Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 664

No dragon can be tamed. This is a recognized thing. But this does not mean that they will not behave similarly for a certain purpose.

There are many reasons for Black Dragon to stay, because Ezio, because I want to find a place for retirement, because I am curious about someone, because I want to do it. In fact, no matter how many reasons are concerned, none of the last ones are convincing. Augustus was willing to stay, just because he wanted to stay; when he wanted to leave, he would leave too, anyway, no one would stop him.

In the overnight conversation with Black Dragon, Hardy confirmed one thing, that is, in Augustus’s long years of experience, this human magician is also very special. Neither are they like those conspirators who are full of tricks, nor are they politicians who are the first and second, not the warriors with their brains, nor the magician who uses magic to greet everything.

As for the special place, it is the reason that Black Dragon is willing to stay, because he wants to see what the human reason is for him to feel this way. According to Black Dragon, that Lich is also for the same reason.

Such remarks also aroused Hardy’s interest. It surreptitiously followed the human magician all day, not only observing what he did, but also what he was doing. On the contrary, at first said that he wanted to find the three human cats, and had fun with the two human girls and two human children, forgetting the original purpose.

The long house that was about to be regarded as a forbidden place, Hardy also went in to see it while someone was patrolling. Looking at the energetic little insects, the gray cat did have an impulse to swallow them. But finally restrained himself before making a mistake.

It is very clear that someone would really do it if someone said to skin a cat. When confronted with the Demon Lord, the king of the forest, Mao Ni, and the big mother, there was no hesitation about which one did not say kill or kill. Although no one really died in the end, the point is that no one would doubt that this human magician had the ability to kill them. That sword is too cruel.

Climbing at the rearing table, Hardy asked about the purpose of raising these Demon Insect larvae. Only then did they learn from the golden haired girl who was taking care of them that they wanted to use the silk thread they spit out from the cocoon to make clothes. This can also explain why the human magician made such an agreement with Wang in the first place, only requiring the silk cocoons that were left behind.

And from the conversation, we can know that in addition to the human magician, the other three women are also looking forward to the clothes made from silk cocoons, including the Lich. This is also the same opinion that the three women agreed when the human said the threat of skinning the cat, which made Hardy even more afraid to act rashly.

However, the gray cat is staring at the larva of the devil moth, but dismisses the larva of the common moth. Plus, in my own impression, these little protein-rich things are not on the cat’s menu. So Lin asked Hardy what was the reason for this attraction.

When I asked, I remembered a feature of demonic beast. The reason why they will be full of the core of power within the body condense is because it is conducive to them to accumulate their power by eating. After these demonic beast cores are processed, they can be used as magic stones, but most of them will be used for other purposes. Like the driving mechanism for making semi-permanent magic puppets, the demonic beast core is better than the magic stone.

In contrast, people cannot accumulate in this way. This refers to not only humans, but various Homo sapiens including goblins and dwarves. It can be said that this is the mysterious world, the biggest difference between’beast’ and’human’.

But there is still a type of transcender called “Fiend”, which is a person with a “magic core” condensed within the body. However, this kind of people are usually not normal, because they are affected by the demonic beast nucleus, they will have more animalism than ordinary people. There is a description that can well

describe Fiend’s anomaly, that is, a person whose soul is contaminated.

At the same time, this also let Lin understand why Black Dragon Augustus is very resentful of several cats. It’s not that there was hatred in the past, it’s just that the power of the cat attracted its appetite.

The cat family to which Hardy belongs, but among the demonic beasts that Lin Zeng has personally observed, the overall implied weight energy divided by the volume is one of the species with the highest weight energy per unit volume. The other is Dragon Race, and what I have seen with my own eyes is only an old Black Dragon. Someone can’t imagine what the dragon club looks like at the peak period.

But this is not to say that cats and dragons are creatures of the same level. After all, the size of the two is too different, and of course the total amount of power is also as different as heaven and earth.

But this can also explain why the nobles and magicians in the southern border of the Gwana Empire regard the cats of the cat forest as the best beloved.

Not only because cats will be close to humans, they will take care of human children, but also because they are indeed among the demonic beasts that are easy to tame, with battle strength among the top creatures. Moreover, signing a contract with such creatures and getting close day and night is good for those who are interested in magic.

Of course, in the eyes of other demonic beasts, the cats of Maosen are also the best food. In this regard, even Dragon Race can’t avoid it. It’s just that Augustus’s attitude towards cats is more playful.

At his age, there is no need to think about diligence. No matter how many cats he eats, there is no way to repair his physical defects. Instead, teasing these Little Brat, just like teasing Ezio, can make him temporarily forget some of his troubles.

Lin also has some guesses about Augustus’ attitude. If Black Dragon really wants to eat it, how can there be a way to keep four cats until they come back? Got into the belly early.

But, honestly, it might be better to eat. Three kittens of naughty age came to this home. According to someone, the lineup of the Regardless of the Law and of Natural Morality Group has expanded. The child king is still a Black Dragon, and he wants to teach them that they can’t beat and scold as much as they want.

Think of those grandchildren who are covered by grandparents. Someone is like the one caught in the middle of three generations. It’s bitter. In the end, I could only come to what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over, and threw the trouble to those two equally energetic young girls.

Fortunately, none of them were born by themselves, nor did they say they wanted to raise them. Whoever gives advice is responsible, and there is nothing wrong with it.

In addition to following Lin in the mansion, Hardy the gray cat will follow Lin even when he is going to the Academy to teach. If someone is too lazy to use it that day, or the time is approaching, they will go directly with the flash technique. At this time, Hardy will walk to the Academy by himself. Anyway, the scope of someone’s activities is fixed, and it’s rare to change once in hundreds of years. It’s easy to find someone.

Where to go to the Academy, apart from observing someone, Hardy actually became interested in the number of students.

Most magic cats can speak lingua franca, but there is no one who can understand ordinary characters. Mathematics is just a subject that you can learn even if you don’t understand ordinary characters. You only need to memorize some symbols.

After watching Hardy for a while, after getting the primary level mathematics from someone, it took a while to keep up with everyone’s progress. After that, everyone in the math class became accustomed to having one more cat classmate who didn’t pay tuition. Although the gray cat’s thoughts are not as flexible as other humans on groundbreaking projects, it will not lose much to others in terms of computing.

Perhaps the Holy City magician, or someone with a noble status, is not like a magic cat in the southern border of the empire as a symbol of identity. But someone was followed by a demon familiar who also learned mathematics, or a demon cat from the Southern Territory, which eventually became news and circulated in a small area.

Sometimes gray cats will sneak out by themselves and hang out with other demonic beasts who live in Estali, Holy City and can communicate. Most of them are demonic beasts, or envoy demons, and only a few are unowned demonic beasts.

The people who have no owner and can live in Holy City are small or ultra-small demonic beasts, such as cats, dogs, birds, and mice. Although in the food chain, it is not the cat’s opponent or the cat’s prey. But as long as they are wise, they will not fight desperately as soon as they meet.

Of course, they don’t want to go back and forth, and they walk the streets together. Just stay away and say a few words casually in animal language. There are a lot of demonic beasts who can understand lingua franca, but not many who can speak.

Because the animal language is based on mutual understanding of power, there is no question of racial differences. So sometimes people see a group of small animals in the Holy City surrounding each other, meowing, barking, and zhi zhi. It’s so lively.

If someone attaches an apprentice-level magic “Animal Conversation” to themselves, they will find that the content of these small animals is even more gossip than the three aunts and six women in the neighborhood.

Because their values ​​are different from that of human beings, the topic is not too bad, and they dare to talk about anything. If you have the profession of a gossip tabloid reporter, you don’t have to go to the dung, you can listen to the corners of these little animals all day, and there will be any explosive materials.

In this monotonous and not boring life, someone finally ushered in the long-awaited day: the cumulative number of silk cocoons of the target moth species has reached the breakthrough standard.

The first set of clothes to be made is not worn by other people, but someone who is always on the verge of streaking. Dare to grab the first soup among three women like tigers and wolves. Someone’s reason is: “This machine has not yet completely woven a piece of cloth. Only a small piece of brocade has been woven to make it. Test. No one knows if there is any problem in it. The probability of creating a defective product is very high. I sacrificed myself and endured the opportunity to put on the defective product. In exchange, I finally have a suit that is not afraid of flashing. You guys. Do you want to grab this first set with me? Do you have a conscience?”

Although the three women said in unison, they didn’t care if someone didn’t wear anything, they dangled in front of them. But it is unbearable to put on an imperfect dress by yourself! So I finally accepted their teacher and volunteered to become the first wave of experiments.

But just before the official start of the work, an invitation that had to go was passed through the head of the Kabanbai Academy and delivered to Lin. In the Gwana Empire, the First Demon of the First Army led the battallion Great Captain, and the French saint Babak Abu Nahan invited Lin to a dinner party in his personal name. The location is in Holy City, a small aristocratic mansion in the Gowana Empire.

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