Star Ring Mission Chapter 99


Chapter 99 Bold (Second Update)

Lin Zinuo was seen by Su Mo, she coughed and said .

“Let’s just have a discussion.”

Su Mo didn’t believe Lin Zinuo’s explanation at all, and of course he wasn’t interested in exposing the other party. After a little thought, he replied.

“If it were changed to normal, there would be absolutely no hope, but now it is not completely hopeless. This bay base is now under strong attack by unknown forces, and the main monsters of the entire bay base are attracted to it. We There is still a great chance to fish in troubled waters.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo and the others’ eyes lit up.

“Su Mo, how about we do a vote, win blood, and lose without losing. Anyway, our situation is not much better now, you bring back the food, we will After we have finished eating, we still have to go back and get it. And even if there is plenty of food, there may not be enough fuel, and there is white fog everywhere. Maybe we have to sink in the seabed.”

Lin Zinuoyong Asking Su Mo in a negotiating tone, whether this can be done or not, it is still necessary to ask Su Mo’s opinion.

Su Mo is of course willing, he is thinking of going back to get mecha.

So he said, “Yes!”

Lin Zinuo and the others were overjoyed when they heard Su Mo’s reply.

“Then what do we do?”

Su Mo said to Lin Zinuo and the others: “Everyone is surrounded, I have an immature battle plan, we can discuss it .”

Lin Zinuo and the others all leaned over.

Su Mo pointed to the map and said: “The dock is right in the center of the harbor, but this dock is closed, and at the top of the dock, there is at least one mutant of type II boSS-Rank or higher. Β·Kazami is guarding, along the coastline, there are a large number of parasitic puppet soldiers, and Kazami who is in the form of a semi-sleeping sarcoid.”

Lin Zinuo and the others were dumbfounded when they heard Su Mo’s words .

“Well, how do we do this, we only have 15 people, and the weapons in our hands are out of ammo?”

“Fifteen is enough, let’s try not to do it as much as possible. Dispatch and go ashore, and then I will send you here. There is a small arsenal here with all kinds of individual weapons. You should arm here first. Then go to the survival material storage warehouse on the rear side of the dock. You are in Resupply inside, and wait there. I will go to the hangar here to get a mecha, when the time comes I will open the mecha and try to attract the attention of all the monsters near the dock. You can go in from the back of the dock, from the From the map, there is a back door behind the dock. Of course, if the back door can’t be opened, you can just blast it with rocket launchers. After entering, don’t worry about anything, just go up and start the boat.”

Su Mo pointed to the map and put The general plan was said again.

His plan was simple and purposeful.

“Can’t we enter the dock quietly?”

Zhou Qian curiously asked.

“If you don’t have the Type II boss monster above your head, what you said is fine. But now it’s obviously impossible. If it doesn’t attract its attention, it is estimated that it won’t get in.”

Su Mo said it simply and clearly.

“Wait, I have a question, we can really start that ship, what if we don’t have the key?”

Qin Wang said he was worried, not him I want to pour cold water on people.

“You can’t think like that, if you think that way. Then what else can we do, maybe the key is in the operating room.”

Zhou Qian said optimistically.

“Qin Wang is right, Zhou Qian, you are a little too optimistic, the key is not in the operating room.”

Su Mo said calmly. at first He wasn’t quite sure, but after reading the identity file, I was 100% sure that the corpse was the captain of the Helan, and the key in his hand was definitely the key to the ship.

“Where’s the key?”

Lin Zinuo’s heart skipped a beat, shouldn’t he have to look for the key again?

Saw Su Mo silently took out an exquisite key and said, “The key is here.”

Lin Zinuo and the others were overjoyed when they saw the key in Su Mo’s hand.

“You said it earlier, so we thought it was hanging again.”

“Don’t be too happy, there are some things I need to say up front, although the plan is perfect. But halfway through I’m not sure what will happen, if there is a problem in any link, we will all die. So you have to think about it, and don’t regret it when you die.”

Su Mo warned very seriously. .

“What are you afraid of, there is a saying that it is good to starve to death, timid to death, courageous to death.”

Lin Zinuo replied with confidence, this extremely rare chance is not Boo about it, I’m just sorry to myself.

“That’s right, we listen to Sister Zino.”

Sun Hong and the others echoed without hesitation.

“But I have a question. A normal ship needs several hours to warm up if it wants to start cold. Will the enemy give us that long?”

Qin Wangze asked hesitantly.

“Didn’t Su Mo say that the ship is very advanced? I heard Ziqing say that the technology in this world is higher than ours. If the ship’s power system is advanced enough, it can be done in ten minutes. After completing the cold start, we can give it a try.”

Lin Zinuo explained.


Qin Wang didn’t say much.

“That’s right, we’ll take a two-hour break, and we’ll set off when our physical strength recovers to the best condition.”

Su Mo finalized the matter.

“This is no problem, but I have a problem.”

Zhou Qian suddenly remembered a very embarrassing problem.

“What’s the problem.”

“We don’t have the stamina of your perverts to swim so far, although we all have training in swimming. But you let us swim A kilometer is okay, let’s swim for five kilometers at a stretch, this.”

Zhou Qian said what she was most worried about.

The people present also looked at each other in blank dismay, and they all forgot about this matter.

“It’s easy, I have a way.”

Lin Zinuo said suddenly.

“Sister Zinuo, what can I do?”

Su Mo and the others looked towards Zinuo.

“There is an inflatable kayak for emergency escape on board, we just need to paddle across it. Of course, we don’t paddle to the base, we paddle to a relatively safe distance, and then we jump off, together Swim in.”

Lin Zinuo thoughtfully stated his method.

Su Mo Take a look at it. Although the risk of doing so is not small, it is indeed a good compromise. Otherwise, it would be too reluctant to let them swim over.

“It works, then it’s settled.”

Su Mo settles the matter.

Everyone looked excited and happy, and they all started to conserve strength and store up energy. When the rest time was over, they adjusted to the best state and set off immediately.

At this time, Su Mo was resting on the deck railing, and when he had nothing to do, he picked up the bracelet and read the battle log.

Hint: Congratulations on killing the Type II mutant octopus (common) (contributing more than 60% of damage), gaining experience bonus 15, primary level pioneer (20/100) .

(end of this chapter)

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