Star Ring Mission Chapter 9


Chapter 9 A Tooth For A Tooth

At this moment, a female voice sounded outside the door.

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“If you don’t open it, the consequences will be very serious. When the time comes, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Su Mo neither fast nor slow warning.

“You don’t need to threaten me, I’d be a fool if I opened the door. I saw you kill people in the street with my own eyes, and I didn’t even blink my eyes. Besides, you don’t know me Who is it, just stay inside.”

The girl outside the door responded coldly.

When she was finding something, she suddenly heard screams in the street, and ran out to take a look, just to see a murdering Human Demon with a bloody weapon, face covered in blood, and murdering in the street. I met her today, just in time to kill the people.

“You’re ruthless!”

Su Mo replied calmly, but he wasn’t too annoyed. The female player taught him a lesson, and the game became more and more interesting.

The female player outside soon left.

Su Mo didn’t try to bang the door because simply doesn’t make sense. The other party must not only be blocking it with a heavy object, but must also use something like a stick to hold the door.

Su Mo turned around and looked around the entire storage room, then he went under the vent and took a look.

Afterwards, boxes of goods were removed from the next shelf. He stepped on it, put his hand under the vent, felt the slight airflow, jumped down from the cargo box, and continued to search for the storage room in a hurry.

Soon he looked around and found nothing of value, but did find a screwdriver, as well as some unexpired mineral water and compressed biscuits. Su Mo took a little and stuffed it into the backpack, but he didn’t dare to take too much, and now he felt that the backpack was a little heavy.

Su Mo climbed into the cargo box, used a screwdriver to disassemble the overhead vent, and climbed inside.

Not very long, Su Mo climbed out smoothly, and he jumped down from another vent silently.

Su Mo stood up after landing and took out his hammer very easily, ready to trouble the woman.

Although he doesn’t mind what the girl does, it’s not his style to take revenge without revenge.

Su Mo cautiously searched for the girl’s trace.

A moment later, Su Mo cautiously peeked over from the corner.

Thirteen people gathered in the center of the lobby on the first floor of the shopping mall, among which was a girl with long pink hair and a beautiful appearance in a leather coat. Su Mo’s intuition told him that it was the woman who locked himself up.

“Lanxi, we’ve almost searched this mall, and we’ve taken all the valuables, let’s go.”

The companion beside him said.


Lan Xi nodded.

“The arrogant boy in the storage room, do you want to solve it easily? Anyway, we have a lot of people, just to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.”

Liu Zi suddenly asked. .

“Forget it, let him fend for himself.”

Lan Xi didn’t want to cause more trouble.

“Okay then.”

So their entire group walked out of the mall.

Su Mo is also a little surprised that this woman has so many companions. And everyone has more or less all kinds of guys in their hands, which is a bit difficult to handle, and can only be put on hold for now.

Just as Su Mo was lost in thought, a prompt popped up on his wristband.

“Hint: World overlap progress is 100%, the game officially starts, good luck!”

“Hint: Mission 1 is activated, mission content survives, survives, rewards??? ”

Su Mo saw these two prompt messages, and could not help but touch his chin, thinking about it.

On the other side, Lan Xi and the others walked out of the mall, the entire group was very happy.

“We have a lot of harvest this time. I can guarantee that we will definitely get the biggest group.”

A young man with dyed green hair said excitedly.

“Six sons don’t be so happy, this is just the beginning. Of course, as long as we work hard and with our ability, we can definitely stand out from the group competition.”

Leader It’s a middle-aged man with a bald head and rough facial features, and he is replied in a good mood.

“Brother Qiang is right.”

Lan Xi agreed.

At this moment, they saw not far ahead, a large circle of people gathered around and didn’t know what they were doing.

Because the sky has dimmed and there are no lights all around, I can only see a little blurry silhouette with the faint moonlight.

“Huh? What are those people doing?”

“I don’t know. Sixth son, go and have a look.”

Qianghua is also a little curious, so With many people gathered together, it must be that they have found something good.


Liu Zi quickly ran over.

Soon Liu Zi ran to the group of people, extended the hand patted on one of the people’s shoulders, and asked curiously.

“Brother, what are you doing?”

The person in front of him turned his head, half of his face was rotten, his eyes were about to fall out, and his mouth Also chewing on disgusting flesh.


Six sons screamed in fear as if they saw a ghost.

Just as he was about to run, the group of ferocious zombies in front of him rushed straight up, without any accident throwing Liu Zi to the ground.

“big brother, save me”

Unfortunately, before he could speak, he was overwhelmed, and all he could see was a desperately struggling hand.

“Run! Go back to the mall, it’s safe there!”

Qiang Hua and the others immediately cursed when they saw such a terrifying scene in front of them.

In the shopping mall, Su Mo heard the screams of one after another screaming outside, and looked out from the second floor of the neat runway.

However, since the sky was already dark, the sight was not very good.

I can only roughly see a group of silhouettes shaking, and I can’t figure out what’s going on. But after a closer look, Su Mo found that Lan Xi’s group was running back desperately.

“Brother Qiang, those things are so scary!”

“Shut up and run away! We’ll be safe once we enter the mall.”

Qiang Hua said eagerly, at this time they were not far from the mall, and there was a glimmer of hope in their eyes.

However, just when Lan Xi and the others were about to rush into the mall.

Su Mo jumped from the hollow glass guardrail on the second floor and kicked directly on the glass door of the shopping mall.


I saw that the tempered glass door of the shopping mall was directly closed. Su Mo picked up the chain next to him and swung it around the handle. The whole action was like running water. generally.

Qiang Hua and the others turned green when they saw this scene, and banged on the door desperately. Because at this time, behind them, a pair of green eyes appeared, and it was obvious that they were surrounded.

“Bastard! Open it for us!”

“It’s you! Open the door for us!”

Lanxi’s face turned pale and eager. shouted loudly.

“How is that possible.”

Su Mo replied coldly.

“Bastard, smash the door for me.”

Qiang Hua took out an iron rod and took the lead in knocking on the glass door.

“You have no need to waste your strength. You forgot that there is a kind of glass in the world called Z country. If you can’t break it, give it up. We’re even, goodbye.”

Su Mo waved at them, turned around and walked inside the mall.

“Come back, you bastard”

Qianghua and several people saw Su Mo leave and cursed even more fiercely.

“I curse you to be dismembered!!”

“You bloody bastard.”

(end of chapter)

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