Star Ring Mission Chapter 92


Chapter 92 Hope

Su Mo’s face turned black when he heard Lin Zino’s words, what did this little girl think, At this juncture, I still want to watch the fun.

The girls who were present sat weakly in place, so let’s continue to boil and watch the boat dock or return to the City of Dawn.

Of course, if you are unfortunate enough to die before then, you can only admit that you are unlucky.

Zhou Qian watched Lin Zinuo go straight back to the operating room, always feeling that her behavior was a bit abnormal, and said to herself in doubt.

“It’s weird?”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo looked towards Zhou Qian in confusion.

“Sister Zinuo is a little wrong, I’ll go check it out.”

After Zhou Qian finished speaking, she moved towards the command room.

Su Mo saw this scene, and after a little thought, he followed along and planned to see what was going on.

By the way, he also wanted to discuss with Lin Zinuo, and it was not the way to just sit still.

Soon Su Mo and Zhou Qian walked into the operating room, but the two of them froze in place.

I saw Lin Zinuo not watching from the console, but hiding in the corner, crouching and squatting with his back to himself, wondering what he was doing?

At this time, Zhou Qian walked up and asked suspiciously.

“Sister Zinuo, what are you doing?”

Hearing Zhou Qian’s voice, Lin Zinuo panicked and didn’t dare to turn his head, and asked in a trembling voice.

“Why did you come in, Zhou Qian, what’s the matter?”

“Sister Zinuo, what are you doing? Are you uncomfortable?”

Zhou Qian asked very puzzled.

“No, it’s alright, you go out first, I’ll talk about something later.”

Lin Zinuo seemed to be even more flustered, and her words were too empty.

Su Mo saw Lin Zinuo’s behavior, and suddenly a single thought could not be suppressed.

Isn’t Lin Zinuo really doing that?

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly felt extremely shocked, this little girl can do it, she can do this in order to survive, he suddenly opened the mouth and said.

“You shouldn’t really do that, right?”

Zhou Qian’s eyes widened and she looked at Zi Nuo in astonishment.

“Sister Zinuo, you?”

“No, absolutely not, me”

Lin Zinuo almost lost his breath when he heard Su Mo’s words , but she was only able to explain the bronze oneself.

However, her behavior made Zhou Qian even more convinced. She extended the hand to pull Lin Zino and said seriously.

“Sister Zinuo, you don’t have to hide it from us, it’s fine.”

Lin Zinuo was about to vomit blood, and Su Mo’s brain had a pit that killed her.

“It’s all right, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Don’t be shy, it’s fine, I’ll take a look.”

Just as Zhou Qian and Lin Zi When Nora was pulling, she accidentally squeezed a little harder. Pulling Lin Zinuo to the ground, I saw a bottle of mineral water exposed in Lin Zinuo’s arms.

“Sister Zinuo, you”

Zhou Qian looked at Lin Zinuo with incredible eyes.

Lin Zinuo stood up in a panic, quickly extended the hand, and covered Zhou Qian’s mouth.


“What happened?”

At this time Qin Wang and the others walked in weakly when they heard the movement. Seeing Lin Zinuo covering Zhou Qian’s mouth, she asked in astonishment.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s okay, we’re just kidding”

Lin Zino was stunned, holding the mineral water hand, constantly waving and explaining.

“Mineral water!”

Everyone immediately saw the water in Zi Nuo’s hands and shouted in unison.

Lin Zinuo’s expression stiffened, her mouth couldn’t close, it was over! Large-scale social death scene

A moment later, Su Mo’s fifteen people gathered in the command room.

Lin Zinuo folded her hands together, looking very apologetic, and criticized everyone: “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have hidden a bottle of mineral water by myself to drink it, I should share it with everyone. Yes.”

“Sister Zino, don’t say anything, let’s divide it up, I’m dying of thirst.” Turning to say, her throat is about to burst into flames. At this time, why are you still worrying about those things? Originally, this bottle of mineral water belonged to Sister Zino herself.

“Uh, okay.”

Lin Zinuo reluctantly unscrewed the bottle of mineral water.

So everyone took one sip and began to share a bottle of mineral water. Everyone took a small sip and dared not drink too much.

It was soon Zhou Qian’s turn to drink, she took a sip, and then handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took the mineral water, looked at the water in his hand, and did not move for a long time.

The whole bottle of water is still half full.

Lin Zinuo and the others saw this and thought it was Su Mo who was reluctant to drink, so they persuaded.

“Drink it, it’s alright, although it won’t do much, it should at least relieve it.” Su Mo seemed to be persuaded, and silently took out a piece of paper from his body , wiped the mouth of the bottle.

Zhou Qian and other girls were going crazy when they saw this scene. They had the urge to strangle Su Mo. They didn’t dislike Su Mo, but this guy disliked them. It really doesn’t hurt much, and it’s extremely insulting.

β€œSu Mo!!!”

Su Mo lifts the head, seeing the unkind eyes of everyone, his expression is slightly unnatural.

He raised the water bottle and took a sip silently.

Just as Su Mo was drinking from a mineral water bottle, his expression suddenly startled.

“Okay, drink water, it’s not for you to drink poison, you don’t have to look like this.”

Zhou Qian said helplessly.

“No, there are cannons, listen carefully.”

Su Mo said.

When they heard Su Mo’s words, everyone was stunned for a moment. They quickly quieted down and listened carefully.

Vaguely it is true that artillery fire can be heard in the distance.

Lin Zinuo said excitedly with an expression of ecstasy.

“It’s really the sound of artillery fire, and it sounds like it’s coming from the land. If there is help, hurry to the shore, let’s go ashore!”

“Yes, we’re saved. ”

At this time, everyone is dying of joy, and they can’t control anything now. Even if the boat is no longer available, it is fine to dock first to find food and drink.

Su Mo’s mouth twitched and said: “Lin Zinuo, if you don’t go to the helm, how can we get to the shore?”

“Yes, I was so happy that I almost forgot.”

Lin Zino hurried to take the helm.

The crowd gathered around, Lin Zinuo nervously moved towards the rudder, carefully listened to the source of the sound of the gunfire, turned the rudder, and controlled the ship to move towards the direction of the sound.

The fog is still very thick at this time, so basically, it is no different from blind driving.

People’s hearts are also raised, and success or failure is in one fell swoop.

Under the control of Lin Zino, the ship is constantly advancing.

The sound of cannons, explosions, and shooting is getting clearer and clearer, and it can be judged that the attack is very fierce!

“Sister Zino, where have we been? Why are we fighting so fiercely here? Shouldn’t we go back to Auroville?”

Zhou Qian asked suspiciously road.

“Impossible, I have never seen such a big fog in Auroville.”

Lin Zino definitely rejected it.

At this time, the fog gradually dissipated, and the first thing that came into view was a towering lighthouse, but the light of the lighthouse was not turned on.

Then came a shocking scene.

Looking ahead, there is a huge military sea port, and a large number of ships come into the eyes of everyone.

(end of this chapter)

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