Star Ring Mission Chapter 90


Chapter 90 Sad

Lin Zinuo turned his head and glanced at the attacking tentacles, and couldn’t help but mutter to himself .

“It’s over, it’s over!”

But just when she was about to be touched by the tentacles, a huge silhouette suddenly rushed over, grabbed Lin Zinuo, and fished her over with strength. is just right.

Lin Zino startsled slightly, she lifts the head.

The huge mecha came into view, and for some reason, Lin Zino’s tense heart suddenly relaxed.

She instinctively believed that the man in front of her could solve the immediate crisis.

“Hide and leave the rest to me.”

Su Mo put Lin Zino aside, then he moved towards the big octopus lying on the bow rushed up. It’s not that Su Mo doesn’t want to attack the octopus from a long distance, the main reason is that he doesn’t have a powerful weapon in his hand.

The Type II Grey-Earth Octopus wasn’t afraid of Su Mo rushing towards it, it just pulled out more tentacles and moved towards it swept over.

As long as it is wrapped around it, it can definitely be torn apart. Its strangulation ability is not comparable to those of the little octopus.

“Cover Su Mo with firepower! I’m going to open the naval gun to clean it up!”

Lin Zinuo shouted to Zhou Qian and the others.

However, Zhou Qian anxiously shouted: “Don’t go, that naval gun is useless.”

Lin Zinuo and the others were also stunned, then turned their heads and moved towards the warship. The gun looked over and saw that the slender barrel was already crooked.


Lin Zinuo couldn’t help but let out a slur.

At this time, Zhou Qian and the others raised their rifles and swept towards the gray octopus, and at the same time threw one after another grenade at it.


The violent explosion spread, but unfortunately this attack had no effect.

The bullet hit its huge and bloated body, not even piercing the epidermis, one after another bullet was bounced out by the extremely elastic skin and landed on the ground.

As for the grenade, it just blew up the surface, and it looked like it was a bloody mess, but it simply didn’t endanger its life.

Su Mo’s eyes became more and more calm, he controlled mecha to dodge flexibly in the limited space. Immediately rushed to the front of the gray octopus, Fiercely hit it with his steel body.

Not to mention being fiercely hit in the head by a guy with more than 40 tons of iron.

Even the Type II Grey-Earth octopus’s head was smashed and bloodied, but this was not over, Su Mo then turned the huge steel Iron Fist head and punched the head again. Hit it with a punch, and it hurts completely.

The Greyhound Octopus was furious and shook the whole ship frantically.

The huge ship immediately began to sway from side to side, looking like it was about to capsize.

“The boat is about to capsize!”

Zhou Qian was almost scared to death.

At the same time, the gray-hearted octopus suddenly exerted its strength and climbed up, the whole ship almost tilted up, and then it opened its huge mouth and faced Su Mo. At the same time, it suddenly stretched out a tentacle, wrapping around Mecha’s left foot, preventing it from dodging.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, and he was keenly aware of what the other party wanted to do.

“Su Mo, be careful!”

After Lin Zinuo and the others stabilized their bodies, their hearts were almost in their throats when they saw this scene.

That’s when Su Mo made a super daring thing, he didn’t think about dodging and sitting still.

His eyes were fixed on each other, just at the moment when the heat radiation beam accumulated in the mouth of the gray octopus to a critical point. Su Mo slams the power lever to maximize power output!

The whole mecha burst into flames, directly blocking the mouth of the gray octopus with its steel body.


The radiant beam burst out in the mouth of the octopus, and it became bloody for a while, and then it made a mouthful scream.

Soon, its tentacles wrapped around the bow, all curled up, moved towards Su Mo and swept over.

In the cab of mecha, Su Mo was also exploded at close range, and the shock was confused. Although this green shield has no advantages, the armor is very thick, especially the armor on the chest is particularly thick, and most of the explosion damage is absorbed by the gray octopus.

So Su Mo doesn’t have a fart.

But even so, Su Mo’s head was covered in blood, and scarlet prompts kept popping up on the screen of the entire mecha console.

“Warning, mecha damage is as high as 28%.”

Su Mo shook his head, and when it became clear immediately, he was keenly aware of the tentacles swept all around.

So he made a bold decision. He ignored the damage to the mecha, forced to maximize the power output again, stretched out his hands to hug the mouth of the octopus, and pushed it off the bow.

But at this time, the tentacles that swept over also wrapped Su Mo and pulled them down together.


A huge splash!

Su Mo falls into the water, entangled in the gray octopus.

“Su Mo!”

Lin Zinuo and the others were also stunned, and immediately rushed to the edge of the deck, shouting anxiously.

At this time, Su Mo was pulled straight into the sea by the octopus, moved towards the deep sea sinking. After entering the sea, the battle strength of the gray octopus has at least doubled, after all, the water is its home field.

The reason why Su Mo is doing this is that there is no other way. If you don’t get it down, everyone will die. But after getting it down, he must be dead. However, he didn’t panic, but quickly entered commands to maximize mecha’s power. Even if the screen keeps popping up the power overload prompt, he doesn’t care.

Immediately Su Mo raised his hand and fiercely punched a black button protected by a transparent cover!


The blood dyed red console.

Immediately after that, a prompt box pops up on the screen.

β€œSelf-destruct is starting!”

After doing everything, Su Mo extend the hand and yank a special manual emergency switch next to it!


The cab was forcibly opened, but not the front, but the back.

The powerful mechanical thrust pushes the bundled tentacles through a gap.

The crash-bang water rushed in, Su Mo held his breath, like a small fish, and quickly rushed out from the gap between the tentacles of the octopus.

While the grey-grass octopus was swept away by anger at this time, it wanted to smash this mecha, but didn’t find a fish that escaped the net at all.

Just before Su Mo swam out, a huge explosion spread.

The shock wave of the water flow directly washed Su Mo out.

The ship in the distance had broken down and gradually stopped. Lin Zinuo and the others on the deck looked at the underwater explosion with sad expressions on their faces.

It’s over, their experts are dead, and when it’s difficult to turn around, no one will stand in front of them.

“Ah, Su Mo, why did you just die like this, you died so miserably! You died, what should we do!”

Zhou Qian shouted sadly.

“Okay, I’m just unlucky. How can I explain to Zhao Han elder sister when I go back, he has not paid the bill for a few days, so he has entered the retirement age. A full month is fine.”

Lin Zinuo felt like crying at this time.

“Sister Zi Nuo’s condolences.”

Zhou Qian and the others, who were still very sad at first, showed strange expressions and quickly comforted Zi Nuo.

It seems that this is the case, Su Mo is full of plans, and has just entered the retirement age after coming to work for less than a week.

It’s okay to be a normal person, but it’s a little weird to fall on Su Mo.

(end of this chapter)

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