Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 660

Those who will pursue the same specifications as the Microscope used by Fen in life courses must also be students of life courses or their assistants.

As the saying goes, it’s easy to change from frugality to luxury, and it is difficult to change from luxury to frugality. After using convenient and good things, whoever is impatient to go back and use those additional functions, even adjust the magnification of the primordial Arcane’s eye microscopy, which has to be calculated by yourself. The work of research and observation is so arduous, and wasting time on these small details is like a crime.

But for the other magicians who are just curious and want to explore the way in this new knowledge, the investment in the early stage is much more conservative. Whether it is Arcane’s eye microscopy or the Microscope version developed by others, it is much cheaper than the Microscope produced by the Silverbeard Dwarf, and it is enough as an entry style. In this way, the Microscope market for dwarves is further compressed.

Because of this change, Marit began to complain about her girlfriends again. For Freya, such a change was unexpected. She did not make a mistake in her calculations. What she miscalculated was something other than the numbers. So when I was complained, I had to grit my teeth and endure it.

Because the money I made before was too easy, almost all of them were squandered by the silver-bearded dwarves. Fortunately, there are people taking care of them. But if you want to continue research on peace arms, you have to find other sources of funding. Or… find the human who eats people without spitting out bones to provide money and help.

Considering my experience of going out and going around, I almost sold myself. Several dwarves discussed it and found Lin again, asking if there was a solution. Just ask, there is nothing wrong with it.

For this kind of mentality, someone really wants to use the counseling fees of Attorney Earth to talk about it.

The recent situation of the dwarves, although the details are not clear, most of the situation is in Lin’s eyes.

The money they earned was not spent in vain. Instead, they made a bunch of power source trial works for the peace of arms, which was to improve the engine of the airship Sid. There are those that are purely power-driven, some use refined oil, some are hybrids, and of course, there are also engines that use an additive version of magic gasoline.

After collecting the test data, the finished engine was put aside by the dwarves. Printing presses began to be sold in large quantities, and a power source was also needed to drive the entire machine. Only then did they buy some small horsepower from the dwarves, and the engine assembly driven purely by power would help them digest some inventory. But compared to their random production without much planning, this sales volume is simply not enough.

The reason why these experimental engines were not disassembled and recycled is also because the silverbeard dwarves are too good at using the characteristics of metals, and they know what they want to build. So they will use different magic metal materials at different key points. There are more than a dozen kinds of magic metals on a single engine, which are used on hundreds of parts, scattered in different parts.

If it is like Earth, the parts of different parts are locked together with screws, then to classify, you only need to disassemble everything and classify one after another. But they use magic shaping techniques to glue different materials of magic metal together to form a whole, completely using Earth’s welding or rivet technology.

The price is that the difficulty of separating and recycling metals is not generally high, and it is easier than the separation and purification of Earth’s alloys. In addition, Jermaine will turn out old things and compare them with new ones from time to time, so the engines are built more and more.

Faced with the problem of dwarves, Lin’s first thought was asset activation, that is, to find a way to help these engines.

According to the development of Earth’s civilization and the many technological tree points that have passed through the seniors, after having a steam engine, the first thing to be built should be a steam train. Only when the steam engine or the subsequent power plant has matured and been successfully miniaturized, did cars begin to be manufactured.

But first of all, there are already steam engines in Midi, and even internal combustion engines. On the primordial airship of the Goblin Totokani, the internal combustion engine that has its shape and is not very reliable is carried. At the same time, rail trains developed in this way are also available, but they are also not very reliable. Especially limited by the danger of demonic beasts in the wild, laying a semi-permanent track is almost like asking demonic beasts to forage regularly.

Someone does not intend to develop a train, not to mention that it is a project with a huge investment and a long payback period. It is not official or has no official background. It does not raise at all. But as a plan to be carried on the peace armed The size of the engine can already be used in cars.

As for the car project, in fact, it has been planned for a long time. At that time, I had just left Wulian City, sitting in a carriage without springs and without shock absorbers. When my butt hurts, I started designing the car. In fact, it was only a record of the things in the memory, and there were successive additions afterwards. It’s just until now, and I didn’t really do it.

After all, I am not my professional, and I am not so confident, so one of the reasons is that I have not dared to start work. The other reason is of course that I am wandering. Apart from drawing blueprints and talking on paper, there is no time to calm down and build a car. Until today, the silverbeard dwarves took the initiative to send them to the door.

In the small meeting room, manipulate the file space of the first coffin system, find a document numbered ‘1903’, and throw it to Jermaine.

Although the silverbeard dwarves are not like someone or Lich, they can directly see the feedback of the program operation in the expanded reality of their vision; there is no special magic stone that can be used like two girls. Glasses do the same thing. But they also have developed accessories with similar functions for the same function.

That is an earring pendant with green fluorescence, made of green-eyed magic stone. A standard size magic stone was knocked into four pieces, and one person made one. The reason why such a high-quality magic stone is used to make this trinket is to avoid reading data other than text, such as pictures or videos, exhausting the power of the magic stone, causing the breakdown of the accessory itself.

So seeing Lin throwing virtual files, Jermaine skillfully opened his water mirror screen, copied the files into three copies, and forwarded them to three clansman. The other three people did the same thing, opening the file and browsing.

For cars, what Lin knows most is a bunch of nouns that don’t have much to do with production. What kind of V6 engine, horizontal side-to-side, four-wheel drive, front drive, mid-mounted engine… If you are a car enthusiast, this kind of term can be said a lot. But how to make it? do not know.

Or you just know the appearance of the car, from sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, to off-road vehicles such as Hummer and Jeep, and even some future car types that appear in science fiction movies. But knowing this, it is also impossible to build a car, only a pile of car shells.

As for the internal structure of the car, Lin is not exhaustive, and he can only recall some important points. Just like improving the engine before, he can only give a rough outline and direction, and the rest can only rely on trial works to verify various ideas, slowly improve, and slowly improve the performance he wants.

And for an industrial product with its own power to be called a car, it must have at least the following parts: the most important chassis, engine, transmission system, suspension system, steering system, brake system, and wheel.

Although I haven’t actually built a car, I have assembled and played some high-end remote-controlled cars. The basic structure can still be said. What Jermaine and the others looked at was a car structural drawing and explanatory text.

I thought that when a few silver-bearded dwarves saw this cross-age crafts design, they should be shocked, yelling, bowing, holding someone’s thighs for receipt Little brother. In fact, when they looked at the file, they only had a face full of puzzlement, and some even looked a little disgusted.

Jermaine looked at someone cautiously from behind the water mirror screen and asked: “Can this thing be made?”

The person who was asked like this, but Angrily smiled. People’s four basic needs, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and automobiles have directly changed people’s cognition of “walking”. Not to mention how many people’s livelihoods and lives have been affected by related industries, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the locomotive of industry.

But after all, it is something that the fascinating land does not have. In addition, these silver-bearded dwarves are inexperienced and have lived in a closed environment for a long time. They only know what is in front of them and cannot predict the possible future development. . So they have such an attitude, and it is not surprising.

What do the silverbeard dwarves say, it is also a super long-lived species in Midi, with an average of 3,000 to 5,000 years old. Living for too long, it is easy to lose your mind. In comparison, these four are considered aggressive.

So for Jermaine’s concerns, Lin thought for a while and said, “Let’s do it. Anyway, I originally planned to build a car, as if I entrusted you to carry out research and development work, and finally At least one finished product will be built. I will provide the basic design documents and the funds required for research and development. After your design is finalized, all design blueprints will be shared by us, and the proportion of patent rights will be four and six, and you will be led by you. , I will pay you an extra payment of MM Kiel (2000 gold).”

Someone thinks he has offered very favorable terms. But Jermaine said with a twist, “Big brother, look, can you get more money?” As if afraid of irritating someone, the dwarf quickly shook his hand and said, “I’m not greedy, I want more. , I just hope that the money can be a little bit more. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if the patent right accounts for a little bit less.”

Looking at the panic of the dwarves, Lin was very angry and funny. I haven’t seen this kind of golden rooster, don’t want it, just ask for a little money.

But no wonder they have such a performance. In order to prevent the goblin Totokani, he drove the airship Sid, which he invested a lot, and ran away, so in addition to signing an unequal contract, he also left a lot of successors. These things did not hide the dwarves.

Besides, I am not a very close person. In addition, a while ago, Freya took one of the six rings. This matter has not completely subsided within the dwarf, and there are even many people who think they are instigating discord.

Speaking of which is not enough trust. If they were to blame, it would be a delusion of being persecuted, thinking about whether or not he was trapped like a goblin. It seems that the days of parting ways are not far away. With a secretly sighed in my heart, Lin asked: “Then what kind of conditions do you want? Let’s talk about it.”

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