of pollution and lack of resources, it has become an unavoidable problem. To put it bluntly, we have reached the limit, and a crisis is inevitable. In order to solve this crisis, various parties in the Federal Parliament have also held many discussions and debates. In the end, they even evolved into two factions. One side believes that we should try our best to transform our homeland and restore it to the original one. The other side They believe that the earth planet has reached the point of no return, and we need to go into space and find a way to establish new habitats on the outer planets. Of course, no matter what kind of people, the fundamental purpose is to multiply the species and our future.

“Okay, trivial things, I’ve finished, now let’s talk about the game Star Ring. The development of this Star Ring game is actually based on an accidental incident sixty years ago, a A meteor fell into the north pole of the earth star. All the countries in the federation worked together to get it back, and as a result, inside the meteorite, a Rubik’s cube from a higher civilization was found. We collectively call this higher civilization the Divine Grade civilization, with the concerted efforts of many countries in the federation Below, we successfully cracked the Rubik’s Cube and created the road to high-dimensional civilization, the Star Ring. You can also understand that it is the road to the multiverse and the plane.”

“Also One thing, I need to confess and clarify to everyone, I believe that many people, knowing that the Star Ring is real, will definitely think that the Star Ring is very dangerous and that the parliament is hiding the fact that human life as grass. But it is not the case, It’s not that the council is willing to spread everyone into it, in fact, it is not the first time that the Star Ring has been opened.”

“As early as 50 years ago, we entered the Star Ring, but it was a top secret at the beginning. , all the participants are volunteers and soldiers who signed a non-disclosure agreement. When we went in, we found out that the so-called Star Ring may be a game of higher civilization, but it is only limited to their game, for us That is hope and the future. It is not only us who enter it, but also civilizations with problems from other planes. We all enter with the belief of continuing our own civilization. We are desperately competing in it, but it is a pity that the first round Star Ring, we lost completely, but even if we lost, we brought a lot of technology from Star Ring. It is these technologies that have supported our habitat for so many years, but that is still an utterly inadeq uate measure, resources are still reaching their limit, and our civilization is still facing extinction. “

“Although I am extremely reluctant, but now I need your strength and everyone’s strength. We must unite at this moment, of course you are not alone, please see! Official troops and personnel are already fighting desperately in Star Ring. ”

The president of the council waved his hand!

The live video was immediately interspersed with grid images, and in each video, a soldier in uniform uniform could be seen, Every region, fight to the death with those monsters!

They fought heroically in every occupied region, using their blood to compose a battle song leading to victory.

“Dear citizens, you I also saw that we have no choice now, we can only fight back and participate in this competition between civilizations. Not for others, but for our children and grandchildren, for their future. Let us use hard work and struggle to ignite this cold world and reproduce the glory of civilization! “

The high-level speech of the President of the Council.

“Support! “

“We support your proposal for Sir President. ”

In an instant, all the people watching the live broadcast, whether they were parades or at home, were all excited.

At this moment, it seemed that the whole world was on fire.

The lion who had been sleeping for thousands of years was also completely awakened in this brief moment.

“I officially announce that all march on Star Ring! ! ! ”

The president of the parliament made an official announcement.

Many people in the restaurant stood up excitedly, each raising their fists and shouting excitedly.

“March! ! ! “

“March! ! ! “

“March! ! ! “

At this moment, countless people in the whole city and even the entire country Z were infected and shouted.

This is no longer a simple game, Rather, it is a light of hope for the future of mankind.

This night is destined to be a sleepless night.

Su Mo was also deeply touched by the atmosphere, and his whole body was full of The blood began to get restless, and he seemed to have found a little bit of his purpose in life.

From this moment on, country Z will enter a state where the whole people march into Star Ring. A large number of people who boycotted Star Ring before, this All of them put down their grievances in a moment and prepared to join them.

No matter how bumpy and hard the road ahead is, as a proud Z countryman, I can only move forward bravely in the fierce and unafraid of death.

This dialogue was more successful than expected. No one is questioning the non-compliance of the Star Ring. In the face of the continuation of civilization, all problems are no longer a problem.

For a moment After that, when Su Mo finished his meal and returned to the lobby on the first floor.

The originally closed door had been completely unsealed, and Su Mo walked out when he came to the street.

All around buildings turned into hologram advertisements, all replaced with speeches from the Speaker of Parliament, and the streets were filled with enthusiastic cheers.

Su Mo looked around, his spirit was a little bit In a trance.

As if in an instant, this bustling city burst out with infinite vitality, this feeling is like a sleeping lion awakened.



In the early morning of the next day, Su Mo came to the company as usual. He was about to check in, but found that almost all his colleagues came. You must know that he came early. Usually, at this time, 1/4

And everyone’s mental outlook is completely different, and everyone is full of fighting spirit.

“Su Mo, good morning. “

Passing by, Zhou Qian greeted Su Mo.

“Good morning.” “

Su Mo slightly>


“See you in the game!” “

Zhou Qian waved her small hand at Su Mo, and moved towards the girl’s computer room lightly.

Su Mo was also full of energy. He entered the computer room and found a supporter. In the corner of the wall, put on the helmet and lie down on the space chair.

“Login! ”

After a dazzling white light flashed, Su Mo appeared on the ship again.

At this time, the ship was very lively, and everyone was online.

They are discussing yesterday’s speech on chirp chirp twitter twitter.

Zhou Qian said excitedly: “You don’t know, I was shocked to hear the president of the parliament announced yesterday that this is the real world. “

“It is better to be in the real world, so that we are also the front-line personnel, and I am very excited when I think about it. “

Lin Zino proudly said to the sisters present.

“Sister Zino is right, we are also front-line combatants.” “

The sisters present were extremely excited.

Of course, Su Mo, who heard their conversation, had a strange look on her face.

(End of this chapter)


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