Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 659

“teacher, can we keep a cat?” Two girls holding a small cat, staring at their bright and intelligent eyes, looked towards their teacher, and asked like this Tao.

Since the appearance of these cats, someone is psychologically prepared to be so required. I also thought of a bunch of reasons to refuse, and planned to invite the cats away.

But looking at the restless kitten who was originally being held, when he mentioned something related to him, he also calmed down, lying on his ears, with almost shining eyes offensively. I saw that the coats of the cats were a little dirty, and I thought that it took them at least a few months before they walked from the southern border of the empire to Holy City.

Although someone does not know, how much time has been delayed in the journey of these months because they like to play detours. But this perseverance alone is worthy of praise. If you really want to be so unkind, just kick them out of the house.

Even the gray cat grandfather Hardy, who seems to be very resistant, actually shows a tired look from time to time. I don’t know if this fatigue is caused by traveling so long, or because of overwork and labor to take care of the three kittens.

Augustus, who was rare to speak at this time, also spoke. “Yeah, let them stay. If there is a critical moment, they can be used as emergency food.”

“Meow!” “Meow!” The kittens have spoken without careful diction. , Meowing innocently.

Ignoring Black Dragon, who resents cat meat, Lin thought for a while and said, “Although I don’t know how the nobles or magicians in the southern border of the empire get along with their cats. But I know that cats are not something you can raise if you want to raise them, and they are not wild beasts that don’t have enough wisdom. So if you want to stay, you have to respect their wishes.”

When the words were finished, the three kittens were nodded like pounding garlic, which is naturally very promising. The gray cat Hardy seemed to guess the result. Although it was helpless in every way, it was also like a relief, saying: “Since this human magician is willing to take you in, then you guys just stay and I’m leaving.”

“Grandpa Hardy.” “Are you leaving us?” “Grandpa.” The three kittens made a coquettish offensive, but the gray cat hesitated.

At this time, Lin persuaded: “They are all willing to stay, at least you should stay for a while. If you started shortly after I left, you should have been away for a long time. So just stay and rest for a while. Leave when you want to leave in the future, don’t rush away right away.”

“Well, I thought you hated cats?” Hardy said.

“Speaking of which strictly, I don’t hate cats, I just hate the attitude of the female cat at the beginning. You should know one thing, getting together, it’s not who owes whom or who Who is it. I don’t like it’s attitude of not caring about my opinions and doing whatever you want. Even more how At that time, I didn’t plan to take a cat back to Holy City from the southern forest. How long have you all gone? , I can go home in no time, why do I spend that many time with a cat.”

“Yes.” Ignore the words of a dragon and a Lich in this house, Hardy I have to admit that this human being is very easy to get along with. At least when he drove into the abyss together, even when he finally confronted the Demon Lord, what he said was a bit unpleasant. But in the course of the action, I received a lot of care.

“Understood, then I will disturb your Excellency for a while.” The gray cat bowed his head in greeting.

“But!” With a change of tone, Lin looked at the cats and said, “Since you want to live in this house, it’s different from yours outside. You have to abide by some rules. In fact, it’s not strict, just Try not to do damage in the house.”

Well,’try your best.’ A few cats can hear the point as soon as they listen. And this word is completely non-binding for cats.

“Besides, before you entered the house, did you see the long house on the left side of the courtyard.” A few cats were nodded, and Lin suddenly turned into a hideous face and said:” There are a lot of small things there, you are not allowed to go in and mess around, and you are not allowed to eat them as snacks or dinners. If the small things inside are dead because of you, I promise that the next day they will be dried and peeled off in the courtyard. Cat skin, and old Augustus can add food.”

Not only someone looks sinister, but the other three women also have similar expressions. Especially that Lich, although he was cold and silent, his oppression was the heaviest among all people. So a few cats were busy nodded desperately, indicating that they heard clearly. At the same time, they also understand that this is definitely a taboo, or the taboo that will kill the cat, and must not be violated.

“Finally,—”Also, some of the cats have weakened hearts,”—Since I want to stay, stay in my house, please keep it clean. You guys have endured the hardships of a long journey, it’s time to take a good bath and clean up.”

“Bath?” The three kittens tilted their heads incomprehensibly. Only the gray cat, Hardy, directly flew his fur and ran off the chair with a strange cry, ready to run out. Someone sighed in his heart. It is indeed an experienced and knowledgeable old cat. It seems that he has been tossing humans before.

The three unreasonable kittens were cleverly picked up by Hallumi and Kaya, while the escaping gray cat was caught up by Fen with a flash technique and directly picked up the back of the neck. Hardy looked at Lich who saw a smile for the first time with an expression of indescribability, and said frustratedly: “You can do this magic too.”

Fen, who was smirking evilly, Looking at the gray cat in his hand, he said: “Under this world, there is no magic that I don’t know. If there is, then learn it. It’s nothing.” Then, the three females and four cats are as reluctant as Hardy. The two little devil heads in the new home made their way to the most proud facility of this new home-the big bathhouse.

Someone definitely doesn’t dream of opening a wine pond meat forest, but just wants to take a good bath. This is one of the humble wishes since leaving the Great Sage Tower. So I didn’t do anything about flying all over the sky with double flying and triple flying.

The matter of a few cats came to an end, and a few silverbeard dwarves came to look for it. Whenever watching Jermaine squeeze, two short enough legs and knees rubbing against each other, Lin knew that this guy is sick…this guy has doubts and is seeking help.

Leaving the dining room to Wana to clean up, a group of people moved to the small living room. There is a bar, comfortable sofas, and a small open space where a piano is expected. Okay, I haven’t time to do the piano yet. But still not changed, this is the best place to chat after dinner.

It’s called a bar. In fact, the Tibetan wine here is used for hospitality. Lin himself only makes coffee and drinks here. It’s not that I don’t know how to drink, it’s just that I’m not used to drinking wine. Because the two girls had gone to brush cats and kids, Lin had to do it himself. The dwarves were not hypocritical, they poured themselves a full glass of mead. This is one of the things they fell in love with after leaving their home in the Underground Iron City.

When everyone had a drink in front of him, Jermaine also took a few sips, blushing, and emboldened. Lin first spoke at this moment and said: “Well, what do you need my help? Please tell me.”

“Hehe, big brother, don’t you think we’ve been relatively free lately, there’s nothing. Income and the research of peace armed forces are a bit difficult. That’s why I want to ask you to give some ideas to see if there is any way to make money.”

Originally, Microscope’s work has been scheduled to go next year. A dwarf can run to himself crying idle and crying poorly for a reason. It’s not that their business was robbed by others, or the customers who placed the order abandon the order, simply because their work efficiency has improved, the manufacturing speed has increased, and the order has been digested.

The key to improving the work efficiency of the silverbeard dwarves is the technical guild established by Uzov. Although the production of the Midi version of the Microscope is a delicate task, it always requires some raw materials before deep processing.

At first, their method of making the Microscope was to start processing from the raw materials, and each step was done by itself.

But when someone uses the power of the technology guild to gather all the parts of the manroland printing press to the guild’s craftsmen to make, he can only be present at the site for guidance during the final assembly.

Even after assembling the second and third printing presses, I just gave the assembly instructions, so I let people figure it out, and I just waited to collect the money. Such behavior certainly inspired the silverbeard dwarves.

Although Microscopes are all magic materials, ordinary craftsmen of non-magic systems still have methods for casting and training these magic materials. Some methods can make things of better quality, others are worse. But just to make a rough embryo, many blacksmiths who join the technical guild can still do it.

At first, however, Marit opposed it. Because of this, you have to give profits to others. It was Freya who had calculated an account for her clansman. Entrusting the Technology Association to make crude embryos of Microscope parts, with a lot of labor and a lot of material wastage. Every time a Microscope is built, much less money will be made. This is also the reason for Marit’s objection.

But handing over the rough embryo work, four people focused on the fine processing, the efficiency increased a little, and several Microscopes could be completed within one month. After deducting the processing costs for the crude embryos from the total income, the money I earn is nearly 30% more than what I could earn at the same time in the past.

In other words, you can not only make more money for the same working hours. And for those customers who want to own a Microscope for private use, they can get things faster and start research earlier; in the technical guild, the group of craftsmen can also profit from it, even though it is hard money. . But this can be said to be a solution that everyone benefits.

After confirming that they did not lose, the silverbeard dwarves of course changed their course and put the extra time back into the study of peace arms. With funds, of course, you have confidence, and you will spend more money on doing things.

But what they did not consider is that the market will be saturated, and the demand for Microscope is not a necessity that all magicians will need. even more how the microscopic Arcane eye improved magic spell style has been handed over to the association a long time ago. Those who are willing to spend time on research can develop products with similar functions.

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