Star Ring Mission Chapter 94


Chapter 94 Waiting

Unfortunately, he observed for a long time, but did not see any entrance, the whole building was closed die. In addition, Su Mo was also on the coastal line near the dock, and saw a soldier like a puppet. Their bodies, including their faces, were covered with red lines. At the same time, they also held firearms in their hands, guarding the coastal fixed defense weapons.

apart from this, he also saw a lot of red sarcoma eggs that were very sticky, those sarcomas kept squirming, and the people who looked at them were very nauseated.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes, he looked at the puppet soldiers, brows tightly frowns.

He tried to remember what the hell was this.

But he couldn’t think of a single thread. At this moment, a sarcoid egg shattered.

A hairless body, a conical deformed head with tentacles, sharp teeth in its mouth, and a monster with strange red lines all over its body drilled out.

Su Mo tried to face the monster with his wristband, and sure enough, the wristband popped up a reminder Kazami.

Seeing these three words, Su Mo is also confused, what the hell is this.

Forget it, don’t think about it for now, just find a slightly safer place to stay. Thinking of this, Su Mo went downstream along the coastal line, and instinct told him that it was the wisest choice to stay away from the monster on the dock as much as possible.

Soon Su Mo pulled a little distance away, but even so, he felt terrified, for fear that the monster would notice him when.

He desperately wanted to go ashore, but unfortunately the shore was full of wandering puppet soldiers.

I couldn’t get up for a while.

He could only be immersed in the sea, quietly lurking, waiting for an opportunity to go ashore.

Unconsciously, Su Mo had been soaking for more than half an hour, but he still didn’t find the opportunity to go ashore.

Though those weird soldiers wandered back and forth, their mobility didn’t seem to be strong, and they didn’t have much mobility.

Of course, these soldiers are not the biggest trouble, after all, they are still a threat that can be seen. The most troublesome are those red sarcoma eggs, which are numerous, large and small.

And they are scattered, so if you want to go ashore, you must pass by them.

The problem is that Su Mo doesn’t know what this shit is capable of.

So Su Mo raised his wristband and began to rummage through the guild’s database. The guild’s information was richer and more comprehensive than he imagined.

When Su Mo searched for Kazami, he immediately found relevant information. To his surprise, Kazami’s information was super long and the most eye-catching. It was remarked at the beginning of the information.

This information was researched and written by Dawnbreaker’s third Legion monster analyst, Tushan.

He began to read carefully.

Time passed, and after a few hours, Su Mo pressed the bracelet.

He probably has a comprehensive understanding of this monster. Kazami is also a group mutant creature. On the whole, it is more disgusting than Bai Ze. Because their reproductive, evolutionary and parasitic abilities are extremely strong, and they are able to chimerize the genes of the parasitic organisms, resulting in different abilities. Therefore, its evolutionary route will be very complex and differentiated. Kazami’s battle strength in childhood is not strong, but its movements are very fast, and it is good at concealment and parasitism. After parasitizing humans, it will unlock some special abilities. The most common is the puppet soldier, which allows the dead body to exert some abilities before birth, such as manipulating weapons and the like.

Because Kazami’s IQ was not high when he was a child, the puppet soldier who was boarded didn’t have much mobility, it would just wander around.

But when the number of puppet soldiers reaches a certain number, Kazami who evolves into a guide will be born. This guide’s Kazami has a very fast thinking and can command and command many puppet soldiers.

If there is no accident, the monster lying on the top of the dock should be the guide-type Kazami. From the perspective of volume, at least it is the existence of type II boss level.

As for those eggs, Kazami is actually sleeping and evolving. When Kazami meets certain conditions, it will curl up in place, and then the body will secrete a special mucus to wrap itself in all directions. Re-converts to sarcomatous state for further evolution. Generally speaking, the bigger the size, the stronger the strength. Of course, there will be accidents occasionally, but the probability is not high.

Kazami who enter the state of sarcoma usually fall into a light sleep, and they will not wake up if they are not disturbed under normal circumstances. But if you startle them, or get too close to make them feel dangerous, they will immediately break out of the wall and attack the enemy.

And their vigilance range is not fixed, generally proportional to their strength.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and kept observing the situation on the shore.

On the other side of the ship, Lin Zinuo and the others collapsed against the deck railing.

Lin Zinuo said weakly, “Why hasn’t that guy Su Mo come back, and I don’t know if he has died or not. It’s been a long time.”

“He doesn’t I’ll find food to eat by myself.”

Sun Hong said weakly.

“He still finds food to eat by himself? What I’m worried about now is whether he will be drowned by the sea when he swims halfway, after all, such a long distance. Or will he be eaten by monsters .”

Zhou Qian is not very optimistic about Su Mo.

“Ah, what should we do then?”

Qin Wang and the others were also a little desperate.

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense.”

Lin Zinuo waved his hand angrily.

“Sister Zinuo, but in case Su Mo really hangs up, we can’t just wait here stupidly.”

Gao Mei asked worriedly.

“Gao Mei, go offline, go to the engine room to see if Su Mo hangs up. If he does hang up, we’ll fight and drive the boat directly!”

Lin Zinuo gritted his teeth and said fiercely.

“What if Su Mo didn’t hang up?”

“Nonsense, no hang up, we’re all obediently and honestly waiting here.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t Angrily rolled the eyes.

“Okay, okay”

Gao Mei responded quickly.

However, Su Mo was still soaking in the water at this time, and his skin was bubbling white, and it is not far from the edema if he soaked it again.

And the icy sea water kept sucking heat away from his body, he felt abnormally cold, and now his behavior is no different from chronic suicide.

But Su Mo still didn’t want to act, he was waiting for the sky to get dark.

In the data, it is not written that this monster has a very keen sense of smell and perception, which means that they are not as good as Bai Ze.

All Su Mo intends to take advantage of the night action. As for the route, it has already been planned, so it will bypass the puppet soldiers and go up from the sarcoid area. And those weird red lines on monsters are like eye-catching light bulbs, which can be easily avoided.

Su Mo waited patiently.

In the end, he finally stayed up until night fell, and the night was mixed with a faint fog, and the visibility began to drop very low.

Su Mo moved at this time, and he groped a little bit.

(end of this chapter)

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