Star Ring Mission Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Escape

At the same time as Su Mo opened fire, Lin Zino also gave orders.


On the hull, four heavy machine guns were re-installed, pouring firepower violently!

Zhou Qian and the others also cooperated in shooting.

peng~ peng~!

Not to mention the great effect, Bai Ze, who rushed up one by one, fell to the ground under the blockade of powerful firepower.

“Well done, just hold on like this.”

Lin Zinuo saw the effect was so good, and encouraged everyone with confidence.

However, Su Mo’s face did not have a trace of relief. The gun in his hand had only a few bullets left, and the others were not much better.

Although the four machine guns are equipped with a lot of bullets, it is necessary to know how fast the machine guns consume bullets. Even if I give you a few thousand rounds, if there is no restraint, it will be consumed by you in a few minutes.

But now Su Mo has no better way, and can only take one step at a time.

Time passed by a little bit, but the situation did not improve at all, and the number of Bai Ze who attacked was increasing.

Su Mo’s firepower is getting weaker and weaker. If it weren’t for the overwhelming majority who attacked them, they were all ordinary Bai Ze, and if they didn’t have more than two tails, they might have died long ago.

But even so, Su Mo and the others are supporting more and more hard,


Su Mo’s giant gun magazine was finally emptied. He frowned and threw the gun in his hand as a projectile fiercely, smashing the head of a growing Bai Ze with blood.

Zhou Qian next to her raised her head and asked Su Mo in amazement.

“Su Mo, you’re out of bullets?”


Su Mo replied coldly.

“This time the trouble is big, and we’re almost out of bullets.”

Zhou Qian’s head hurt more and more.

“It’s nothing if we don’t have ammunition. If the four machine guns in the back are out of ammunition, that’s a problem.”


“Nothing is not.”

Su Mo glanced back, and the entire deck was covered with bullet casings.

Man will be afraid of death and of great firepower. But these monsters are like wild beasts without reason when they go crazy, and they won’t back down at all.

At this moment, two Bai Ze broke through the firepower net and rushed up. Su Mo quickly pulled the operating lever, the whole mecha rushed up, and the sharp steel Iron Fist head smashed over.


Immediately, he smashed one Bai Ze out, and then he controlled mecha to turn around dexterously, and then kicked the other Bai Ze.

Under the control of Su Mo, the bulky mecha becomes extremely agile, like a nimble fatty.

Zhou Qian was startled when she saw that Bai Ze started to break through, and quickly turned her head to loudly shouted at Lin Zinuo.

“Sister Zinuo, are you out of ammunition?”

Lin Zinuo’s face darkened even more. She didn’t answer Zhou Qian’s question, but turned and shouted loudly behind her.

“Qin Wang, are you all well?”

Soon, Qin Wang’s reply came from the bottom of the boat.

“Give me a little more time! It’ll be fine soon!”

“Hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore.”

Lin Zinuo is dying Well, the ammo is almost out.

Su Mo turned around to say solemnly to Zhou Qian and the others after getting rid of Bai Ze who rushed over.

“Get back to the boat, you can’t help you by staying here.”

“But you are alone?”

Zhou Qian and others are very uneasy asked.

“I have my own way!”

Su Mo’s attitude is very clear, and there is no intention to change.

“Okay! Let’s evacuate!”

Zhou Qian gritted her teeth and started to evacuate with the other sisters.

Soon Zhou Qian and the others returned to the boat, and Lin Zinuo immediately shouted to Zhou Qian.

“You control the machine gun.”

After finishing speaking, Lin Zino took the two sisters and ran to the control room.

After Zhou Qian picked up the mobile gun, her heart sank to the bottom, and the remaining bullets were less than two or three hundred rounds.

She can only brace oneself and shoot as little as possible.

And the consequence of this is that the firepower is greatly weakened, and those Bai Ze become even more crazy, and they rush up desperately.

However, they have an obstacle on their way to the ship.

Su Mo took a deep breath, he twisted his neck, and his spirit began to be highly concentrated. In theory, as long as he operated fast enough, these Bai Ze were scum!


With the roar, Bai Ze rushed up one by one.

Su Mo violently pushed the power lever to the maximum, and the whole bulky mecha exploded instantly.

He controls mecha’s steel Iron Fist head, punching punch after punch.


One by one, Bai Ze was smashed and flew out. No matter which angle they launched the sneak attack from, Su Mo is like having countless pairs of eyes, always able to Noticed. And made a pre-judgment and controlled the bloated mecha to counterattack accurately.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Qian and the others were also shocked, with incredible expressions on their faces.

Really strong!

However, in the operating room, Su Mo was already sweaty, highly concentrated one’s mind and fast operation, which was rapidly overdrawing his physical strength.

And at this time, in the distance, an I-type elite-level Bai Ze with two tails, its eyes have been staring at Su Mo’s mecha.

Like a cunning hunter, staring at his prey. But it didn’t want to take the risk, and at this moment it watched the ordinary Bai Ze consume Su Mo’s stamina little by little.

It itself is detoured little by little.

In fact, Su Mo has long been aware of its existence. If there is no one or two High Rank in such a large-scale monster attack, how can he not believe it.

Under normal circumstances, if one-on-one, Su Mo is really not too fake.

But there is a saying that two fists can’t beat four hands. It’s a pity that Su Mo has no choice, he can only hold on.

If he backed away now, these white zeers would be able to rush onto the ship in just a few seconds.


Suddenly the support firepower was out of whack.

The machine guns on the ship are completely out of ammunition, which is exactly what the sentence says, misfortunes never come alone.

“No bullets.”

Zhou Qian was also completely flustered.

Without the suppression of firepower, more and more Bai Ze rushed towards Su Mo frantically, ready to tear him apart.

Su Mo held his breath as his operating hands exploded faster.

The performance of the entire mecha was completely stimulated. He grabbed a white Zee suddenly, then spun it in place, and swept the Bai Ze in his hand as a weapon.

One by one, Bai Ze was swept away.

Deck Zhou Qian and the others broke into a cold sweat for Su Mo and became more and more desperate. Because no matter how strong he is, he can’t take it anymore.

This is reality.

At this moment, a cry of joy rang out.


Lin Zinuo in the operation room decided to start the ship after hearing it.


The whole ship suddenly shook violently. Zhou Qian and the others staggered and almost fell to the ground, and then they looked overjoyed and the boat moved!

I saw that the huge ship began to reverse a little bit, and the thruster also started to start.

Zhou Qian hurriedly shouted to Su Mo excitedly.

“Su Mo, hurry up, hurry up!”

Su Mo turned his head and glanced and saw that the ship was moving.

Without a word, he threw Bai Ze out of his hand, and immediately began to retreat.

At this moment, the Type I elite Bai Ze finally couldn’t hold back any longer, and rushed up very quickly.

“Su Mo be careful, there is an elite Bai Ze rushing over, quickly abandon the mecha and jump into the sea!”

Zhou Qian and the others saw the rushing Bai Ze, Anxiously shouted at Su Mo.

Su Mo frowned more and more, he glanced at the mecha in his hand, and became more and more reluctant.

He took a deep breath, then controlled mecha desperately, accelerating the moved towards the limit sprint of the ship leaving the harbor.

“Hey, what are you doing!!!”

Zhou Qian and the others were dumbfounded.

(end of this chapter)

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