Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 661

“Big brother, we have a lot of research projects waiting for materials recently, all of which need money to buy. Do you think you can directly give us Vbar Kiel (5000 gold), We don’t need to share the patent. That money will be used as the wages for us to help you improve the design and build a car.”

Jermaine mustered up the courage to finish talking at once. . In the end, he looked at his clansman triumphantly, as if he had won a battle. Marie blatantly stretched out a thumb, complimenting her man. Although Riley remained unimpressed, he had no objections, just sipping the mead by himself. Only Freya showed an embarrassed expression.

Five thousand gold is considered a lot of money. Buying the new home I live in now, without including the cost of renovation, is about the same price. If time goes a little bit forward, then my savings will almost be spent on this house. The most important thing is to buy a lot of magic materials to transform this ordinary house. Silverbeard dwarf made such a request, so he could only use credit.

But recently, because the mathematics journal has also issued several issues, the Academy of Kaban Baida Magician not only earns operating expenses, but also earns more money to open several research projects, how could he still With a shy appearance in the vice bag, the cash box was naturally full. It’s not a problem to pay Jermaine’s request, it’s just that he has to be strained for a while on his research projects and expenses.

So, do you want to agree? In addition to keeping some more usable funds on hand, if the car really sells in the future, will the silver-bearded dwarves feel that they have been cheated again? It’s just that at this time, if you continue to stick to your own opinions, it doesn’t seem to be right, because the other party has already decided. Lin asked cautiously: “Are you no longer thinking about taking a look? The prospects of the car are good.”

“No, big brother, so be it. We don’t take advantage of your creativity, let’s help. Your perfect design can be regarded as the assistance you promised to provide you when you left your hometown to travel with you. But if your funds are a bit tight, you don’t need to give me all the money at once. Part of it is slowed down. , It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’m also impossible to spend all my money in one go.”

Thinking about it, Lin didn’t insist anymore, and said, “Okay, just write it in the memo on your terms The part of the money, do you want to take it directly or keep it in the account?”

“No, big brother. We don’t have a big cash box to keep such a large sum of money. So I put it in your place first. By the way, just use the bookkeeping.”

Although the agreement of Lin and Yinxu dwarves did not sign a contract in black and white, it was also written on a memorandum document. Avoid forgetting things for both nobles, and it will be easy to hurt feelings when time and space are unfounded. Because it is not a contract, the content can be amended as long as both parties agree. The file is placed in the forum space and recorded with a special encryption method.

I used parchment scrolls with great effort, and wrote one copy each in Messy Common Language and Silverbeard Dwarf Language. However, the content continued to increase and everyone was too lazy to copy and organize them, so they simply put it on the Internet and took some optional confidentiality measures. As the old family said, only guard against the gentleman, not against the villain. However, both sides have no objection to such a method.

After discussing the content of Document 1903, Jermaine and the others are happy to prepare after determining the direction of the next development. The most important thing is to contact the manager of Chamber of Commerce. This senior manager introduced by the great magician Kabanbai has recently earned a lot of commissions due to the lavish purchases by the silver-bearded dwarfs, and almost treats these little dwarves as ancestors, so no matter how late it is. problem.

Looking at the dwarves leaving, only Freya took a step behind the others and greeted her nodded, Lin couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. However, we can’t blame them for being too wary of them, and they didn’t have a full heart, so how to ask them to pay loyalty and trust.

In fact, even the trust of other people, Lin feels that it is conditional and prerequisite, not unconditional loyalty and trust. Just in comparison, a few silver-bearded dwarves have more defensive elements that’s all. Many things are relative.

Pour coffee into a large mug, clean the coffee pot, and walk back to the attic, my bedroom with the mug. Before the door was closed, Hardy the grey cat rushed in as soon as he slid.

Neither did he drive out the cat that came in. Lin looked at the gray cat whose hair had not been completely dried, licked his front paws with disgust, combed his half-dry wet hair quickly, and foul-mouthed: “This is Torture, this is definitely torture from the dark! Why does your bath have that many tossing cats? I originally thought it would be great to be splashed with water, but it turned out to be bubbles and brushes again. If I come here every day, I don’t want to live anymore.”

With a smile, Lin said: “This is to punish you to find something to do for me. You cats were seen by the group of people. , They are bound to make such a request, how can I refuse it. Starting tomorrow, if you don’t want to be caught and scrubbed, you can hide a little bit by yourself. If that person sees it, I’ll be fine. By the way, drink it. Would you like milk?”

“What is milk?” Hardy asked.

Putting down the mug with coffee, Lin took out a bottle of milk from the small refrigerator in the bedroom. Without the habit of drinking animal milk, getting a bottle of milk is not simple. Worst of all, it is easy to make bad associations.

At the beginning, when making such a request to the people of Chamber of Commerce, two silly little girls pressed their hands on their stunted chests, and stared fiercely at someone with sad eyes. Although Lin tried to explain the nutritional value of milk, it does not really have nutritional value. Even in Earth, there are different opinions.

The apple god Old Jia said in public more than once that drinking milk is actually a conspiracy marketing technique in the animal husbandry industry. Just like sending chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it is a trend that candy companies have brought up to sell their own products.

Someone is not quite clear about the truth. I just got used to drinking before crossing, and now I miss the taste.

The Chamber of Commerce manager introduced by the great magician Kabanbai is a capable person. He actually got milk for himself instead of the milk squeezed out by some messy animals, and established a long-term supply. Channel.

That is a farm on the edge of Holy City that specializes in meat products. Most of the milk will be processed into cheese by them, and few people will drink it directly. The most important reason is that fresh milk is not resistant to being put, and it is easy to deteriorate. But this is not a big problem for magician.

Finding a clean dish, Lin poured some milk and put it in front of Hardy. Realizing what the’milk’ in lingua franca refers to, this gray cat also looked towards someone with a weird look. Drinking Undead Cat anyway, so Hardy lowered his head and took a tentative sip.

At the beginning of this, I drank the whole saucer of milk. In the end, he licked his cat’s paws still intently.

It seems that whether it is an Earth or a lost cat, many habits are the same. Lin thought so.

Ignoring him and busy taking care of his gray cat, Lin opened the skylight for stargazing. The fixed astronomical Telescope, according to the established program design, began to receive data and keep records. However, such background movements did not prevent Lin from peering into the starry sky illuminated by Telescope through the eyepiece.

The search for Earth has found the sun in my hometown so far. But the true distance and direction of the fascinated land have not yet been able to calculate an answer. Don’t look at your own mathematics level, as if you are crushing the fascinated beings, but in front of the universe’s profound mystery, you are still the scum, the unknown part is far more than the known.

Jumping to the small table next to Telescope, Hardy took the opportunity of someone to remove his head and glanced into the eyepiece of the moved towards Telescope. First, it shrank its head in shock, then poked its head out cautiously, and then took a closer look. Finally, I learned about someone, squinted one eye, and looked at the star that was magnified dozens of times in earnest.

Lin laughed watching Hardy’s movements. In the same sentence, no matter which world cat, curiosity remains the same.

“What are you doing while looking at the stars?” Reluctant to retract his head, Hardy asked while looking at the stars.

For this simple question, Lin actually took some time to think about it, and then said: “At first, it’s because I like it. I like those who break free from the darkness. It makes us look different in the vast universe. So lonely rays of light. Later, I wanted to learn. I liked them, so I wanted to know them better, so I had to learn from them. Now…”

Stand up and point to Bailian In the sky above the Milky Way, Lin said: “There is everything about me.”

The final explanation is not clear, and there are many explanations. But cats are far less curious about language than they are curious about things. So Hardy did not delve into someone’s words, but he still asked casually: “I don’t know what the sky of the abyss looks like.”

Someone who is caught in some inexplicable feeling of intoxication. People, was awakened by a word! Yes, how come I haven’t thought about this problem. The abyss himself has been there once, and it is not the underground world with stones on its head. It’s just that the air there is terrible, the sky is always gray, and I can’t see why it came, so I didn’t expect to take a good look at the sky during the rescue operation.

But the so-called abyss, the magicians of the fascinated land think it belongs to another plane, and they naturally think so. But what about this’other plane’?

Are there different dimensions of space? Obviously, it’s not. The abyss and the lost ground, and even Earth, are in the same dimension. Although the conditions for Spiritual God or the Lord of the Abyss to descend into the fascinating land are very stringent, most of the time, they must appear as a saint. But the low-level demons don’t have to be so troublesome. What they look like in the abyss, what they look like when they come to the maze, at most there will be some changes in their strengths and weaknesses.

People Clark Kent came to Earth from Krypton, and he will become a superman because of the yellow sun. If the devil changes location, some changes in strength and weakness are nothing. But this also means that the devil did not appear in the maze after’dimensionality reduction’.

One of the most obvious characteristics of witnessing high-dimensional creatures is that it will bring cognitive confusion to witnesses, rather than simply’fear’. The two are still different.

Then the question is: Where is the abyss in the universe? Or ask, in which universe is the abyss? Is the theory of the multiverse correct?

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