Star Ring Mission Chapter 88


Chapter 88 Getting Lost

When they came to the operating room, they saw Lin Zinuo and a few frowning faces. watching.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo asked with a sigh of relief.

“The direction is a little messed up, and the electronics on this boat are basically useless. Now we are running around like headless flies. So we thought about discussing it together to see if we have any good ideas. …”

Qin Wang explained to Su Mo with a wry smile.

Su Mo pondered and asked: “I’m not good at this, or I can just wait for the fog to clear.”

“The problem is that our food and water are very poor now. There is no way to stop the shortage, so there is a disagreement.”

“That can only be a fight, don’t think too much about the result, everything depends on luck.”

Su Mo is actually very good at it, no matter how bad it is, it can’t be bad.

After listening to Su Mo’s words, Qin Wang gave Su Mo a thumbs up. As expected, he was an expert, and his psychological quality was excellent.

“Su Mo, we are lost now, do you have any good advice?”

Lin Zinuo, who was really helpless, decided to ask Su Mo’s advice.

“Just follow your intuition, no matter the direction is right or wrong, one day, we will leave the foggy area. As for we only need to save food and water as much as possible. Don’t do anything else. If you think about it, it will only add to your worries and will not help.”

Su Mo calmly explained his thoughts.

The main reason is that he has no experience in sailing at all, and even if the magnetic interference is strengthened, the positioning equipment is out of order, and he can do nothing. You can only wait for the fog to dissipate and use the sun as a reference to identify the direction.

“Okay! Just do it.”

Lin Zinuo patted her thigh decisively to settle the matter.

So Su Mo and the others exited the control room.

Su Mo came to the edge of the deck to look out, but unfortunately it was still too foggy to see anything.

“Don’t look, if we can see clearly, we don’t have to hurry.”

Zhou Qian walked to Su Mo’s side awkwardly.

“I know, what are you looking for from me?”

Su Mo saw that Zhou Qian was looking for a topic at a glance, and he asked straight to the point.

“cough cough, do you still have anything to eat?”

Zhou Qian finally lowered her face and asked, her food was divided among the other sisters. Not sure why on the ship, the stamina is draining faster than usual, probably because the ship is bumpier.


Su Mo went back to the bedroom, took out his backpack, took out a box of biscuits and handed it to Zhou Qian.

“That’s all.”

“There’s no need for that.”

Zhou Qian hesitated and refused. If there is only a little left to eat, It is still necessary to give priority to supplying Su Mo, after all, his battle strength is relatively strong.

“Are you sure?”

Su Mo asked again.

“No need, I’ll go fishing for a while and see if I can catch some fish.”

Zhou Qian shook the head, this food really can’t be solved.

“Are you sure?”

Su Mo has a strange look on his face. Now that the ship is moving, can it really be caught?

“What’s so difficult about this, why are you doubting me.”

Zhou Qian said that casually, and now she can’t slap herself so quickly.

“No, that’s a good idea, but what are you fishing for?”

“We found a net in the ship’s utility room, which should be fine. Use.”


Su Mo is also speechless, is that fishing? After a long time, it turned out to be copied from the Internet!

“What kind of expression do you have? Wait, please eat fish soup later.”

Zhou Qian is even more excited. Can’t try.

A moment later, Zhou Qian and a group of girls really brought a large net over.

However, this net is not an ordinary fishing net, but a metal net, and there is no trace of rust. It can be seen that its material is very good.

Zhou Qian and several girls twitched for a while, weaving the metal net into the shape of a fishing net, and at the same time using several ropes to fix it on the net, and then cast it down.

Su Mo just stood there and watched silently, watching them tossing around. This boat is so fast, how can it be so easy to catch fish!

About half an hour later, the group of girls like Zhou Qian suddenly began to work hard to close the Internet, as if there was a real drama.

“It’s so heavy! Maybe there are fish!”

A girl shouted excitedly.

“Quick, close the net.”

Zhou Qian became more and more excited. She was very curious about what kind of fish she would catch. Is it the same as their world?

Su Mo was also very surprised and really caught a fish.

I saw that the fishing net was pulled up little by little, but just as they pulled the net up to the deck, I saw inside the net, a man with green bumps all over his body, frog feet, a round body, and a mouth full of sharp eyes. Teeth and red-eyed ghosts.

Before Zhou Qian and the others could see clearly, the ghost jumped up and moved towards Zhou Qian.

Su Mo quickly draws out his automatic pistol and shoots it hard!


Kill it instantly!

A puddle of viscous green liquid burst out from its body, and the liquid fell on the deck, bubbling corrosive bubbles.

See Zhou Qian and the others have one’s hair stand on end .

“This, what the hell is this.”

“Don’t catch it, the sea water should also be heavily polluted, and the creatures inside should also be completely mutated.”

Su Mo explained in a deep voice. He suddenly recalled in his mind that the Type I elite variant had the ability to jump onto the boat, but it gave up just like that, and seemed to be a little afraid of the sea.

Generally speaking, the largest creatures in the world are basically living in the sea. If they are also thoroughly polluted and evolved, what kind of monsters will be produced? Just thinking about it makes one have one’s hair stand on end.

He was suddenly a little fortunate, but fortunately, Lin Zinuo never stopped the boat, but was in a running state.

If you stop in the ocean, Bao Bu Qi will be targeted by some monster.

“Okay, we got it.”

Zhou Qian also had lingering fears, and she stopped catching fish after killing her.

At this time, Lin Zinuo and the others heard the gunshots and rushed out and asked.

“What’s wrong.”

“Sister Zino, it’s not that there is a shortage of food, we just wanted to catch some fish. It’s just that we didn’t expect the fish to be replenished. , but a monster was caught, and then Su Mo shot.”

Zhou Qian explained with some loss.

Hearing Zhou Qian’s words, Lin Zinuo and the others were also sighed in relief.

“It’s fine.”

“Will you run out like this? You’re the captain.”

Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo helplessly, he It may be a mistake to let Lin Zino drive the boat.

“It’s alright.”

Lin Zinuo doesn’t care, anyway, the visibility is so low now, no matter how you open it, you’ll be blind. It’s okay to bump into it.

Su Mo was speechless for a while, and he was speechless. Although it was a bit nonsense, it seemed to be the truth.

However, Lin Zinuo’s next remarks surprised Su Mo, she suddenly said seriously.

“But since you have captured the monsters, it means that the sailing period is not very safe. From now on, Zhou Qian, all the combat players will arrange shifts, patrol various places on the deck, and don’t look back if any monsters climb up.


“It’s Sister Zino.”

Zhou Qian and the others nodded slightly. They both showed a trace of worry on their faces.

I thought I would be able to return smoothly after sailing, but didn’t expect, the situation seems to be getting worse and worse.

Su Mo looked out into the mist in the distance, lost in thought.

(end of this chapter)

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