Star Ring Mission Chapter 87


Chapter 87 Sailing

Su Mo controlled mecha to jump up and then shouted to Zhou Qian and the others.

“Get out of the way!”


Zhou Qian and the others were terrified and quickly got out of the way.


Accompanied by a loud noise, the entire ship suddenly began to sway and tilt to the side.

The whole mecha fell violently on the steel deck, and the solid deck surface was sunken.

In the operating room, Lin Zinuo was stunned by the sudden change. She panicked and hurried to save it and pressed blindly on the operating table.

At the same time, Su Mo also noticed something was wrong, he quickly controlled mecha to exert force to the other side.

I don’t know if it was luck or Zinuo made a mistake. He was about to start tilting the ship and turned back a little bit.

At this moment, the Type I Elite Bai Ze rushed to the edge of the port and stopped suddenly, but it did not catch up. It seemed to be afraid of something, but it still roared unwillingly at Su Mo and the others who fled.

On the deck, Zhou Qian and the others who avoided a catastrophe sat on the ground paralyzed.

Su Mo controlled mecha to squat down so as not to affect the view of the bridge, then opened the cockpit and jumped out very tired.

He looked at the port that was getting farther and farther away, exhaled a long breath, and finally escaped for a while.

“Su Mo!”

A sound of gnashing teeth came from behind.

Su Mo was also stunned for a moment, turned his head to look over, and saw Zhou Qian and the others gathered around, panting with rage.

“Didn’t I tell you to give up the mecha and jump into the sea? We have prepared a rope for you. You are too messy. Jumping up like this, the boat almost rolled over. “

“That’s right, it scared us to death.”

“Isn’t this unreported?”

Su Mo was also a little guilty, and was really reluctant to bear mecha at that time , and don’t worry so much.

“I didn’t turn your head over! It scared me to death.”

Lin Zinuo ran out of the operating room and cursed angrily. She was almost scared to pee, and she managed to start the boat, but it almost overturned.

Su Mo coughed in embarrassment.

Lin Zinuo and the others were so angry that they gnash the teeth, but fortunately they didn’t cause too much substantive disaster and consequences. In layman’s terms, there is no group destruction, so I don’t continue to complain.

But everyone silently thought a single thought, if it is not as a last resort in the future, stay away from Su Mo decisively, it is very dangerous to get too close to this guy.

“Sister Zino, you seem to be concentrating on sailing, don’t you?”

Qin Wang and the others reminded embarrassedly.

Lin Zinuo reacted immediately and ran back quickly. If there is a problem with the boat, everyone will go to the sea to feed the fish.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zino who ran back in a panic, and showed a faint smile, which made him more and more interesting.

A few hours later, the ship sailed into the vast sea, Su Mo and the others gathered in the operation room, and everyone was watching Lin Zino’s operation.

“Sister Zinuo, are you heading in the right direction?”

Qin Wang asked worriedly.

“Quiet, definitely right.”

Lin Zinuo solemnly vowed.

Zhou Qian and the others couldn’t say anything, mainly because they watched Lin Zinuo operate there. It takes a long time to think about pressing a button, and you have to flip through your notebook. It is false to say that you are not panicking.

It will be very sad if you turn your head in the wrong direction and can’t go back to Auroville.

Of course, this is not what Zhou Qian and the others are most worried about. What they are most worried about is that if the ship breaks down, the ship will sink or run aground in the sea.

It is estimated that no one can really save them. When the time comes, it is really called Tiantian not working, and the earth should not be able to survive, and it is not easy to revive them.

Zhou Qian coughed and said, “Let’s go, don’t put pressure on Sister Zino here, everyone is almost hungry, let’s go get something to eat.”

“That sister Zhou Qian.”

At this time, a girl next to her said hesitantly.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Qian looked towards her suspiciously.

“We are running out of food and water.”

The girl said something very sad.

Zhou Qian touched her head, not knowing what to say. She said with a headache, “Let’s look through your backpacks to see how many days of food and water are left.”

“I still have two bottles of mineral water and a box of compressed biscuits, which can last for three days.”

“I only have one bottle of mineral water left.”

Zhou Qian listened After it was over, I was also very uneasy, and there was really not much left.

But it’s normal, they didn’t bring much when they set out. Later, a wave was added in the town, but the boats that had been repaired for so long were used up a lot. Before they could get supplies, they were forced out.

Just when everyone was worried.

Lin Zinuo sighed and said: “What are you afraid of, we are not returning. If everything goes well, tomorrow morning we will appear at the sea port of Dawn City, can’t we just endure it for a while? You don’t have to worry too much about the sailing of the boat, I didn’t take the boat too far from the shore, I always drove along the shore.”

“Sister Zinuo is wise!”

Zhou Qian and the others, who were originally frowning, suddenly became excited.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s all gone.”

Lin Zinuo waved his hand very gracefully.

Su Mo and a few people left the operating room. At this time, gusts of cool wind blew past, and it seemed that a little mist began to appear all around.

“It’s foggy.”

Su Mo was slightly surprised, but he wasn’t too panicked. They encountered fog when they were fleeing for their lives, not to mention the It’s not surprising that the sea is foggy. As long as Lin Zinuo drives the boat well, it should be no problem to determine the direction.

You can go back to Auroville tomorrow and take a good rest.

It’s just a problem, where should I park my mecha when I turn back? After all, this kind of big guy’s weapon, unlike a backpack, disappears when you go offline.

It seems that I will apply for a personal hangar with the guild.

This is the advantage of having a guild, and someone helps guard it.

Forget it, let’s talk about it when we get back to Auroville.

Then Su Mo moved towards the lounge in the ship. He was a little tired and was ready to rest for a while.

There is a saying that the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is cruel. Su Mo is still a little too high on Lin Zino’s operation skills and underestimated the fog at sea.

Not long after Su Mo fell asleep in the lounge.

He was woken up by Zhou Qian.

“Wake up!”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo looked at Zhou Qian suspiciously.

“Don’t go to sleep, it’s going to be a big trouble.”

Zhou Qian quickly pulled Su Mo up and pulled him out involuntarily.

Just as he walked out of the lounge and came to the deck, Su Mo was also taken aback. The originally gray fog became super thick, and the visibility was already less than a few meters.

“Why did the fog get so big?”

“You ask me, who I ask, I don’t know, let’s go to the operation room for a meeting first.”

Zhou Qian pulled Su Mo moved towards the operating room.

(end of this chapter)

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