Star Ring Mission Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Supplies

Su Mo felt stiff and slow due to prolonged immersion in seawater. As for the pollution in the water, if it is not for drinking and long-term soaking, the impact is not very big. He endured the discomfort and took off his shoes and pants. After that, I tore the trousers and tied them to the joints of both hands and feet. One was to reduce the friction sound, and the other was to prevent the joints from being worn.

At this moment, he held his breath and didn’t dare to catch a breath, and soon he groped to the shore, and just less than two meters in front of him, there was a beating red sarcoma.

Su Mo stared at the sarcoid, right hand held the dagger in his mouth, and then climbed up from the side little by little.

He needs to crawl over the sarcoma in front of him, and the reason why he chose to land here is very simple.

The sarcomas here are small and sparse, and they are covered by the sound of explosions and sea water. If your movements are light enough and you are lucky enough, you might be able to pass it smoothly.

Of course, Su Mo is also prepared for the unexpected, as long as those sarcomas are abnormal, he will burst out, and immediately kill each other with a dagger silently.

Su Mo crawled forward a little bit, the fog and the night were covering his tracks very well, and the puppet soldiers in the distance did not react at all.

And Su Mo also crawled past the sarcoma beside him little by little, and he kept staring at the sarcoma on both sides from the corner of his eyes.

My heart was almost in my throat, as if in the next second, the monsters in those sarcomas would burst out.

But fortunately, he still managed to crawl over.

Of course this is just the beginning. After Su Mo climbed to a relatively safe space, he began to look around.

If there is no accident, he should now enter the interior of the bay base, all around a lot of high-level buildings, but due to the blocked line of sight, he can only roughly see some outlines.

But don’t worry, Su Mo is just here to find something to eat. It doesn’t have to be which one to enter, so he focused on the nearest building.

Su Mo took a deep breath and moved towards that building a little bit and climbed over.

Although it may seem embarrassing to climb over, there is no safer way than this. Of course, Su Mo also thought about rushing over very fast, but the problem is that he has been immersed in the sea water for too long, and there is not much energy left.

Not very long, Su Mo successfully climbed to the door of the building in front of him. It was a square building with only one floor. The door was open. He looked around to confirm that there were no enemies.

He stood up and slipped in.

The interior area is very dark, but the space is spacious, it seems to be a storage room.

A large number of sealed wooden crates are kept in the storage vault.

Su Mo didn’t open the box rashly. Instead, he held his breath and walked very lightly. He carefully searched the boxes one by one to see if there was any hidden danger.

When Su Mo was walking, he suddenly heard a slight movement, he suddenly turned around, raised the dagger in his hand, and fiercely attached one to the side of the wooden box, the juvenile form. Kazami was stunned.

The viscous blood spattered everywhere.

The hiding Kazami was silently killed before he had time to attack.

There are too many wooden crates here, and monsters may be hidden in every dead corner.

Su Mo squinted his eyes, very calm, and searched for the nearby containers one by one.

Just as he was passing a container, a one-meter-high Kazami rushed out from the side, like an octopus, and moved towards Su Mo head-on.

Su Mo’s body shook and dodged directly.

Immediately he threw the dagger in his hand fiercely.


The dagger hit the head of the Kazami.

With a splash of sticky red blood, the Kazami staggered to the ground. Su Mo hurriedly rushed up to support the other party and put it gently on the ground.

Then drew the dagger and continued to search all around the container.

After half an hour, Su Mo cleaned up the warehouse completely.

He walked over to a sealed case, picked up the dagger and began to pry open the case little by little.

Soon the box was pried open, and Su Mo was taken aback when he saw what was inside.

One after another WDC-03 heat-sensing individual soldier rocket barrels are neatly placed.

Su Mo quickly pried open other boxes, one after another rocket shells, as well as a handful of QBZ-171 rifles, grenades, smoke bombs, howitzers, flash bombs, all exposed.

Even Su Mo found the big guy, a five-meter medium-range missile.

These weapons are a good thing at first glance, Su Mo might be happy if they were replaced as usual, but unfortunately they are not what he needs now. Now his top priority is to find supplies, otherwise he can’t stand it anymore.

So Su Mo took some by the way, he took a QBZ-171 rifle, by the way some grenades, smoke grenades and flash grenades.

As for the individual rocket cannon, he gave up after thinking about it. Although this thing is fierce, it is also heavy. He doesn’t have much physical strength to carry it now. It’s not too far from death, so I just gave up for the time being.

Including the rifle that Su Mo was holding, he just carried it on his back and had no intention of using it.

After a little renovation, he took a deep breath and was ready to explore other buildings. He is not worried that the base is out of food now, as long as he finds the storage near the restaurant, he can definitely find a lot of food.

Su Mo took a deep breath and slipped out the back door of this storage vault holding his breath.

He cautiously moved towards an unremarkable, very low building on the side, red sarcomas everywhere along the way, and Su Mo trembled as he walked.

I don’t know if I have some weapons on my body, which gave Su Mo a little confidence.

He didn’t need to climb, but he didn’t care too much. He accurately calculated the distance between each sarcoid and himself. As far as possible from those large sarcomas, close to the small sarcoma, take the best route to go there.

It has a tightrope feel, the feeling of accidentally flipping, and the heartbeat is very fast.

I don’t know if it was the deafening sound of battle in the distance, which well covered up the movement of Su Mo’s actions and did not arouse the awareness of those Kazami.

He still managed to slip into the building without a hitch.

This is a building with only two floors. He touched it inside, and the door was a corridor, with rooms on both sides of the corridor.

The doors of some rooms are still open.

Su Mo glanced at the open door, which was littered with documents.

He was also a little disappointed that this building seemed to be an archives room.

However, all of them came, Su Mo was patient, and searched little by little.

Soon he searched the first floor and found nothing except a juvenile Kazami in the corner.

So Su Mo moved towards the second floor and went up.

The layout of the second floor is basically the same as that of the first floor, and there is no difference.

(end of this chapter)

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