Star Ring Mission Chapter 91


Chapter 91 Measures

“Stop shouting, I’m not dead yet?”

Suddenly a voice said, It sounded behind the crowd.

“Oh my God! Ghost!”

Lin Zinuo and the others hugged each other and shouted in horror.

“I, still, no, die!”

At this time, Su Mo, who was soaked all over, was cold and hungry, and had no strength to speak.

“You’re not a ghost, how did you come up?”

Zhou Qian asked cautiously.

“Isn’t there the anchor you dropped over there? I climbed up the chain.”

Su Mo was also speechless.

“Really? You’re really not dead! Haha! Very good.”

Lin Zinuo and the others came over and poked Su Mo. It turned out that it was really alive, and then laughed very happily.

Only Su Mo looked at them with contempt.

Lin Zinuo and the others seemed to sense Su Mo’s strange vision, quickly sorted out their attitude, and asked in a very concerned tone.

“Big hero, are you all right? Let’s check if you feel uncomfortable.”


“What? Disgusting!”

Seeing Su Mo’s reaction, Zhou Qian couldn’t help but pursue teased with the victory.

“Hey~ I’m fine, I’ll just rest for a while. Don’t worry about me, this Sea Territory is not safe, leave now!”

Su Mo slightly shook the head and said .

Lin Zinuo reacted at this time, the ship had stopped moving, she hurriedly shouted to Qin Wang.

“Qin Wang, hurry up to raise the anchor and check the damage of the boat.”

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Qin Wang quickly moved towards the anchor controller and ran, he doesn’t want to stay in this Sea Territory at all now. When he woke up just now, when he saw those tentacles, he was almost scared into mental disorder.


Three days later, a tattered ship was driving in the fog. The previous battle was lucky and did not damage the power system much. After a short repair, The ship is back to normal again.

But Su Mo and the others had the worst of it too.

Their food and water have been cut off, and they don’t know how Lin Zinuo drives, they originally expected to return to Auroville in a day’s journey. As a result, I am now circling in circles in the fog, and I can’t even rely on the shore.

Su Mo, Zhou Qian and the others lay on the deck hungry and thirsty, and some of them were even slightly dehydrated.

“didn’t expect, we weren’t killed by monsters, we were going to die of starvation and thirst at sea. It’s really sad! I used to fantasize about being a person admired by thousands of people. The hero.”

Zhou Qian was really unwilling and complained weakly.

“Yeah! I also fantasized about becoming famous and finding a handsome boyfriend.”

Others too, in the face of death, all fantasized about the dreams they were chasing.

“Speak less, you can save a lot of physical strength, and you can live a little longer.”

Su Mo closed his eyes and replied his lips slightly, very boring. , which directly broke the sad atmosphere.

In fact, his current state is not much better.

“Hey, Su Mo, think of a way, or we’ll really die of thirst.”

Zhou Qian was a little confused.

Su Mo slowly opened his eyes, there was nothing he could do about the vast sea, and the pollution in the sea was more serious than he imagined.

Even if they catch any creatures, they dare not eat them casually.

However, Su Mo was silent for a while, and then said to Zhou Qian: “I do have a way, but”

“What way.”

Zhou Qian and the others, who were originally dying, all sat up in spirit at this moment, and looked towards Su Mo with longing eyes, as if seeing new hope.

After all, Su Mo is quite reliable along the way.

Su Mo showed a rare look of hesitation.

“Aiya, don’t hide it, we are all dying.”

Zhou Qian and other girls couldn’t hold back and asked.

Su Mo finally said, “I once played a game of survival in the wild, and there was a survival trick in it, maybe it worked.”

“What a trick!”


Zhou Qian and the others were even more excited.

β€œIt’s just drinking your own urine to quench your thirst, maybe here too.”

Su Mo finally said.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zhou Qian and the others instantly fry. Zhou Qian crossed her hands, with a rather die than submit expression.

“Stop! Kill me and don’t do it, I’d rather die of thirst than not!”

“We don’t either, it’s disgusting.”

The expressions of the other girls also collapsed, and they all expressed their refusal.

The boy Qin Wang and the others on the side were also dumbfounded, and they shook their heads like a rattle. Still, they silently gave Su Mo a thumbs up.

“It’s really ruthless!”

Lin Zino, who heard the movement at this time, staggered out of the operating room, looking at Su Mo and the others and asked.

“What are you doing?”

Zhou Qian replied mentally: “We are discussing ways to save ourselves, Su Mo said he has an idea.”

“Really, what’s your idea?”

Lin Zino was also immediately excited, and hurried over to ask.

The expressions of everyone became a little awkward, and no one said a word.

“You guys are saying, don’t be your mother-in-law.”

Lin Zinuo was in a hurry, so she didn’t say any good ideas.

“Sister Zinuo, let’s forget it.”

Zhou Qian’s expression was a little embarrassed and replied, she was really a little speechless.

“Forget it, if there’s anything you can’t say, say it quickly, and I’ll help you refer to it.”

Lin Zinuo saw that everyone was hesitant, and became even more curious. ‘s questioned.

In the end, Zhou Qian really had no choice but to whisper a few words in Lin Zinuo’s ear.

After Lin Zino heard it, her face suddenly turned slightly red, and then she said excitedly.

“Nerve, no, no! I won’t do it if you kill me. I’d rather die of thirst than I do.”

Su Mo is really dry and weak. said: “I just made this suggestion, I didn’t say that must do it, don’t you have to react so violently?”

At this time.


The eyes of Zhou Qian and the others all fell on Su Mo, and everyone looked at Su Mo with admiration.

“Why are you looking at me?”

Su Mo was also looked at by them.

“We admire you very much.”

Zhou Qian and the others replied with weird expressions, they thought, since Su Mo proposed such an idea, then this guy probably really to do so. Sure enough, expert is expert, not only is the battle strength stronger than others, but also the psychological endurance is stronger than others.

Su Mo reacted immediately, he said helplessly: “Don’t think about it, I’m just discussing this issue with you. I won’t do this, it’s just a game, not real I’m going to die, I still have some integrity.”

“Oh! It’s boring, I’m gone, I’m going back to the command room.”

Lin Zinuo was a little disappointed, she I was thinking that Su Mo was going to perform for them.

(end of this chapter)

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