Star Ring Mission Chapter 96


Chapter 96 Helan

But just as Su Mo was walking forward, he suddenly stopped, and with his bare feet, Gently sweep away the dust on the ground.

He squinted at the ground, only to see blood stains left on the ground a long time ago, and the blood stains were moved towards one direction.

Su Mo followed the bloodstain and soon came to the end of the corridor, where there was a room with the door closed.

The traces of blood stains point to this room.

Su Mo extend the hand The messenger turned the doorknob lock, unexpectedly the inside was unlocked. But it’s normal. For monsters, it doesn’t make any difference whether it is locked or not.

He held the dagger lightly, opened the door lightly, and walked in.

Su Mo slightly startled, this is a data room, there is a large computer at the front of the data room,

a skeleton wearing a light blue full-cover mechanical armor lying on the ground. Above, it held a titanium blade with cold glow in its hands.

Su Mo slowly closed the door. He first carefully observed the room to make sure there was no threat.


Su Mo let out a long sigh and walked to the corpse. After carefully observing it, he bowed slightly to the corpse. bow to show respect.

Then cautiously, he took off the full set of mechanical armor on his body, and soon a shriveled corpse in military uniform was exposed. And when it was taken off, a very delicate key fell off.

Su Mo bent down and picked it up. Take a look. This key is very special. There is a string of letters and numbers on the back. It should not be simple.

And judging from the clothes and equipment on the dead body, its position should be not low. Since this key is held close to the body, it must be very important.

Su Mo respectfully placed the body on the ground.

Then he quickly cleaned up the mechanical armor, but he didn’t dislike it and put it on directly.

In the meantime, he also found a hole in his abdomen, which should be where the corpse was mortally wounded.


The mechanical armor you put on automatically adjusts the size, covering Su Mo’s body in all directions, and a virtual image interface appears in front of Su Mo’s eyes.

Reminder: II-generation power mechanical armor Β· Tide, the remaining energy is 28%, please recharge in time.

Seeing the prompt, Su Mo’s eyelids jumped, as if he had picked up a treasure. This turned out to be the second-generation mechanical armor. He originally thought that it would be good to be the I-generation.

Su Mo tried to move a bit, he was also wearing this kind of power mechanical armor for the first time, and he didn’t know how effective it was.

He slammed into the air with a punch, and the result was a cracking sound, and his strength increased a lot.

At the same time, Su Mo tried to exercise again, and the speed also increased significantly, without any discomfort at all.

Su Mo took a deep breath, if only had this equipment. When he faced York, he simply didn’t have to fight him with his skills, he could just be tough.

Soon Su Mo calmed down, and he started to check the rest of the room, the first of which was the computer.

Before the corpse was lying on top of it, obviously there must be something left inside.

He tried pressing the switch, but unfortunately nothing happened, but it was normal, and the battery was probably dead.

But usually, such bases generally have backup power supply. So Su Mo searched the room, not to mention he found the backup power switch on the side wall.

Then check to see if the lights in the room are turned off. To be on the safe side, he checked every room and removed all the light bulbs in the hallway.

After that, I found another curtain to cover the computer.

The last step is to try to pull the switch.


In the dark room, a few red dots lighted up.

Su Mo tried to click on the computer again.

The silent computer turned on automatically.

Su Mo moved towards the computer with the stomach of stomach rumbling with hunger. The technology and intelligence in this game are extremely valuable. You can see it just by taking it out. Not every time I can be so lucky, I have a chance to encounter it.

Su Mo came to the computer and glanced at it. Although the computer was locked, it was not difficult for Su Mo. This simple combination lock can be cracked in minutes. And after restarting, the unfinished computer log will pop up automatically.

He took a closer look.

On February 3, the battleship Helan was damaged and returned to the base in Hongshan Bay, and docked at Baihe Port for emergency repairs.

On February 16th, the maintenance of the damaged main body of the battleship was completed, and I look forward to the moment when I return to the battlefield.

On February 22, the maintenance of the battleship power system was completed, and it was one step closer to returning to the battlefield. Brother at the front was waiting for me.

On February 25, the battleship began to reload its ammunition.

On February 26th, a large-scale infection broke out in the base. More than half of the personnel were infected. The infected personnel became confused, began to talk nonsense, and eventually lost their minds. We checked food and water sources and found no source of infection.

On February 27, we gathered all the sick people in one dormitory building and blocked all exits to death.

In the middle of the night on March 2, we were attacked by sneak attack. Countless mutants of Kazami rushed into the base like crazy. They poured in from the nearby mountains, sea, and roads. The Gulf base is over, completely over. The former companions died one by one, then parasitized, and finally turned into a puppet, but I could do nothing.

Su Mo was stunned when he saw the log record.

He was silent for a while, then turned off the log, searched the computer, and found that there was no important information in this Di computer. There are only some crew identity files, and mission logs, so it’s no wonder that such a simple combination lock is set.

Su Mo turned off the computer and looked around. At this time, he saw a yellowed map on the wall next to it, and there was a huge white frame next to it. It is reasonable to say that there should be a map there, but there was nothing, so he took a closer look.

He startsled lightly, this is not exactly the map of the base, before because the light was too dark, and the content on it could not be clearly seen, he didn’t care too much.

Su Mo went forward and took off the map without saying a word, then he opened his wristband, clicked on the video record, and completely recorded the map.

Su Mo then began to study the map.

He quickly found the location of the restaurant, not far from him. And there is a small warehouse next to the restaurant, and the name of this warehouse is the living material storage warehouse.

Su Mo delineated this reserve of living supplies without saying a word, and there was definitely what he wanted in it.

As said, Su Mo folded the map and tucked it into his chest, turning off the backup power switch in the house. He walked out of the door gently and closed the door again.

At this moment, a prompt popped up in front of Su Mo.

Night vision mode activated!

(end of this chapter)

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