Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 668

“Mr. Ruan hopes that the sales of printing presses can drive the demand for iron ore, activate the mineral resources in your hands, and obtain maximum benefits. Unfortunately, it belongs to the production side. The printing press in demand is not a very good mass production target. If you want to play the value of owning a mineral deposit, you have to find commodities that belong to the consumer demand.”

until now maintain a gentleman’s attitude Ruan Wenyue had been persuaded to show a slightly frustrated look, and even planned to give up. However, someone’s concluding paragraph made him smell a different taste. Then I asked: “Since you can make such a distinction, does it mean you have other suitable technologies in your hands?”

With a profound mystery smile, Lin Cai said, “Let’s put it this way. Actually, my thoughts are very different. Simple, now that printing magic scrolls are in trouble, we must find a solution. The known problem is insufficient raw materials, but strictly speaking of which is not insufficient, but raw material reserves and production in a region The speed cannot keep up with the speed of consumption. The reason why the required materials are not dispatched from further places is because the cost of transportation cannot be added to the price of the finished reel indefinitely. After all, no one will do things that lose money. In this situation, what kind of solution would Mr. Ruan choose?”

Suddenly tested, not only Ruan Van is thinking more, but even the Fashen on the side is thinking. But it was the old gentleman of Chamber of Commerce who was asked, so he replied tentatively: “Looking for alternative magic ingredients?”

“Yes, this is what most people would think of. Method. But in fact, the material that can be used to print magic scrolls is the result of careful selection. It is so easy to find other alternatives. After all, what we have to do now is to “print” the magic scrolls. , Instead of copying it in the old way.──”

Although it’s just an ordinary statement of facts, it sounds like swearing and ignorant in the ears of others. So Lin hurriedly explained,

“──Of course, this is not to criticize Mr. Ruan, but people who have not personally contacted printing work, it is easy to overlook such blind spots. If you pay attention to Holy City Regarding the consumption of materials for making magic scrolls, it should be found that what is not enough is not the material that consumes the most in traditional scrolls.”

Ignoring the rather rude words just now, the more Ruan Wen recalled it. In his hands, information on the consumption of various materials about Holy City. The Chamber of Commerce at the level of their family will have their own channels to learn about this information, even without the help of forums.

The information may be incomplete and careful, but judging from the general situation, it is indeed as the magician said. The demonic beast skin and blood ink, which are mainly used to make magic scrolls, are not in short supply, but people who do printing are crying about the lack of materials.

Nguyen Wen Yue asked: “Since the problem of raw materials is difficult to solve, what method do you choose to solve this problem.”

“Transportation. Since it is farther away The cost of transportation of materials is too high and the time required is too long, so we should find ways to reduce this cost and shorten the transportation time.” Lin said confidently.

Ruan Wenyue’s reaction is not unpleasant. Thinking of this magician’s past rumors, he immediately asked: “Are you willing to cooperate with me to build an airship?”

Lin Xiaoxiao He shook his head and said, “It’s not an airship. There are not many parts on it that can be replaced with ordinary metal, and just a floating device, the cost of the thing is impossible low. This does not meet Mr. Ruan’s primordial needs, right? It’s relying on the minerals in your hands. What I want to do is to improve the way of transportation on land.”

The original bright eyes faded, and the more Nguyen Van thought of a transportation method that met this requirement, he suddenly became less interested. lack. “Do you want to build an agency train?”

“Oh, Mr. Ruan also knows about agency trains. If you want to come and be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of this means of transportation.” Although the wording is different from what you are used to, but Lin knew what it was as soon as he heard it, so he followed the nouns the other party used.

Nguyen Van Viet is nodded, and roughly said: “Although a lot of goods can be transported at one time, the route is fixed, the construction cost is huge, and the construction time is long. The disadvantages are as obvious as the advantages. The most important thing is that not all Lords are happy to let a track pass through their own territory, so in the work of maintaining the track, in addition to guarding against demonic beasts, guarding against robbers, or guarding against local lords. It can be said that an organ track is laid and there are enemies everywhere.”

“Mr. Ruan knows quite well about organ trains.” Lin praised.

“In the institution city of the old dwarf empire, there are still the organ train routes in the city, which are much more reliable than the remnants of the goblin empire. As long as you go to the institution city for work, everyone will use the train as much as possible. Moving. But those tracks that want to be laid out of the city not only encounter great resistance, but in fact, quite a lot of key internal technologies have been lost.”

Speaking of this, the more Ruan Wen suddenly thought of it. An intelligence, there are four silverbeard dwarves around this magician. And the dwarven empire of the past was not built with the silverbeard dwarves as the core. But agency trains are really not a good investment.

Of course, Nguyen Van Yue admits that if this project is done successfully, in addition to the backlog cost can not be quickly recovered, but it will also be profitable and harmless. But this is not something that his small body can support, even if the whole family is dragged into the water, it will be a little suspended.

Not to mention Controllers in other regions, how could it be possible to consider the suggestions of the lowest-ranked person. In the family, his voice is still too small.

Of course someone didn’t know the little theater in Nguyen Van Yue’s mind, but said: “Don’t mind if I use a magic to show the picture.”

Without consent, Lin uses whiteboard pen technique. Draw a conceptual drawing of a train, and said: “Although I have not personally seen the agency train of the Dwarven Agency City, it is nothing more than a powered locomotive, pulling the carriage behind which may be carrying people or cargo. Therefore, the track must be laid. The reason is that the weight of the front of the car makes the wheels and the road surface unable to bear its weight. Therefore, an exclusive road must be built to match the movement of the vehicle. Right.”

Although it is shown. The image of is not the official train that Nguyen Van Viet saw, but sections of car bodies and tracks are indeed its characteristics. In addition, he has explored the principles of organ trains, so he nodded agrees with this magician’s words.

“Then the first thing we need to do is to remove the track that restricts the freedom of the vehicle.” As he said, the railroad track depicted by the whiteboard pen technique moved towards Move away, then dissipate.

“Because the car body is too heavy, so we made it smaller and lighter.” Then, with both hands closed, the several carriages after the train disappeared one after another, and even the locomotive shrank. A big chunk.

“In order to carry our own weight and maintain the grip, we have to improve the shape of the wheel, instead of using the wheel of the carriage directly.” With a snap of his finger, the original wheel shape was changed to a larger one. Thick tires.

The big discovery after coming to Holy City is rubber. However, rubber has very few uses. It has only been used as tarpaulins, imaging raincoats or advanced field tents, and has not been used on a large scale.

Of course, Lin unceremoniously purchased large quantities to improve the engine’s seal and make tires. However, steel rims and tubeless tires have not yet been successfully developed. At this stage, a combination of pneumatic inner tubes and outer tires is used to make tires. However, the shape of the wheel rim is close to the modern car that Lin knows.

As for the changes that can be brought about by the miniaturization of organ trains, people who watch someone perform cannot understand for a while. Even giving up the advantage of transportation volume, Ruan Van Yue frowned slightly. So Lin did not stop to explain, but continued:

“The freedom of the car to choose the route is liberated, but it does not mean that you can go to the world, nowhere. But basically As long as it is a place where the carriage can pass, the miniaturized car can pass without special track laying. The track is not required, which also means that the vehicle can change its shape and structure according to the needs.”

Speaking, Lin changed the vehicle displayed by the whiteboard pen technique into the shape of an Earth antique convertible in the early twentieth century. “If you want to carry people, and if there are not many people, we only need to add a few seats behind the front of the car. If you want to carry a lot of people, ──”

With a flick, the line of the antique car becomes a big bus Looks like, “──We can increase the number of cars and increase the number of seats. If we don’t carry people, but only carry goods,──”

Flick the finger again, and the big bus will return to the original front, and A car body was added at the back. “We can add a carriage-like compartment to the rear of the vehicle. We need to carry more cargo. Of course, we need to enlarge and lengthen the rear compartment.”

Clap your hands again, and show you what you have shown. This kind of vehicle form is displayed at the same time. Lin said: “The advantage of miniaturization and diversification of vehicles is that those who need them can choose the models they buy according to their needs. Vehicles with more people or more goods require more space and more horsepower. So of course, the price of such a vehicle will be more expensive. But if the demand is not that large, you can choose a smaller vehicle.”

Seeing the person in front of him is still ignorant, Lin had to continue. Explained: “In the past, we invested a lot of money to build government trains and sold transportation services. However, after we miniaturized and diversified the cars, the production cost would of course drop significantly, so we could switch to selling cars. Customers can purchase a certain type of vehicle according to their own needs. Maybe there are also R&D costs to be flattened, but selling one and earning one is the most basic requirement.”

At a loss, there was no expression in his eyes. Lin wondered if he was slurred, or was the silly person really dismissive of mechanical products? I had to work harder and said: “Maybe you want the same function. I use carriage. Why should I switch to this kind of vehicle. But you can use it at a lower cost than caring for the horses. In a shorter period of time, Travel longer distances. Mr. Ruan, the main commodity of your Chamber of Commerce is grain. You can imagine that in the process of transportation, less than half of the manpower is needed, and the grain can be transported farther in the same time. Where to go, what does this represent.”

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