Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 667

Veteran families like the Chamber of Commerce and the Nguyen clan, which have a history of one or two hundred years, always show their strength inadvertently. They produced a lot of dishes made by using rare plants in the mysterious land. The taste is of course quite good, but compared to the amazing performance of magicians, it is more of a nostalgia for someone.

In addition to the memorable tastes of the materials and dishes, when we were entertained by Engels and Baron on the golden waterway, the dishes pointed to by them all became delicacies on the table. Of course, warm rice wine is indispensable, this type of alcohol that has never been drunk anywhere else.

In addition to the warm wine during the banquet, there are also red wine and spirit fruit that most often appear at the banquet of the mysterious nobles. Although I can’t recognize the quality of the wine, I know from other magicians that it should be a very high-end wine. But the most popular is the warm rice wine, not only because it is winter now, the taste of rice wine is also quite compatible with the taste of the dishes on the table.

Seeing these familiar dishes, Nguyen Wenyue said at the table that Nguyen Thih Hui, Engels Baron’s wife, is his eldest daughter. And I heard a lot of comments about himself from his daughter, and I have been admiring it for a long time.

Following the dishes on the table, which are more fascinating, which belong to the special cuisine, Nguyen Van Viet and his nephews also appeared like demonstrations, revealing the business territory of their family Chamber of Commerce. In general, it directly or indirectly controls a considerable amount of agricultural land, and based on the grain produced, it has become the leading Chamber of Commerce in the eastern half of the maze, from south to north.

They also plant many unique crops that are not seen elsewhere. Countless types of spices are the key to them reaching high-level people everywhere; a large number of coarse and refined grains enable them to grasp the lifeblood of many countries.

And this family is not the kind of closed-end, only knows the conservative character of collecting grain and hiding money. They are quite active in transforming the chips in their hands into influence and strength to expand the business of Zhang Family. Under such a policy, the Ruan family attaches great importance to the matter of opening branches and leaves.

Then Barabara, a bunch of nonsense. But the subtext that someone can hear is that they are profitable, so they come to the door.

However, in the chat at dinner time, there was no mention of any drama. On the contrary, it was agreed to provide some rice, rare spices and rice wine to a greedy traveler. For Ruan Wenyue, the local director, it was like agreeing to an insignificant little thing without frowning.

For someone who didn’t promise the slightest thing and took advantage of it first, it made him a little more wary. As the saying goes, there is nothing to do with diligence. But there is another saying: Embarrassment. If the other party desires something, he is eligible to bid. So this is not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to be more cautious about your own words.

In short, on the dining table, there is little chat. In particular, there are a few experts who talk, they will answer and flatter them in a timely manner, and will not make the atmosphere dull and embarrassing, even if it is someone’s innate ability to talk to death.

Especially, there are a few highlights in the banquet. Of course, young girls don’t forget the men who wink their eyes. Fortunately or unfortunately, basically young girls are looking for handsome guys of the same age. Someone is like an insulator and is ignored or skipped.

Of course, my own age doesn’t match those young girls in the mood for love. At any rate, they are also uncle-level characters, not comparable to the group of young men. At a banquet for the first time, someone does not expect the other party to pack food or sleep.

For the girls participating in the banquet, it is better to choose the object of entrustment for the second half of life, with a Dharma Sage or a great magician as a backer, and a man who can hang the golden ear line at a young age is better than a notorious man. The’brave’ of it. The notoriety of Lich lover is louder than anything else in the ears of this group of youngsters.

So when the dinner was over, the youngsters who liked each other moved to other places to talk. In fact, this is also the reason why both sides of Babak Abu Nahan and Nguyen Van Viet brought the youngster to the banquet.

In addition to increasing the number of people and gaining momentum, of course, it also gives the youngster a chance to connect with feelings, and see if we can go further. As long as it can be achieved, it will be a good thing for the power and strength of both parties.

As for a few Old Guys, including Lin, of course they came to a small Sand Dragon. Except for a deacon serving by the side, even the guards never brought half of them.

Looking at this battle, I am ready to focus on today’s theme. Someone has been waiting for a long time.

Because I was talking about important matters, I didn’t continue to serve wine, not to mention that I drank enough at dinner just now. The old deacon with a mustache, wearing white gloves, made a pot of coffee neatly and distributed it to several guests of honor.

Taking a sip, Nguyen Van Yue said: “I heard that the way to drink coffee was discovered by Your Excellency Tripwood. I originally thought that our family had the most variety of crops, and didn’t expect just like your Excellency. As I said before, everything in the world can’t be learned and understood.”

Lin laughed and said, “It’s all coincidence. I also happened to see animals become I’m very excited, so I have the next discovery.” This is the nonsense of the discovery story of Earth Coffee.

But everyone didn’t care about the authenticity of the words. Sage Babak Abu Nahan said: “Now in Holy City, the momentum of printing magic scrolls is very good. However, the dominant power is in the hands of the Kabanbai magician. Your Excellency only has the advantage of manufacturing the machine, and there is only a small amount of money. Part. I wonder if you have any ideas?”

It turns out that the meat is here. Lin pretended to have a profound mystery smile, and asked, “What can I think?”

Patted Ruan Wenyue’s shoulder familiarly, and the familiar Babak continued: “My friend, The area he is responsible for is mainly minerals, not agriculture. Have you ever thought of increasing the number of production printing presses, and then relying on the trade routes developed by their Chamber of Commerce to sell them everywhere.”

Although Ruan Van showed no displeasure for the intimacy of the Lord Fashen, there was even some interaction. But it’s not like familiar old friends, who can make fun of or make fun of each other. Is this real or fake? Or is it just because they are afraid of the power of the Dharma Sage, so I want to compromise?

According to Lin’s observation, if the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, that is, the Nguyen family, does not have a different root of power as its basis, it is called play the pig to eat the Tiger people, then their overall strength is at the middle level, there is no youngster that makes people shocking and stunning.

It’s just that someone didn’t expect that the youngsters Nguyen Van Viet brought to him are considered excellent by the usual standards of Mi Di. Even in a branch of the Great Family, this group of people will be the focus of new generation cultivation. It’s just that the man takes the 14th Prince as the standard, and the woman takes Lich as the standard. Everyone looks like a scum.

Whether the two in front of him are acting or are really helpful, Lin also understands their thoughts. As for this business, his thoughts only circulated twice in his mind, and he immediately shot. He shook the head, and did not immediately refuse, but said: “Your Excellency, Mr. Ruan. Hmm, can I call you like that?”

Looking at the old gentleman on the opposite side, nodded agreed, Lin Cai He opened his mouth and said: “Mr. Ruan, I believe you will propose to cooperate with me to make machines instead of printing magic scrolls. It is because you want to give full play to the advantages of the mineral-based area under your control. That’s right.”

The more Ruan Van replied without hesitation: “Yes. The mines I control are mainly ordinary iron ore, with only a small amount of magic metal. In terms of regions, it can be regarded as rich in production. It is just that the main line of the family’s business is still in food. So I didn’t get too many resources until now, and I didn’t make much contribution. In addition, the until now family’s policy was limited, and the mysterious land had not been a big battle for a long time, so I couldn’t make weapons either. Armor is the main direction.”

The family policy mentioned by Nguyen Van Viet is because the Nguyen clan founded and died in the ancestors. Therefore, the remaining family members are quite sensitive to this matter, for fear that it will stimulate the sensitive nerves of other countries and attack them again. But in fact, there are also a group of people who believe that the family should rise to the challenge and reproduce the glory of at the peak period.

Without indicating what kind of position he is standing on, the more Nguyen Van said: “This time I want to cooperate with you. I heard that the main body of the printing press is actually made of ordinary metal, and only a small part of it is needed. Use magic materials. You will provide the technology, I will provide the materials and the sales channels. I believe this cooperation will bring great benefits to both of us.”

The other party this can be considered Open The hole card. Logically, the next step is the time for wrangling, sharing the pie of benefits. However, Lin Ke did not intend to follow the other party’s arrangement. Instead, he said: “Mr. Ruan, don’t ask me questions that I disagree with. Let me first talk about what I have seen in Holy City about printing magic scrolls during this period of time. The situation of the industry, you may have a different idea.”

What Lin said, of course, is the customer-level positioning of the printing press, and the boom in the printing of magic scrolls in Holy City immediately met To the problem of insufficient raw materials.

These words have no meaning in the ears of Saint Babak Abu Nahan.

If there are any difficulties in the process of printing magic scrolls, how do you plan to overcome them? Regardless of whether the problem is solved or not, it is of great significance to the magician’s accumulated experience. Of course, he will listen carefully and even give his own suggestions. But even though Babak didn’t understand what market, positioning, and so on, he still found it boring.

But the more Nguyen Van is not a magician, not a warrior, even if someone in his ancestors has been a king, what he learned through childhood is how to be a businessman.

Perhaps at first, the magician said a lot of nouns that he didn’t understand. But with a little explanation, he will soon be able to integrate with his own experience, not only to understand these special terms, but also to judge whether what the magician said is reasonable.

Although I said I could ignore it and desperately sell printing presses, ignoring whether the raw materials for making magic scrolls in a region are sufficient. But no one is a fool. When a business does not make money, the sales of this business will drop straight, or even zero in a region.

To do so, of course, is detrimental to your goodwill. And if you want to continue to make this money, you can only transport the machine to a farther place to sell it.

To put it simply, this is not a long-term business.

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