Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 658

“Oh, that’s okay.” Lin also relieved that the pesky cat was not there, and put his hands on the table.

At this time, the box cut on the table opened his mouth and said: “Original, do you really hate that female cat so much?”

“No way. Follow Some people… well, some cats just have the wrong wavelength and can’t get along.” Pulled a chair and sat down, Lin looked towards the cats with their heads raised and asked: “How did you find them?”

“You once said that you live in Estali, Holy City, so I brought these clueless kittens over. After arriving in Holy City, we used our method to find some friends to ask. I can smell you in the vicinity, and I came here. It’s just…” Hardy cowering peeped at the one-person Black Dragon and Yi Lich, and said: “You never said that you are so dangerous here.”

“Danger?” Looking at the people next to him, Lin said with a smile: “It’s not dangerous. They all get along well.” Someone’s inner narration was: except for those two. Outside of Little Brat.

Ezio and Kish are not tall. They are climbing on the chair, reaching out a fatty hand to sneak attack the kitten’s tail time and time again. Although several kittens shrugged their heads the same, the cat’s tail swayed from side to side. While dodge the attack, he also looked towards the little thief behind him, having fun sneakingly.

Although Hardy the gray cat disagrees with someone’s perception, he dared not say anything in front of a drooling Black Dragon and a Lich staring at him up and down. Cats have the pride of cats, but in the face of absolute power, the so-called pride can be let go.

In fact, Lin doesn’t hate cats, especially the gray cat in front of him. Regardless of that little bit of arrogance, or the character that likes to complain, if you regard it as a part of your personality, it will be unexpectedly a little cute. But everything goes too far, you can’t do it, you can’t understand the atmosphere, your eyes are blank, especially you can’t understand people. If you just take care of your own behavior, someone will stay away.

Furthermore, Hardy is a companion who was born and died with him anyway, and the cooperation is quite pleasant. So Lin was very happy for such a friend’s visit. Said: “Since you have come to Holy City from the South for thousands of miles, let me entertain you as a landlord. Anyway, it’s close to dinner time, take a break and have a meal together. After eating, we will talk about other things, okay. “

Two young girls desperately trying not to stretch out their hands to lick the cat, when they heard what their teacher said, they remembered that they had to prepare dinner. He hurriedly lifted the skirt, moved towards the kitchen and trot away. Following behind was Wana, who would also go into the kitchen to help. She followed the girl and shouted: “Don’t run in the house.”

The cooking skills of the two girls have long been Lich, the heir of a certain food empire and the picky Lich, has trained to the point of perfection. Although Wana’s cooking skills are not bad, and there are some good dishes, but usually the two girls take turns. One of the reasons is that they themselves have taken care of themselves. Although they eat food cooked outside, they would rather come by themselves when conditions permit.

“Don’t you eat cats? What a pity.” Black Dragon Augustus said regretfully.

“I said Old Guy, don’t try to gag it when you see everything. Ezio teaches well, why don’t you listen to it.”

“You Speaking of that pepper. The taste is awful, I like it. When do you want to eat the spicy pot you mentioned?”

There is a saying that it is red near Zhu, and black near Mo. Someone didn’t know when Black Dragon, who was ashamed of his second speech, became such a virtue when he spoke. I simply ignored him, turned his head and looked towards the three little cats, and asked: “What are the names of your three Little Brats?”

“Steak No.1, No.2, No.3.” This It was said by Black Dragon, who is obsessed with cat meat.

This kind of name, as it should be by rights, caused dissatisfaction with several kittens. I forgot that this person in front of me was a personalized Black Dragon, jumping up and down meowing in protest. “I don’t call it steak, my name is Lily.” “I’m Nini.” “My name is Bu Feng.”

The first two smaller ones are female cats, and the last one is only male cat. But they are still one size smaller than Hardy, and they look like the kittens haven’t grown up yet. Now they are anxiously arguing with Black Dragon. Augustus, who is used to playing with Ezio and Kish, is of course one-to-three.

Taking advantage of this little time, Lin got close to the gray cat and asked: “Why did you come with the three kittens? Didn’t persuade you?”

“Which cat have you seen that can be persuaded?”

It was a rhetorical question, which made someone speechless.

Hadi said helplessly: “They were originally planning to follow the second wave rescue team and sneak into the abyss. We didn’t expect that we were back before that, so they were hiding in In a remote place, I saw what happened afterwards. After you left, these three bold little things said they wanted to come to you. They didn’t know exactly what to do with you. They were looking for it anyway. But no cat has a way to track your departure, because you don’t have to leave at all. So they approached me and wanted to ask if there was any clue to you. And I remembered that I was in a small chat with you and learned about you I live in Estali, Holy City, and I came here.”

Interrupting Hardy, Lin asked: “You never thought about it, just tell them you don’t know. . There is no such thing as the latter.”

The gray cat sighed and said: “If you don’t know, I’m afraid they will leave the forest as well, wandering around in order to find you, try one’s luck everywhere. . It’s worse this way.”

Cat. Someone has once again refreshed his understanding of the waywardness of cats.

Just then there was a faint voice, saying: “What’s the matter with the abyss?” Fern put his chin on one hand, and a pair of beautiful eyes glanced at someone. It makes people feel uncomfortable.

Lin only then remembered that when he brought back the remnants of the silk cocoon of the Demon Moth King, he only talked about the passage, and many things were omitted by himself. Especially the section into the abyss and the conflict with the Demon Moth King. The reason why I didn’t say it was that I didn’t want to worry, but I was also impatient to be asked all sorts of questions. How dangerous can that be? How dangerous can it be to come back with good hands and feet?

But now that the gray cat said that he slipped his mouth, it’s no good not to be confessed now.

The next dinner, as someone guessed, was tasteless. A group of people took turns asking about the day, and as long as it was something they were interested in, they would interrupt. If you fail to finish a sentence, you will have to face five or six problems.

Not only the two girls with the most curiosity, but a few silverbeard dwarves and Uzov also came to join in the fun. Even the three kittens seemed to have heard these things for the first time. They didn’t even care about the steamed fish in front of them. They kept crying, “Grandpa, grandpa, what else happened?”

In Lin’s cognition, Hardy, who changed from the original Uncle generation to the grandfather generation, replied with the same helpless expression as someone, while thinking about it. In the previous journey with the three kittens, it killed the kittens without mentioning the events of that day, just because they were afraid of arousing the curiosity of the kittens.

Anyway, their target is the human magician, so you can push everything on the magician. didn’t expect such torture still couldn’t escape.

Especially the two girls know the abilities of their teachers, and they have not bothered someone to use the whiteboard pen technique to reproduce the scene they saw that day. For a while, someone is like a busker who tells a story with a comic strip.

But it was clearly in a flat voice, without telling any thrilling scenes, which made the audience stunned. Even the two most restless little hairs on the dining table were staring at this moment, mechanically holding the wooden spoon, and swiping the food into their mouths.

Finally, it was difficult to finish the whole journey. Someone doubted whether everyone really understood what happened to him that day. It’s really because there is no one paragraph that can be said to be complete, but if such a random interruption, this group of people can understand that there is a ghost.

On the contrary, Lich started, but did not ask again on the way, then suddenly asked: “Do you remember the coordinates of the Abyss City fort?”

” Remember, what’s wrong? You’re not going to ask if I’ve actually been to them, have I?” Someone seemed to be worried about a certain Lich going to check the post, but actually the problem with Fern is Quite disapproving.

As long as you have been there, you can go back at any time by flashing. Wherever you want to appear, you can appear in any position without any error.

After all, I want to go back to Earth through the distance of astronomical level in one breath by flashing technique. Whether it’s from Holy City Estali to the southern forest or to Abyss City Fort, even if not all belong to the same plane, but this distance will still be wrong, then Earth is definitely not expected.

“The demon you met, is it strong?” Feen asked again.

In response to such a problem, Lin shook his hands arbitrarily and said, “No, no, it’s far from you. I seriously doubt if there are no decent demons in that area, so I let him That kind of stuff mixed into the title of a Demon Lord.” For someone, neither the demon nor the king-level Demon Insect would be dangerous against the fourteenth Prince of the Empire.

It’s just that these words in Hardy’s ears made the cat very broken.

The powerful Demon Lord across the door, although suppressed by his own king and cat clan, is not that weak. As long as the opponent is serious, the cat clan will have to pay a lot of price to be able to defeat the army from the abyss.

In the recent bloody war, I was too young to be on the front line. But the cruelty of war is deeply imprinted in memory.

But in the mouth of this human being, it is like a little fledgling warrior, just like a child in front of an experienced warrior. If you want to spank, you can’t resist.

But if you think about it carefully, if you look at the existence around that human magician, you can’t understand why he has such an evaluation.

The grown-up Dragon Race, whether it is a colored dragon or a metal dragon, where it is placed, is a well-deserved king of the region. Only the other Dragon Race can challenge Dragon Race. This is an extremely common cognition in the inheritance of demonic beasts. The suppression of bloodline is not casual.

But the human female is even more terrifying than the humanized old dragon. In other words, it looks like the existence of a human female.

Just staying near that person, I feel a kind of treacherous feeling, which is still not deliberately targeted. Hardy can’t imagine what kind of existence is needed to stand on the opposite side of that one and fight against it.

This time, I shouldn’t have come.

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