Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 670

When the car is parked, many youngsters are already on the sidelines. Mainly because the engine and exhaust noise of this car is too obvious in such a quiet night, of course, it will arouse everyone’s curiosity.

Turn off the engine and get out of the car. However, the three passengers in the car did not realize that they still clung to the part of the car body that they could grasp, until the brother of Nguyen Van Viet ran closer and concerned. One sentence: “big brother, are you okay.” The three returning souls remembered to get out of the car.

Because he didn’t plan to turn tonight into a driving training class, Lin politely refused everyone’s request to test the car or go for a drive. Instead, he instructed the waiters to bring the cold winds into the house to burn out the cold and drink some warm tea.

Fortunately, the three human bodies are quite good, and there should be nothing wrong with this wind. The two magicians in the combat troops have nothing to say. Even Ruan Van Viet, who is a businessman, is also a good fighter in Lin’s observation. I dare not ask him to fight on the front line, but he should protect himself in the face of emergencies. It shouldn’t be a problem. Even more how is just blowing the air.

As for himself, Lin is not worried at all. Knowing what kind of situation will be faced, how could it not be prepared in advance. An apprentice-level magic of the Formation of Wind, it is very simple to straighten out the changes in the airflow around him, and let the cold wind automatically avoid itself. This was originally to control the airflow around him, and attack the arrow-type projectiles at the biased magic, trifling the cold wind, so why is it true?

Returning to the little Sand Dragon who was talking before, the old deacon who had been following Ruan Wenyue invited the youngsters who had followed in. And the three Seniors who had a cold breeze, after a few cups of hot tea, exhaled heavily, and their eyes gradually recovered. Only then did they seem to have returned to their souls, and their openings were a series of questions.

Lin can be said to answer every question meticulously, and even put forward some observations from the carriage data as evidence. In addition to the detailed design structure and parameters not given, other questions whether normal or abnormal, such as whether it is possible to go to the sky and the sea, whether it can jump, whether it can be installed on the house, and drag the whole house away. Kind of, Lin Du answered one after another.

But Ruan Van Yue deserves to be a businessman. After a series of technical and cranky questions, he immediately turned the conversation back to the point. Question: “Your Excellency Tripwood, how much is the manufacturing cost of such a car, can you disclose it?”

“Not counting the cost of labor and design, I didn’t calculate the cost of materials only. , But it should also break through Xbar Gere (10,000 gold).”

Someone’s uncanny answer immediately dimmed everyone’s piercing eyes. Ten thousand gold is definitely not a cost that an ordinary person can afford. Even a large businessman or a large nobleman will not necessarily pay the bill.

After all, the fascinating luxury car culture has not yet emerged, and no one will blindly pursue more luxurious, faster and rarer cars. Not to mention that after the car is bought, there are all kinds of fuel, consumables and maintenance.

Of course, if you use some means to wrap it up, you can still fool the fool to pay a lot of money, but it doesn’t make sense to do so. The positioning of this thing should not be a boutique route, but a popular one. It is best to be able to ruin the streets and completely change the lives of people who are lost. It is only right to go deep into it.

So in the face of everyone’s disappointment, Lin laughed and said: “Don’t say you think it’s expensive, even I think the price is very expensive. But it’s just to verify that the structure is feasible, not the final To become a commercial vehicle.”

“Oh, is there any difference?” Ruan Wenyue asked.

“This prototype car is all made of magic metal. This is to facilitate the use of magic shaping to change the structure of the part, and when confirming that the structure of a part is incorrect or not needed , Can be quickly reduced to metal ingots and reused, that’s all. The two major features of magic metal are that it can add magic effects, and the strength of the metal is much higher than that of ordinary metal. However, the structure of this car requires additional magic There is almost no effect, and the problem of metal strength can also be solved by smelting technology. That is to say, more than 99% of the structure can be replaced with ordinary metal, or even wood or other lighter ordinary materials. I predict that the ordinary car models that eventually become commodities should be able to reduce the material cost to XXX Kiel (30 gold). The price is set at C Kiel (100 gold). I think this price is acceptable to those who can accept it. It will increase a lot.”

This number is not somebody’s nonsense. The birth of this prototype car, of course, let Lin see a lot of deficiencies, and it is the kind that can’t be replaced by magic materials. The most important of these shortcomings is the tires.

The test just now made Lin understand that the current tire grip is far from insufficient. In this case, in addition to finding ways to improve the tire formula, the easiest way is to reduce the speed limit, that is, change to a lower horsepower engine to avoid the vehicle losing control due to excessive speed in some extreme environments. , Resulting in an accident.

Small horsepower means that there can be practices that do not require material strength, that is, the engine material may be built without magic metal. Coupled with the sealing properties of rubber, the engine performance has also been improved. Once you come and go, the cost is reduced.

Lin even intends to introduce material science into the mysterious land, replacing magic metal with alloys. After all, if the vehicle is a pure fuel engine, it has nothing to do with magic. It would be a waste to insist on using magic metal and only take its material strength.

Even if it is a hybrid engine, there is a limited number of places to mark the magic array, and most of the car body can still be made of ordinary metal. Not to mention the general type of car, there is no need for a steel plate a few centimeters thick throughout. Some unimportant places can be covered with a thin metal sheet. Even cheaper materials can be considered. Therefore, it is possible to suppress the price of 30 gold.

In addition to the renewed brilliance in the eyes of a few people, there is also a bit more inexplicable and inexplicable flavor. The familiar Dharma sage hooked up on someone’s shoulder again and said, “Boy, you can do it, XXX Gere’s things, you plan to sell C Gere. Are you selling other things like this?”

Fasheng Babak Abu Nahan suddenly thought of other commodities related to this man whether they were all sold at such a watering price. Suddenly I felt upset and planned to pick a little bit from the other party’s purse.

Lin said with a bitter smile: “Your Excellency Dharma, what I calculate is only the cost of materials, not including the design cost and the remuneration of the manufacturer. You can never ask these people to do nothing, you take the iron What is the price of the mine, the processed products must be at the same price.”

However, the more Ruan Van thought about it, it was another matter. He asked: “Your Excellency, since this industry is profitable, why didn’t you choose to cooperate with the big magician Kabanbai? You are willing to take it out and cooperate with me.”

This question is not just for him. I want to know, even the two magicians next to me want to know. Although Midi does not have the sentence’a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first’, the truth is still valid.

The answer to this question is not hard to think of. Lin directly said: “Because the direction is different. If I want to build this car today that can run faster, can push heavier carriages, can be made bigger or smaller, or just add some more. For special functions, of course I will work with the head of the Kabanby Academy. But today, my idea is to build this car at a cheaper cost and build it in accordance with the needs of the customer, that is, the user, as little as possible. Use magic, but find a way that ordinary craftsmen can use to build this car. Compared to a big magician, I think a businessman who understands customer needs will be a better partner.”

The truth is so simple that the few people present can understand it immediately. After experiencing the speed of the vehicle, they certainly have some ideas. However, these thoughts are just like what the magician in front of me said, what the saint Babak Abu Nahan and the great magician Attila are thinking about how to make the car faster; as a businessman, the more Ruan Van is thinking about how to use it. Obtained at a cheaper cost.

This is not to say that what merchants think about all day is how to sloppy-work. Facing the same commodity, it is the nature of the merchant to produce more at a cheaper cost. The difference lies in who the benefits go to after the cost drops.

If the merchant is ignorant, and the things he sells are also shoddy, such behavior is of course undesirable. But if the cost drops at the same time, the price also drops, and clearly tell others the difference between before and after. Emphasize that you get what you pay for, so that buyers can choose the product level according to their own circumstances. How can it be said that the businessman has done something wrong.

To put it simply, the high-end market must be accounted for, and the low-end market must also be accounted for. Of course, the more real businessmen treat the market, the more the better. And this kind of pursuit is exactly what the big magician Kabanbai’s level of expert would not care about.

After listening to the magician’s thoughts, Ruan Van Yue also understands his role. Faced with this opportunity that seemed to have a good chance of winning, he already had an idea in his mind. There is just one more question, you have to ask clearly. “If we cooperate, what do you want my family to do?” After all, it is a business that has never existed before. So how to cooperate, to be honest, he was still a bit at a loss.

“hehe, several people have already experienced the success of the trial car. This also proves that the structure of the car is feasible. Then, the next step is to continue to experiment and explore. To use In addition to the formula of alloy materials, ordinary metal is the manufacturing process. How to make gears, how to make steel plates with curved arcs, these parts production methods that cannot be directly used by magic shaping, need Mr. Ruan The focus of cooperation.”

Speaking of this, Lin still maintained the original bitter face, saying: “That is to say, don’t look at the cost of my XXX Kiel vehicle, but sell it to C Kiel. Go, there is no calculation of the time and wages that will be spent on research and development. If the final product is not sold enough, losing money is not an impossible thing.”

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