Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 662

Because the humans behind him have been unresponsive, Hardy the gray cat reluctantly removed his eyes from the Telescope eyepiece, and looked back, a pair of cats greeted him. Unbelievable sight beyond comprehension.

The characters formed by countless lights and shadows are densely packed around the human being. Layer after layer, circle after circle, sometimes small squares are grouped together, and sometimes they are assembled into strange shapes. Between each small group of characters, there are similarly complex lines connected to each other. Layer by layer, the innermost layer forms a dense sphere, which diverges toward the outer layer.

The formation of these characters only uses the most basic light technique. Hardy not only saw this human being displayed such a picture once, but was also amazed by his ability to zoom in and out of the real scene at will, but he was just amazed.

The characters in front of me are a bit more, more complicated, and denser, but in essence it is still a bright light technique, and there is no destructive power at all.

But in the eyes of Hardy, a magic cat who is naturally close to magical power, it seems that there is some kind of great horror hidden in the magical power, which should not be clearly understood. So it couldn’t help but screamed and took a few steps back.

What Lin unfolded was the primordial technique of flash art, and the parameter entered was to go to the abyss, the location of Demon Lord Sabine’s castle.

The flashing technique usually used is portrayed on the dream magic tower, so there will be a lot of automatic judgment logic, which is to speed up the speed of casting.

But to confirm the relative position of the destination and the current location, you have to expand the primordial technique and check the parameters inside. It includes dimensionality, distance, azimuth, spatial curvature, and most importantly the constant value obtained from the Einstein field equation and World Tree observation results.

However, this constant value is not unique, but a set of numbers. Dimensions and universes with the same characteristics will definitely get the same numbers. As for which one of these numbers is used, it depends on the dimensions of the destination.

But using the same cosmological constant does not mean that the destination is in the same universe, but the nature is similar. So how to interpret the results I have observed is still very troublesome for a person with a background in astrophysics. No one can discuss it!

But the cat’s whistle interrupted someone’s thoughts, and Lin also remembered that there was an’outsider’ present.

The only person who has seen the primordial technique of the complete flashing technique is Lich who can also cast this magic. Fern gave a warning at the time, don’t easily spread this technique in front of outsiders.

It’s not that you are afraid of secrets leaking, but that this technique just manifests itself, it will have a bad influence on people, because there are too many secrets that do not belong to this World. And if these secrets are revealed in characters that contain power, it will directly reach people’s hearts and cause cognitive confusion for those who are unprepared. It’s a headache, but it’s crazy.

However, Hardy’s cat appearance makes it easy for someone to ignore that it is closer to magical powers than humans, and it is naturally likely to be affected by what Fern has said. Lin quickly put away the half-checked technique, and asked: “Sorry, my negligence. Are you okay?”

“What was that just now? I just saw it, it felt like I fell into the bottom of a deep water pool and I was about to be frozen.”

“Oh, there will be such a reaction.” When suddenly realized that these things were not in front of him, Lin apologized and said, “This It is my magic that appears and disappear unpredictably, which I named the primordial technique of flash art.”

When I heard that it was that magic, how could Hardy not be interested? His eyes lit up, and he quickly asked: “Then can you teach me the magic?”

“Considering that you taught me the magic of protection against the abyss, I shouldn’t have kept it from you. But the light will This magic is useless, and it will cause harm. There are so many things to learn and consider, and it is not so easy to explain to you.”

Recalling what this human has said before, Hardy said “I remember that you said that this magic cannot be used with other people. May I know why?”

“Rather than explaining, let you see something first.” Lin turned back from himself In his storage box, a small box containing the’eye of the spy’ was found.

This is an Arcane eye that is miniaturized to the size of a nail. Many magic array techniques are omitted, and only the most basic observations and short records are retained, as well as the magic array pattern used for flashing technique positioning. . The original intention was to use the flash technique to teleport to the target location that you want to observe, and then use the flash technique to recover and obtain internal information.

But the eyes of the spy did not do any protection against the higher-dimensional alien energy. The result of frequent use of flashing technique is that the spy’s eye is transformed into an Evil God, which grows out of seven legs and runs uncontrollably. Fortunately, there is no destructive power, and because it is a magical mutant creature based on power, it can survive without eating.

Usually when you don’t want to use the Spy’s Eye, you just close it in a special small box. Now Hardy asked, Lin carefully took this restless little thing out of the box and let the gray cat take a closer look. At the same time, he explained: “The biggest difference between using Blink and Midi’s original teleportation magic is that Blink will cause damage to the teleporter. If you don’t have a method to protect against this damage, it will end up like this. Grotesquely shaped. I call it Evil Godization.”

With one paw, he pressed the eyes of the spy who was trying to escape on the table. Hardy carefully examined it for a while and said, “This original Is it a gem?”

“Yes, it was originally a magic gem. It was modified by me and added the magic array pattern of Arcane’s eye.” At the same time, Lin did not hide it, and said some flashing techniques. The harm. And in front of Hardy, it actually showed how an ordinary object gradually decayed in the continuous flashing.

Furthermore, I just glanced at the basic technique of the flash technique, and I was dizzy and wanted to hit the wall. To learn the whole set, it would be catastrophic, so Hardy stopped talking about such topics. Cats are not creatures who are known for their perseverance and can break through many difficulties with love and courage alone.

Of course, Hardy never thought of asking for the kindness of teaching this human defense magic. At that time, the journey to the abyss was taught by the teaching of protective magic, but the purpose of this man was to quickly find Mauni’s footprint. From beginning to end, I didn’t see the other party blessing himself with protective magic to protect himself.

Such kindness is not a kindness, and it can even be said that the moment Mauni was found, it was paid back. Judging by the situation at the time, if one or two days later, the cat’s corpse could only be collected.

After exposing the flashing technique, a man and a cat missed the abyss at that time. Lin drank coffee while pouring some milk for Hardy, chatting indiscriminately until late at night.

At night, when he first arrived in a new place, Hardy slept unsteadily. In other words, the work and rest time of cats is not exactly the same as that of humans.

Coming to such a safe place…It should be said that it is so dangerous that the gray cat has given up worrying about whether it is safe or not. Of course, it no longer cares about the three Little Brat matters. Cats have no family affection, some are just a kind of consciousness to take care of the kittens, regardless of whether the kittens are their own bloodline or not. This is the basic nature of any ethnic group to continue.

Anyway, I have reached the destination, those three little things It shouldn’t be running around, I also decided to stay for a while, and Hardy took advantage of this quiet night to walk in this quiet place Mansion.

It is not the first time I have seen the human house. In his long career, he once stayed in a noble’s castle, and also lived in a dilapidated thatched cottage. But no matter what kind, the gray cat remembers that the owners of those houses love to laugh. Everyday all is living hard, making the cat unconsciously want to help him, and look at the gratification from the heart.

This is the first time I have seen magician’s mansion, but it is not unfamiliar. Because there are many cats living with magician, I often communicate with these cats and I know something from their mouths.

It’s just what I heard, but it’s not the same as the cat in this room. Is it because the magician friends of other cats didn’t live with a dragon and a Lich, or the human magician belongs to the strange side.

Walking in this mansion, it’s not like a noble house, there are candles or more expensive magic lamps everywhere, illuminating the house very brightly. But it is not like those common people’s houses. At night, you can’t see anything except the place where the moon shines.

The trouble that humans will have is certainly not a big problem for cats. But after the night in this room, there is always a faint rays of light, so that people will not fall into a dark environment. Sometimes when I look at the depths of the corridor, it is obviously dark; but as long as I keep walking forward, the rays of light will not disappear. As if this light would move with it, it was strange.

Is this also magic? I have been able to perceive that weak power is active.

Apart from this, there are some strange decorations everywhere in this room. It is said that it was arranged by the two apprentices of the human magician, and of course it was also their interest.

Some ridiculous and grotesquely shaped clay puppets, naive and strange paintings, unknown bones, items related to demons, withered hands or weird heads that look unappetizing (very scary), Floating strange smelling flowers, insectivorous flower sacs that look like you can swallow yourself in one bite, and the most detestable cat grass!

I still remember that when I saw it a little earlier, the three newly weaned kittens didn’t feel anything. When Hardy saw the pot of white and lavender flowers, he played uncontrollably. Up. When I realized that I had lost self-control, the two unscrupulous girls and two human children were squatting on the side, smiling and watching for a while, even looking stupid with the three kittens. .

Which damn human being will raise this kind of stuff in his own home! Especially now, in winter, even if cats don’t grow crops, they know that this is not the flowering season!

Under the cover of fur, the cat cannot tell whether it will blush. But this does not mean that cats can be more calm when encountering such things. Barring his teeth at the other people and the cat, he arched his body and gave a threatening cry. The gray cat ran away in a hurry, trying to find a place to bury himself.

So, take advantage of the fact that there is no one in the middle of the night, and then go find that pot of cat grass to talk about?

Hadi’s thoughts just turned over, and suddenly noticed that there were rays of light in the corridor not far away. In its vision, there is a vague silhouette walking against the wall. Although the light was faint and only a black shadow could be seen, Hardy believed that this was an intruder.

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