Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 669

I thought that the few people in front of me were either indifferent or indifferent to the high realm. But in someone’s investigation, some clues were still seen.

The heartbeat speed suddenly increased, the pupils dilated, and the breathing rate changed. In addition to these obscure signs, Dharma Saint Babak Abu Nahan raised his eyebrows, sitting behind Ruan Wenyue, his biological brother showed a suddenly realized and excited expression. But because his big brother maintained a pampered look, he immediately reduced his expression and returned to his original indifference when he realized it.

It’s just a bunch of old fox!

Now that I know that they are not as calm and composed as they are on the surface, then Lin knows how to deal with them. He stopped and continued his salivating lobbying, reached out his hand to pick up the slightly colder coffee and sipped it. Show that since you are not interested in listening, Lao Tzu is also not interested in continuing to speak.

The two sides held a stalemate like this for a while. Nguyen Van, who was the person involved, coughed more and then cleared his throat and said: “Your Excellency Tripwood, the vehicle you mentioned sounds pretty good. But there is no reality The results are available for reference, but can’t support me in making any decisions. So please don’t misunderstand my attitude. I am very willing to cooperate with you, but I should also have the right to choose cooperation projects.”

“Such concerns are reasonable, and I can understand. Well, today I happened to be driving a car and parked at the place where everyone parked the carriage. Although it was only an experimental product, and it was still a semifinished product, it should have similar functions. It is complete, otherwise I would not dare to come here. A few of you may be interested to move around and actually take a look at the “car” in my mouth.”

As soon as I heard it. There are real objects to see, where everyone will not be interested. Immediately they got up and greeted each other, and under the leadership of the waiter, they came to the place where the carriage parked outside the mansion.

After all, it’s the big winter, and it’s not time to leave, so both the coachman and the horse have a place to take shelter from the cold. Two waiters in thick coats carried oil lamps, leading the most important people in the banquet to the cold and cheerless carriage parking position.

The car prototype that Lin drove stopped in it, which was particularly conspicuous. The most important is the difference in car height. The carriages are quite high, and most people can stand up in the carriages, but only need to lower their heads slightly. The spokes are also large, making the overall height of the carriage much higher than the height of a person.

But for the all-metal vehicle, the highest point is no more than almost the chest. Excluding the front windshield, the height of the entire car body is almost at the waist of an adult.

With such a special appearance, no special introduction is needed. Everyone knows which protagonist is. They came to this brand-new shaped’car’ and stopped immediately, looking back at the magician who was slowing everyone up a step.

Across the crowd and approaching the car, Lin Xian used magic to blow away the snow on the seat. It seems that the silverbeard dwarves have to make an extra canopy. Driving a convertible in rainy or snowy weather is really self-abuse.

After cleaning up a bit, he walked to the passenger seat, Lin opened the door and motioned everyone to say: “I have said enough, a few of you are willing to take a ride and see for yourself. This new form of vehicle starts to move. The feeling? But first explain, because it is just a trial car, the seat cushion is only used as a sofa chair, but no high-grade flannel or leather seat is used. Although there is a windshield, it is inevitable to blow. In the future, it can be mass-produced. For products, of course, the interior can be changed according to the needs of customers.”

As a trader, Ruan Van Viet, under someone’s instructions, sat in the passenger seat and was instructed on how to tie it up. Safety belt. St. Babak Abu Na has a rare condition and needs to sit down in the driver’s seat.

Lin had to stop the senior who was eager to have a try and said: “Your Excellency, this is the driving position. If you want to experience it with you, you can sit in the back seat. “After speaking, I plan to move the driver’s seat so that people can sit in. This trial car is temporarily designed with two doors, and the rear seats can only pass from behind the front seats.

But although this beard is white, but the stamina is not inferior to the young guy, the Master Pharaoh, holding the frame of the car with his hands, jumped in and sat directly behind the golden blade of Malaysia Seat. “Let’s go, boy, see how the car you built runs.”

“Your Excellency, basically the rear seats are designed for three people, so there are also seat belts that can be fastened…. “

When someone didn’t finish speaking, the Fashen waved his big hand and said: “Don’t worry, I have never encountered any danger. This kind of seat belt is too intrusive. Don’t worry. I, just drive your car well.”

“Hey, flash to the side.” Fashen’s friend, the big magician Attila thief said with a smile: “The young man said, the back seat is fine. Sitting with three people, what does it mean that you are full by yourself. Why don’t you just lie down.” As he said, he jumped in from the other side. In the same posture, sitting comfortably.

Unfortunately, Nguyen Van Viet’s brother also wanted to get in the car, but the two in the back seat couldn’t afford to offend. There was obviously no extra space in the front seat, so they could only watch them eagerly. Lin could only shrug his shoulders and replied with a helpless expression. Soothing this one’s emotions, he got into the driver’s seat.

Ignite and start. The exhaust pipe emits bursts of rumbling sound, especially loud in this quiet night. Staying in the main house, the men and women who were chatting, looked towards the window to see what made such a loud noise. Some people even plan to come out.

I heard this sound a bit familiar, the experienced and knowledgeable great magician Attila asked: “This is the propulsion mechanism of the goblin airship?”

There are too many prefixes.’ The word “Goblin” is usually not a good thing. So Lin quickly explained: “This is a machine that I have improved and is very safe. I call it an engine. Don’t worry about it. Also, this prototype car is made of magic metal. It has both durability and strength. Quite high.”

Despite an explanation, Nguyen Van Viet’s brother who failed to get in the car took a few steps backwards, and even Van Viet himself had the urge to get out of the car. Only with good manners, he restrained himself, did not show any impolite expression, and sat on his seat.

Clutch, engage in gear, and lightly step on the accelerator. The vehicle was slow, but began to move smoothly. The few people sitting in the car had unpleasant expressions, looking at this all-metal car without any horses pulling in front of it. They have all been on the machine train before, and of course they will not be shocked by this miniaturized car.

Just… this kind of smoothness? Is it the chair? The two masters behind, twisted their hips unceremoniously, seeming to be looking for such a stable reason.

But this speed is really slow. Several people snickered in the heart, as if mocking a certain magician’s overestimate one’s capabilities.

When approaching the gate, Lin honked the horn of the car and said: “Open the gate, we are going to test the car.”

The gate guard hurriedly opened the iron gate. , Released this strange car that does not need horses to pull.

Steering smoothly, after driving onto the street, Lin turned his head and said to the people in the car: “I want to let go of the speed and run. Because it is a trial car, it will inevitably be a little uncomfortable. Place, please forgive me.” After that, step on the accelerator!

In the trial car No. 1 completed by the Silverbeard Dwarf, all aspects of adjustment and collocation have not yet reached a balanced state. This means that although there is a 40-horsepower, 2000c.c. four-cylinder engine, but no tires with enough grip have been found. On the one hand, the snow was drifting and the ground was slippery, causing the rear wheel of the driving wheel to spin idling for a while, forming a tire grinding condition.

But when the tire heat increased, and the snow and moisture on the ground were also discharged, the whole car rushed out.

Perhaps according to my experience in Earth, the acceleration and speed of this car are really not very good. But for the indigenous people who have never experienced the lost land, the sudden acceleration has already frightened them once, and they have stretched out their hands to grab the places they can grasp and fix their bodies.

The horse is dragging the carriage, and the traveling speed is about 20 kilometers per hour according to someone’s measurement. Ride a horse alone, up to sixty or seventy kilometers. Further up, it is no ordinary horse. At least the demonic beast level will have a higher land speed.

However, it is easy for the trial car to exceed the speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Slightly more on the accelerator, the speed exceeds the normal traveling speed of the carriage. As for the top speed… it is about to be tested now.

The cold wind in the winter night blew the faces of the four people in the car, and even the windshield was of no use. The only advantage is that there is no who on the road. This kind of spooky weather, whether it is a drunk, a prostitute or a pleasure seeker, will automatically disappear from the street without being rushed.

The cold wind of whistled past reminds the people in the car how fast it is now.

In the era when there is no accurate speedometer, everyone’s judgment on speed is determined entirely by body speed, and then compare whether they have similar experience. And now everyone feels like riding a horse, running wildly in the winter night. Rather than admiring the speed of this car, more people are calling themselves mental illness, and they actually eat wind in a convertible in this kind of weather!

But no matter how fast the straight line is, I always have to look back and return to the mansion where the banquet was held. Lin deliberately opened this road with the intention that there will be a fountain on a certain section of the road, and that place is still a small square.

Think of the fountain as a circle, and the forest after slowing down, the steering wheel slammed. I wanted to flick through the ring. But in the end, the four tires were able to hold the ground firmly, and the centrifugal force made the body tilt slightly and circled the fountain without any danger.

most important I still have little confidence in the grip of the tires. If you are so handsome that you get out of control and cause a car accident, there will be ghosts in the business. Fight the straight line speed, you can show the advantage of this car over the carriage. Fancy driving skills should not be needed yet.

I don’t know if the guests in the car are afraid of the cold winter wind in their mouths, or are they really speechless. Until Lin drove the car back to the mansion where the banquet was held, they still didn’t say a word, just firmly fixed themselves on their seats.

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