Star Ring Mission Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Confirmed

Immediately, Su Mo’s vision became much clearer, and he was also very surprised. The mechanical armor is not generally easy to use.

He resisted the excitement and acted as calmly as possible.

A short while later, Su Mo arrived at the survival material storage warehouse very smoothly. The door was unlocked and open. When he walked in, he slowly raised the titanium blade in his hand.

His eyes narrowed. In Su Mo’s vision, in addition to a large number of wooden boxes, there were several kazami hidden in the darkness and squirming.

Su Mo, with a little toes on his toes, appeared beside the nearest Kazami, like a ghost, and split it in half with a single sword. The whole process was neat and tidy, without a trace of sloppiness, and there was almost no movement throughout.

With the help of the mechanical armor, in less than ten minutes, Su Mo eliminated all the hidden threats.

Su Mo walked over to a supply crate, he used a titanium blade to split the crate open, and suddenly bags of rations appeared.

Su Mo was overjoyed when he saw the ration pack, he picked up a tightly sealed bag of ration pack and tore it open.

It contained a box of canned beef, a bag of mineral water with a twist, a box of compressed biscuits, a packet of nuts, and a box of chewing gum.

Su Mo said nothing, unscrewed the mineral water, and drank a bottle in one go.

And unpacked the compressed biscuits and gnawed wildly.

In less than a few minutes, Su Mo was full and his strength began to recover quickly.

Immediately afterwards, Su Mo found a military backpack, picked up bags of military rations, and stuffed them into them.

Su Mo then put the backpack on his back.

He didn’t stop for a while, moved towards the coast and touched the shore. He had to bring the food back quickly. Lin Zinuo and the others probably couldn’t stand it anymore.


On the ship, Lin Zinuo and the others were lying on the deck, their mouths were dry and their eyes were staring.

“Sister Zinuo, I can’t stand it anymore, I’m about to die. When the team counts the cause of death, you must help us fill in the heroic death, don’t fill in the starvation death. Yes, it’s really embarrassing.”

Zhou Qian said panting.

“Hold on, Su Mo should be back soon.”

Lin Zinuo insisted and encouraged.

“Forget it, he has been gone for so long. If he could come back, he would have come back long ago.”

Zhou Qian looked hopeless.

“Sister Zinuo, we can’t hold it anymore. Looking back at the death statistics table, you really need to write a few more good words for us!”

Gao Mei and the Others also gasped.

“Don’t be discouraged, from now on, if anyone can’t survive, I will apply for an additional bonus for you alone.”

Lin Zino tried his best to appease everyone and let them Hold on, don’t give up. “Forget it, Sister Zinuo, there should be no hope. Even if Su Mo doesn’t hang up, it is estimated that he will be trapped in trouble.”

Sun Hong said pessimistically.

Because the Wireless Electronics communicator has no electricity, even if it has electricity, it can’t carry it, and the level is over. So they have no way of knowing what’s going on on Su Mo’s side.

“Who said I was dead?”

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then got up in ecstasy and turned to look.

Su Mo, who had removed his head protection, climbed to the deck along the anchor.

“Su Mo!”

Zhou Qian screamed excitedly when she saw Su Mo.

Lin Zinuo’s eyes were also a little wet at this time, this guy finally came back.

Su Mo took off his backpack without saying a word and poured out all the ration packs.

“Hurry up and eat!”

Lin Zinuo and the others didn’t care so much when they saw the military ration pack, they stretched out their hands to dismantle them, like a starving ghost, completely ignoring the lady image.

Su Mo just stood there quietly, watching them gobble. It is estimated that it will be less than five or six minutes. Everyone is full and full. They sit on the ground and sigh with emotion.

“Wow, it turns out that eating is such a happy thing!”

“It’s so comfortable.”

“This is the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. Delicious meal.”

“The same, the best food I’ve ever had.”

Zhou Qian and the others were all happy.

At this time, Lin Zino finally noticed the equipment on Su Mo’s body, she asked in surprise.

“Hey, Su Mo, what are you wearing?”

“Mechanical armor, found in the base.”

Su Mo explained briefly.

“This armor looks so high level.”

Sun Hong and other girls said enviously, they even couldn’t help themselves, extended the hand to touch the mechanical armor on Su Mo’s body , the texture is completely unremarkable.

“It’s the second-generation mechanical armor.”

Su Mo didn’t intend to hide it, and said directly.

Lin Zinuo heard this and asked curiously, “What’s going on in the Su Mo base?”

Su Mo reached out and took out the base map from his chest when he heard this. . Thanks to the mechanical armor, the map was not soaked. But even if Su Mo gets wet, he is not afraid.

“This is a large bay base, where there are a lot of mutant monster Kazami. But a lot of supplies and heavy weapons are stored in this base.”

Lin Zinuo and the others heard Su Mo’s words, and their breathing became a little rough. It would be false to say that they were not moved.

Of course, he also responded to that sentence. After eating and drinking, he began to be dissatisfied. But it is also normal, and everyone has pursuits.

Su Mo thought for a moment and then said: “By the way, in this bay base, there is probably a regular battleship, which should be in this dock.”

” Regular battleship! Are you sure?”

Lin Zinuo and the others eyes immediately lit up.

“Well, a regular battleship.”

Su Mo nods. After all, from the log, the ship should still be docked in the dock, and maintenance has begun. Loaded ammo.

Lin Zinuo and the others were so sure when they saw Su Mo, and their hearts were not warm again. They were also very excited, but they were a little worried, and if they went, they would die.

At this moment, Su Mo didn’t notice the tangled expressions of Lin Zinuo and the others. He was looking at a building on the map marked with the mecha library.

Su Mo’s previous Green Shield mecha perished with Octopus, and now he has no equipment at hand, he really wants to get one back.

It’s just a hassle. It’s not difficult to sneak in and get mecha. The problem is how to bring it out.

In fact, the best way is to grab the boat and rush out. But this plan is crazy to think about.

Maybe it will die in it.

Just when Su Mo and the others were very tangled, Lin Zinuo coughed and asked Su Mo.

“Su Mo, do you think there is any hope for us to attack that ship?”

Su Mo was also very surprised at Lin Zino’s words, and thought they would just do it give up. I couldn’t help but look at Lin Zinuo a few more times, this chick is really brave, she finally avoided a catastrophe, very few people have the courage.

(end of this chapter)

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