Star Ring Mission Chapter 93


Chapter 93 Infiltration

The ship is about to enter a crescent-shaped bay base.

“Oh, shit! This”

Lin Zinuo and the others opened their mouths in astonishment, and everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them.

“We entered a seaside military base.”

Su Mo was also shocked. The scale of this base was completely incomparable to the previous small base. In them up ahead, there is a super large steel structure building in the seaport, somewhat similar to a shipyard.

Of course, the specifics are not clear, but the scale of this base can be seen to be not very large.

“Isn’t it? It’s a military base again.”

Zhou Qian and the others swallowed hard. Generally speaking, this kind of military base is very dangerous. Especially if you listen to it, you can tell how fierce the attack on this basic earth fire is from the violent sound of the guns in the distance.

“That’s the truth.”

Su Mo said solemnly, his head hurts a lot, now it’s a bit if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off. But Su Mo still underestimated these girls. Now they are hungry and thirsty, and they are not afraid of anything.

Lin Zinuo clenching one’s teeth and said: “It doesn’t matter what base it is, go up and talk first! It’s almost starving and thirst.”

“That’s right! Take it.”

Zhou Qian and the others responded.

At this time, Su Mo opened his mouth to dissuade him and said, “Don’t, this base must have a high level of exploration, high danger, and must have defensive weapons. Once discovered, it will be miserable.”


“Okay, I’ll stop the ship now.”

Lin Zinuo hurriedly shut down the ship’s power system and stopped the ship.

After the boat was parked, Lin Zinuo said, “Then how do we get to that base?”

“We can only swim over.”

” Isn’t it, Su Mo, don’t make fun of us, swim this far? That’s five kilometers at least!”


“Forget it, Let’s go ahead with the ship. In our state, we can only last for five minutes in the sea, and we don’t know if there is a monster in the sea.”

Lin Zinuo and the others gave up.

“Don’t, let me try. I’ll go up and explore one by one, find out the situation, and see if I can find something to eat.”

It’s not Su Mo himself To be a hero, but to rush is definitely not wise, there are many people and it is easy to get into trouble. In addition, their current state is really not optimistic, maybe they will be destroyed in it. So it’s better for him to go up one by one and give it a shot.

After all, their current goal is not to capture this base, they just want to touch some supplies.

“Su Mo, we know that you have been working hard and don’t want me to take risks. But in the current situation, even if you are a swimming champion, you may not be able to succeed, not to mention that you are still in such a bad state. .”

Lin Zinuo is also a little moved to discourage.

“That’s right, your performance along the way is obvious to all, and we are also very moved. Let’s drive the ship together, we are not greedy for life and fear of death.”


Zhou Qian also echoed.

“Yes, Sister Zino and Sister Zhou are right, they will die together at worst.”

Qin Wang also stood up and spoke.

Su Mo was also a little touched by the concern of everyone, but he had made up his mind and he wanted to fight. Whether it was before or now, I have never been afraid of difficulties. If there is anything in this world that scares him, it is the fear of being alone.

Su Mo looked around the crowd and finally said firmly.

“Trust me, let me try.”

Seeing Su Mo’s determination, Lin Zinuo patted Su Mo’s shoulder and said with a look of relying on you.

“Okay! Then I’ll leave everything to you, Su Mo, drink the rest of the water. If you don’t succeed, you’ll be a benefactor.”

Su Mo didn’t refuse, He wants to add more water and regain his strength.

So he drank the remaining half of the bottle of water in one breath.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo handed Su Mo another pack of biscuits and asked with great concern.

“Eat some more biscuits and add some physical strength, everything depends on you, you must be strong.”

“Thank you!”

Su Mo instinctively After taking over the biscuits, they started to dismantle them, and they were halfway apart. He was stunned by the incredible lifts the head looked towards Lin Zino.

Zhou Qian and the others also looked at Lin Zinuo in astonishment.

Lin Zinuo looked a little embarrassed, she said with a smile: “Don’t look at me, it’s really the last pack. And that’s not the point, the point is Su Mo, eat it quickly.”


Su Mo didn’t say much, and finished the packet of biscuits in two or three times.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

“Well, Su Mo, you must come back alive! You can’t just abandon us!”

Zhou Qian and the others looked at Su Mo expectantly.


Su Mo didn’t say much, took off his shirt, picked up a saber, bit it in his mouth, and jumped into the sea.

Under everyone’s attention, he disappeared at the end of the distance.


Soon after, a stubborn silhouette on the sea swam forward desperately. Although the extremely cold sea water and exhausting mental torture have been ravaging every part of Su Mo’s skin and spirit, but he doesn’t care at all, he has been moving forward bravely, and his tenacious spirit will never be wiped out.

Along the way, you can see some scattered ships floating in the harbor bay. These ships look old and must have experienced wind and rain.

Su Mo was very nervous during the swimming, although it seems that everything is calm and tranquil.

But no one can guarantee that there will be any horror monsters in the next second.

He wouldn’t be naive enough to think that without a monster attack, it’s safe. The sound of fierce fighting nearby is the best proof.

And you can tell from the sound how fierce the battle is.

But that’s not a bad thing either, because of the strong attack of those players. It is estimated that the attention of the monsters in the base will be gathered there, maybe there is a real opportunity here.

I don’t know if it’s time or something, Su Mo swam smoothly to the vicinity of the huge dock. The protruding top of the entire dock is super high, hundreds of meters, and the whole body is a heavy steel structure, which is extremely magnificent and spectacular.

However, the entire dock is closed, and a giant steel gate lock is broken off, isolating the seawater.

Su Mo looked left and right, trying to find the entrance.

Inadvertently, I glanced up, and I was shocked. I saw a ten-meter-sized sarcoid-shaped egg lying on the top of the dock. On the skin of the egg, you can vaguely see a huge monster shaking inside, and countless scarlet tentacles extended from the egg and submerged into the sea.

Su Mo was startled and sank to the bottom of the water quickly. If the opponent sensed it, he would definitely die.

He swam to the side holding his breath, looked up from the bottom of the water, and re-confirmed that the monster didn’t react in any way before reappearing.

Really what the fuck, Su Mo took a few deep breaths, calmed down, and started looking for the dock entrance or other entry point.

(end of this chapter)

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