Star Ring Mission Chapter 85


Chapter 85 Enemy Situation

A front-line combat player? They were afraid they didn’t understand that the Twelfth team was obviously the logistical organization in the logistics.

Its main duty is to look after the house, otherwise it would be impossible for others to finish the wasteland and just let them get weapons.

Another point is that they are not reclaiming wasteland, to be precise, they are fleeing. Along the way, they were chased by monsters like bereaved dogs, and it was a miracle that they survived.

“Su Mo? Su Mo?”

A sudden shout pulled Su Mo back from his contemplation.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards Lin Zino who shouted at him.

“No, I just see you standing there in a daze after you go online, what happened?”

“Oh, it’s fine.”

“Come on, your expression just now betrayed you, and you can tell there is something wrong at a glance. But forget it, you don’t want to say it, I know what you’re thinking.”

Lin Zinuo is very confident said.

“Are you sure?”

Su Mo’s expression grew weirder.

Lin Zinuo showed a confident and bright smile, extended the hand on Su Mo’s shoulder and said; “You must be reminiscing about yesterday’s speech by the president of the parliament, and then feel that you are on the front line of human civilization pioneering. Extremely proud, right.”

Su Mo became more speechless after hearing this, not knowing what to say.

Lin Zinuo saw that Su Mo was silent, instinctively thought that he was right, and kept talking excitedly.

“Actually, don’t say you’re excited, I’m too excited to fall asleep. Originally we just played games, but now it’s different. We are heroes fighting on the front line, The fire of civilization is waiting for us to ignite, and our future is destined to be filled with Legendary!!!”

β€œ.” What, how can a hero be so good.

However, Su Mo can roughly see that Lin Zinuo’s true heart should have long been uneasy about being only in charge of logistics, and she also yearns for front-line land reclamation and battle.

“Well, let’s not talk about that, you came just in time. You drove the mecha and moved all the remaining parts from the warehouse to the boat.”

Lin Zinuo saw Su Mo silent for a long time. , I couldn’t talk anymore, so I started to arrange work for Su Mo.


Su Mo is also a little surprised.

“That’s right, Qin Wang and the others plan to use their sturdy spirit and plan to stay up all night to speed up the repair of the ship. After the repair, we can set sail. Our goal will be the vast sea of stars and stars!”

Lin Zinuo was in a state of high fighting spirit at this time, which was no different from fighting chicken blood.


Su Mo didn’t say much. Although he was a little blindly optimistic and fanciful, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s also a good thing to fix the ship early, they’ve been here long enough.

A few hours later, Su Mo and the others sat around.

Lin Zino built a fire on the deck, and they were happily cooking lunch.

The fragrant smell of canned beef continued to waft from the pot.

“It’s so fragrant!”

Qin Wang, who was dirty and stained with oil, walked over and said happily.

“I’ll give you extra food. You’ve been working hard during this time. By the way, how is the boat repair?”

Lin Zinuo was in a good mood and gave Qin Wang a bowl, and then hand it to him.

“Thank you, Sister Zinuo, the ship is basically not damaged much. Give me some time and it will be completely repaired.”

Qin Wang received the steaming heat. Beef soup replied.

“Good job.”

“Nothing, this is what I should do.”

Su Mo sat down and took a leisurely sip of the broth , warm the body. After all, the wind at the seaside is very strong, and there seems to be a trend of cooling down recently. This kind of weather is most suitable for drinking some hot soup.


At this moment, the Wireless Electronics communicator on Lin Zino’s waist suddenly made a noise, followed by Gaomei’s anxious voice.

“Sister Zino is not good. It seems that a large number of Bai Ze are moving towards us.”

Because the weather is fine today, the fog has dissipated.

However, the location of the base was exposed as a result.

“Don’t worry, how far is the other party from us?”

Lin Zino quickly calmed down and asked.

“It’s only one kilometer away, but they don’t seem to have found us!”

Gao Mei responded in a panic.

“You withdraw now.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t even think about it, and gave him an order directly.

“Sister Zinuo, what should we do now? Abandon the ship and run away?”

Zhou Qian asked a little reluctantly.

“Let me think about it.”

Lin Zinuo bit her lip, her heart sinking to the bottom.

“We can’t escape now if we want to. Without enough cover, we can’t escape those Bai Ze at all.”

Su Mo is very sure to replied, if one of them has the most If he could escape, it was probably himself, because he could drive mecha to force a breakout.

“Then we are not finished.”

The companions present were a little desperate.

At this time, Lin Zinuo turned his head to Qin Wang and said, “I’m going to leave here by boat now, will it work?”

“This, this, this is unrealistic , I haven’t repaired it yet.”

Qin Wang was also dumbfounded and stuttered.

“I don’t have time for you to slowly repair it now. Can you make this ship move and leave here first?”

Lin Zinuo’s purpose is very clear, since the land is not safe , then it’s no problem to run to the sea, it can’t be that those Bai Ze can still swim.

Qin Wang’s expression changed for a while, and finally he seemed to have made up his mind.

“You can give it a shot, but I need some time to warm up and put some disassembled parts on by the way.”

“How long?”

Lin Zi Noah asked nervously.

“It will take at least two hours, and I can’t guarantee that it will work 100%. It is very likely that there will be problems when it is started.”

Qin Wang is not at all sure.

“Let’s fight! Either we’ll sail away, or we’ll fall here. Except for the repairers, other weapons are ready to fight.”


Zhou Qian and the others responded in succession.

Immediately, Zhou Qian took a group of sisters and followed Su Mo to disembark, ready to intercept at the port.

Lin Zino took another group of people to disassemble the four fixed machine guns on the ship, preparing to support Su Mo and them with firepower behind.

After Su Mo got off the ship and returned to mecha, he moved the abandoned iron boxes to the nearby, and simply built a defensive barrier in front of the ship to use Zhou Qian and the others as bunkers.

As time passed, everyone hid behind the box, and the nerves became more and more nervous.

About an hour later, the ferocious Bai Ze in the distance seemed to smell something and roared excitedly. Then they immediately locked on Su Mo who was hiding behind the box.

“Damn, is this bunch of bastards a dog?”

Zhou Qian couldn’t help but curse.

Su Mo didn’t say anything, but narrowed his eyes. He raised the gun in his hand and locked onto the white ze that was running at the front.

Then pull the trigger decisively!


The head of Bai Ze was directly hit, and he fell heavily to the ground in an instant, blood flowing.

(end of this chapter)

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