Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 657

Someone who is busy with the great cause of magic silk, although not deaf to foreign affairs, is not so sensitive to changes in the outside world. So for those who started, neither found nor cared about it.

On the one hand, it is also because the old magician Kabanbai who rushed to the forefront was the ideal old magician. Senior has a strong body and a strong head. With the number of disciples and grandchildren, he just opened up a sky. This is something someone can’t do. He just took a ride on Senior’s ride, fished out some soup, and lived a little life moistly.

Just now after finishing the math class, Lin breathed a sigh of relief into his hand and rubbed it again.

It’s the first time to spend the winter in Estali, Holy City, or to have a new home in the winter, it feels very different. I think that the airship was killed in the winter of last year…Although the people were fine, but a winter blizzard was blowing on the mountain, and the feeling was all sorts of sour and refreshing.

The progress of recent mathematics courses has slowed down, not as advanced by leaps and bounds as it was half a year ago. Sometimes one proof will take half a class; after two proofs, one day’s course will pass. However, the knowledge that extends from mathematics has also begun to increase.

The students of the course formed one research group after another to discuss some problems that were not in the field of pure mathematics. This is similar to Fern’s life course. The life priests of the Three Holy Sects and the magicians who study therapies are also studying their own small topics in small groups.

As a place where the results of life research topics are published, the’Life’ journal has also begun to be published. The general approach is similar to that of mathematics journals, but more people are more concerned about the research results of’life’ than pure mathematics. Because it was publicly announced at the request of everyone, it was very difficult to limit the purchase qualifications, so I simply did not limit it. Even the dual authentication mechanism for taking classes is also lifted.

Even so, the number of people attending life classes has not increased. The most important thing is that Lich is impatient with too many students. Of course no one dared to object.

However, with the consent of the former Demon King, the students of the life course started a one-hour life course at the Kabanbai Academy or at other academies, and learned what Fen had taught. Teach it out again so that more people can learn. Of course, part of the tuition fees received will be paid to Finland.

For a while, it gives someone a sense of immediate vision in the direct selling industry, online with offline, and the online is drawn into offline…

Forget it, it’s always a good thing.

After each class, Lin will leave a little more time to discuss some math-related issues outside of class. Even he himself was at the back of the mathematics journal, putting up those classic unsolved problems of Earth in mathematics for everyone to brainstorm. Of course, he also admitted that facing these problems, he did not have a good answer, and he did not even know whether there was a correct answer.

It’s like the Riemann conjecture that Fen once answered, but someone can’t say that the answer is right or wrong. After all, my real major is astrophysics, and pure numbers are really not good. After two things, Finn’s interest in pure numbers has also diminished, because no one can discuss that high-level issue.

After class discussion, Lin rarely walked home with his feet. Wearing a heavy fur coat, enjoying the feeling of snow floating on the upper body on the road. Along the way, I almost spread out my palms, trying to catch the falling snow.

I grew up in a subtropical environment, and most of the snow scenes have only been seen on TV and movies, and I have not experienced it a few times. Although I have encountered such a snow season not only once after crossing, but this year’s mood is particularly different.

As for the differences, I couldn’t tell why, so I just walked like this.

Academy is not far away from my home. Before I got bored with the little games on the road, I went to this new home in Holy City. The iron fence at the gate of the courtyard is controlled by the arm of a magic puppet and can be opened and closed automatically. There is an electric bell on one side of the door for visitors; there is also a biometric sensor switch that allows the log-in person to come in and out freely…

Well, I am still very uncomfortable with the strangeness of the magical world on the side of the maze Technology tree development.

However, someone does not use the biometric system, even though they only need to place the palm of the hand on the sensing orb to open the iron gate through fingerprints, palm prints, and blood prints. Fingerprints and palm prints are understandable. The blood prints are things made by Fen. The principle…I don’t understand. Anyway, the reason for not using biometric identification is not because of distrust of this system, but because the door opening and closing speed is too slow.

So someone who walked to the door started flashing as soon as he took a step to get himself to the other side of the door. Just coming to the courtyard, it feels a bit different from the normally home.

Usually, at this time before dinner, the two boys regardless of the law and of natural morality would play in the courtyard. According to one of the little ghost’s mothers, Wana’s argument is that it’s better than letting those two little hairs mess around in the kitchen or dining room.

The reason is very powerful and cannot be denied.

But I didn’t see them today, not even Black Dragon Augustus, who would be watching over them.

Is it a prank entering the silkworm house? Lin thought so, as he entered the long house on the side of the courtyard.

In fact, the improvement of the jacquard machine and the research on the formula of the moth silk thread have already achieved a phased result. The silk cocoons of the common moth species are blended with the silk cocoons of the magic moth species. The enchanting effect and silk strength are middle and upper in all formulas; and the selected common moth species and the magic moth species have a very fast growth and reproduction speed. It can be regarded as the most suitable formula at this stage.

Of course, the related research has not stopped, otherwise it will all involve hybrid breeding. This is an endless research road. Now that there are phased results, Lin is ready to accumulate the number of silk cocoons of the target formula and start the stage of weaving and making clothes. Now this silkworm coop is breeding the target moth species in large numbers, preparing to collect its silk cocoons.

However, there is no such large and intensive breeding experience before, so the silkworm house is listed as a forbidden place for the two small hairs to prevent children from running in and making trouble, increasing the unnecessary pressure on the larvae, and affecting their growth. speed. It’s just a child, that’s the same thing. The more things they are forbidden to do, the more they like to do it sneakily.

So Lin Huang entered the silkworm shed, and as soon as he looked up, he saw the dead head of the beloved general in Finland thousands of years ago. Shi Dong was hung from the ceiling in the center of the silkworm shed. The suspended silk thread seemed to pass directly into his head, pierced through the section of his neck, and then looped around to tie a knot…

Anyway, this stitched corpse is still alive and serves as a 24-hour monitor and security guard for the sericulture shed. In fact, that many moths in the silkworm shelter did not rebel. In addition to a dangling Black Dragon outside, Stone’s once-dark Legion Guard Corps Head’s natural imposing manner was also indispensable for suppressing it.

Looking at the dead head who was spinning and playing, and didn’t feel dizzy, Lin asked, “Shi Dong, did you see those two little ghost heads running in?”

“No.” Shi Dongyan replied concisely.

“Why is there no one outside?”

“I have a guest, looking for you.”

“Looking for my guest?” Lin shook with doubts. A glance at the situation in the sericulture shed, there was nothing wrong, and then left.

While walking towards the main house, wondering what guests can visit? Matters about mathematics have always been solved in the Academy. For those who came to ask for mathematics advice, after politely declined a few times, everyone confided that they stopped coming.

Is that for the printing press? It’s just that this aspect of the business is handed over to Uzov to handle it himself. For those who come to the door, I don’t know if I ask one question. Anyway, except for the design and control program, all the parts are made by craftsmen from the Technical Association, and I have never made any of them myself. Even if you come to find yourself, you will eventually have to entrust a technical guild.

Just as soon as I entered the door and came to the living room, I saw that everyone was doing nothing and chatting in one place.

I didn’t think much, just took a closer look. Yo, it’s really a visitor.

Four cats, one cat and one chair, are all embarrassed with their heads down. In the hands and feet of everyone, the atmosphere did not dare to say a word. Three small tabby cats, someone does not know. But the gray bald and scarred cat is familiar. It was Hardy who had rushed into the abyss with him when he was in the cat forest a few months ago.

Just before he became angry, this cat was like two to eighty thousand, and he didn’t see people in his eyes at all. Why come back, like a grandson being taught, with his little head lowered, he dare not say a word.

“Why, isn’t this Hardy, long time no see.” Lin said hello.

“Your Excellency Tripwood, you are finally back.” When the gray cat heard someone’s voice and lifted the head overjoyed, he wanted to jump under the chair. But Augustus snorts for a long time with his nose, so he retracted again and sat down in the chair obediently.

I dare to say that this is being watched by Black Dragon, and I am so scared that I can’t move. Lin said with a smile: “Old Brother, don’t scare them. Hardy, I know him, and he can be considered a comrade-in-arms who was born and died together. How did you find it?” The latter sentence naturally asked about the gray cat.

I raised my head slightly and looked at the Black Dragon that turned into a human form from the corner of my eyes. Seeing that there was not much reaction from the other party, he said: “These kittens want to find you and have to leave the forest. As a last resort, I brought them here.”

The smiley face froze. , Bad memories immediately rise in the mind. At the same time, cut a flash, hold it in your hand! Lin watched all around warily, looking for the figure of a certain cat.

On the contrary, Augustus with a stiff face cracked his mouth and said, “Oh, I am going to kill the cat. There are just four here, one stewed, one braised, one soup, the oldest one. Only use barbecue.”

It is a matter of life. Even if a few cats are afraid of Dragon’s Might, they immediately jumped up and meowed in protest. Hardy said nervously, “What are you going to do, sir?”

“Where is that annoying female cat?” Lin frowns asked.

“You mean Mauni, she didn’t come. She didn’t even know that we were coming to you.” Hardy explained quickly.

Someone stared at the gray cat with sharp eyes and asked: “Are you sure?”

Hadi resolutely and decisively said: “I am very sure!”

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