Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 656

Accumulate a certain amount of information, and then throw out the latest results. Asking others to suspend their own research and spend time understanding the so-called “latest” results will blow their confidence. Repeat this several times, and many people who print magic scrolls will choose not to continue their own research, waiting for the achievements of the Kabanbai Academy, and then applying them to their own earning business.

From the perspective of the amount of profit earned, perhaps Kabanbai Academy’s printing magic scroll business will not be the most; but it can become the leader and leader in this industry. The price paid is the trouble that will be caused by trying to monopolize.

After listening to this explanation, whether it was the great magician Kabanbai at that time, the later Uzov Gantia, or the craftsmen of these technical guilds, they all have a common feeling: Sinister.

Although someone wants to explain that this is a basic operation in Earth.

But after confirming the attitudes of those bigwigs, everyone present was gearing up for a big fight. As long as you can live a better life, who doesn’t love.

The development of the following days is also roughly as someone has speculated.

As for the long-existing choice proposition of’the fish and the bear’s paw cannot have both’, although in the days before someone crossed, there was a new saying: the child makes the choice, I take them all.

But the reality is, is there really a way to have all of them?

The choice of the great magician Kabanbai, Lin has guessed. Everyone who heard it could understand why the Senior made such a choice.

Perhaps in Earth, those Big Boss would say that no matter how high their knowledge is, they are also working for them. But on the road of learning, this kind of people can’t reach the top. All they get is money; or to put it more bluntly-the stock price is the value in the eyes of others.

In Midi, money is really not that important. Although many things can be done in the same way, but you can’t kill Death God, you can’t kill the dragon, and you can’t kill many otherworldly existences. In the maze, there is no skill to throw everything away. Money is meaningless in the eyes of those who exist. This is the biggest difference between Midi and Earth.

So Kabanbai the magician did not choose the path that might make the most money, but chose to contribute his efforts to the civilized world, leave a good reputation, and expand his influence. As for the insidious idea that someone said, it can only be understood, not clearly stated.

Of course, there is that flexible brain, thinking of a few knowledges that someone generously disseminated, including forums… Maybe there are also tricks in it? This can only be understood, not expressly?

No one asked. Anyway, if there is money, everyone makes money, but it is bastard who does not make money. The great magician Kabanbai is high enough, so he chooses to benefit the world; others are not so high, so he chooses to take care of himself and his family’s belly first. This is okay, it’s just that everyone gets what they need.

So when this is of great strategic significance, the young soldiers of the Army Map Office under the Imperial Army of the Gwana Empire strongly recommend that the proposal to nationalize this technology be placed on the emperor. In front of me, although the printing press is not a bad street in Holy City, there are everywhere, but it is almost the same.

A magician who has confidence and ambition in himself, or is shy in his pocket, will choose to buy a basic manroland printing machine. Then think of a way to modify it yourself, and study the method of printing magic scrolls. Magician who does not need money will directly buy an improved version of the Manroland printing press. This is the finalized version of the magic scroll used by the printing workshop of the Kabanbai Academy. It does not include subsequent research and improvement.

Because the improved models are much more expensive, there are many greedy magicians who want to upgrade for free or even for free. At this time, the magician of Kabanbaida will find a group of people to talk to those who dare to make such a request…

In short, everyone is willing to pay in the end.

In addition to the printing press, the first edition of the research results of the most important magic scroll printing method is also used at an unprecedented price. Xbar Kiel (10,000 gold) puts the knowledge of the magician association Platform for people to buy.

You must know that even if it is a strategic level magic, commonly known as the strong demon method of forbidden spell, the highest price is only the MMMDC Kiel of the Doomsday Judgment (3,600 gold). The price of Xbar Kiel can be described as brutal!

But the great magician Kabanbai also said very clearly that this printing method is not for a single magic, but a systematic method of making magic scrolls. How can it be the same as the trifling forbidden spell mention on equal terms. even more how Xbar Kiel’s money, not even a layer of magic tower can not be built, but in exchange for a hen that can only be the golden egg of the world, how expensive is this!

For those veteran magicians who do not intend to get involved in the magic scroll printing business, but only care about the progress of this research, including the holy tower masters of the six towers of Holy City, if the magician Kabanbai chooses It is to conceal this method. For the whole mystery, for the magician world, maybe they will come forward and put pressure together to make their old friend change his mind.

But since the other party is willing to make it public, although there is a price, it is not an impossible condition. Then those who hope to obtain this knowledge have the right to consider whether they are worth the price in exchange for this knowledge.

Transaction is not the same thing. One person makes a bid, the other buys it if it is a good deal, and does not buy it if it is not. Bargaining is certainly not bad, and even the use of military force to coerce the other party to lower the price is often heard in the lost market. But… thinking of Kabanbai’s disgusting old face, the magicians in Holy City have to admit that the price of wanting him to surrender is much higher than Xbar Gere.

So, accept your fate.

When the Guwana Empire was on the mission, the First Demon of the First Army led the Battallion Great Captain, and the Saint Babak Abu Nahan once again set foot on the land of Holy City. After a circle, everything I went back without saying. And I wrote a report to the group of young officers in the military drawing room:

Although not many people know about the method of printing magic scrolls, they are all important people. With these people as the center, their power almost encompasses the entire Holy City. Especially the knowledge of printing technology has been entered into the magician association and the big library, so if the empire wants to keep this secret privately, send soldiers to massacre the city.


As a large city of the same level as the capital of the empire, Holy City Estalí, except for the six towers guarding the Great Library, is covered with private buildings everywhere in the city. Human Demon Fata. Coupled with the full magician, if you want to slaughter such a city, it seems to be easier to slaughter the capital of your own empire. At least the Magic Tower is not that many.

So even if those radical young officers are unwilling, they can only give up the idea of ​​occupying this technology. The Gwanna Empire took the second place and purchased ten sets of equipment for printing magic scrolls in one go. I also bought a set of the printing method that was regarded as sky-high, and planned to make a magic scroll frantically to be used as a reserve for war.

The act of distributing printing presses and printing methods in this way quickly ushered in the first difficulty someone had imagined–the problem of insufficient raw materials.

In this era of low productivity, it is meaningless to accelerate the speed of only one of the links in the entire industrial chain, because the speed of upstream and downstream supporting industries has not increased accordingly.

The raw materials for making magic scrolls produced around Holy City, as well as the long-term accumulated inventory, have all been swept away. These reserves and production, in the past, have been enough to meet the needs of such a huge magician city as Estari in making magic scrolls. But after the printing press was reformed, it was completely insufficient.

If Holy City itself does not have the surrounding area, and if you want to make a magic scroll, the materials can only be dispatched from a further area. The finished magic scrolls always have to be shipped to other places before they can be sold, because Holy City does not have this kind of magic scroll demand for purchasing large quantities of the same magic. Then the problem of transportation is brought to the table again.

Two major difficulties, all of a sudden, the newly emerging printing industry was overwhelmed.

According to the law of supply and demand, things should increase in price endlessly until the supply can exceed the demand. But magic scrolls are not necessities of people’s livelihood like food. Not to mention that Earth’s inflation is basically due to panic, and the existence of speculative and facilitating behaviors by some people that have caused serious financial disasters.

For such a long time in the past, advertisers carried one or two life-saving scrolls, and even without them, they dared to go to the horizon. Could it be that the adventurers of this era would not dare to go out without the magic scroll.

So this thing has no room for a substantial price increase.

What kind of magic, is what kind of price. High, adventurers won’t pay the bill. For example, C Gere (100 gold) buys a water purification scroll that can only be used once. Adventurers would rather go back and forth a few more times, or carry on their own journey with a big bucket of water on their backs. It takes less than ten years to run him. C Gere’s cost. this is the truth.

Any economic behavior is separated from the consumer side, and if only the cost is considered, failure is inevitable.

In the battle for limited raw materials, printing magic scrolls and sales, only Kabanbaida magician sits firmly.

Because of this situation, the young magician who teaches math reminded me. But as long as his focus is on research, whether the magic scroll can sell more, I don’t care so much.

But people are always forced out. The magician, who has a quick brain, has already begun to improve the production of the raw materials for making magic scrolls, as well as the transportation problems.

It is like a series of human-drawn carriages, one of which turns into a locomotive and rushes forward.

Maybe the locomotive will be slowed down by other carriages when it starts, but as long as it is pulled by the locomotive, the overall speed will always rise; or a certain carriage will break away and lose its speed, and eventually stay in place forever . But few people choose to smash the locomotive and let all the carriages move forward at the previous warm speed.

Now the atmosphere of Holy City Estali is like this. An unimaginable vitality burst out with the printing press as the center.

Even the magicians who have lost the income of hand-made magic scrolls because of the popularity of printing presses are a gorgeous turn, and they devote themselves to the business of printing presses. Because they are good at hand-made, in the process of research and improvement, these people have an advantage over other magicians because they know more.

As for those magic apprentices who were worried about the low success rate and high cost of production, they gave up decisively. The scribes didn’t have to do it, and even the way to make the magic scroll was gone. This group of people should have resented the instigator of all this.

But they found that what printing workshops everywhere needed was the skills they had worked so hard. Naturally, they gather in printing workshops around the country, and exert their talents in another way.

Different from the textile and light industry, it drove the first wave of industrial revolution in Earth. Midi, another industry, showed the same clues in Holy City Estali.

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