Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 671

A frustrating remark made by someone is only used as an adjustment in the conversation, and no one takes it seriously.

For Ruan Van Viet, who has spent most of his life in the Chamber of Commerce, there is nothing that cannot be sold, only when there is nothing to sell.

The mystery of this era is that even the regional economy can’t be called. The smithy and carpentry shop in the same place have little trouble. Those who can gain a foothold under the name of’Chamber of Commerce’ are organizations that can communicate with multiple places and exchange what is needed. As long as things are delivered to the place where they are needed, they must be sold at a premium, impossible and unsalable.

But this does not mean that you will not lose money. The first point is, where is what is needed? The original Chamber of Commerce relied on its organization to obtain news from various places, and then coordinate the allocation of the underlying resources to obtain the greatest benefits. This advantage has not been monopolized by the big Chamber of Commerce since the forum was launched, and the number of small business groups has therefore increased.

Another important point is the cost of transportation. Even if the bulls and horses of the cart, the helpers of the team or the guards are not paid, they always need food to eat. The longer the transportation distance and the more time it takes, the more significant the transportation cost will be. And this cost is the most important factor that makes profitable goods lose money. This does not count as a situation where an accident occurs during transportation and the property is lost.

Cars can be said to be a cross-age commodity, and it is a great tool to change the transportation form of the mysterious land. For Ruan Family people, even if they don’t sell them to the outside world, they develop cars specifically to transport food to their caravans. As long as they can maintain the speed they have just experienced, the value they can create in the family business should not be underestimated.

So the less Ruan Van considered the possibility of failure, he decided to cooperate with the magician in front of him.

It’s just this kind of cooperation, there has never been a precedent, so of course he has to ask for details. If you are in business, it’s okay to be unclear. “Your Excellency Tripwood, our Chamber of Commerce is very honored to establish a good cooperative relationship with you. I don’t know how you need us to cooperate?”

Biological brother is still clear about the settlement, for this kind of cooperation with others , The most taboo is not a charter. So after thinking for a while, Lin said, “Build a R&D and manufacturing center outside Holy City to be responsible for research and production of cars. In addition to providing technical support and designing blueprints, I also have a prototype car for research and reference. . You are responsible for recruiting research manpower and necessary materials, including blacksmiths, magicians, etc. As for materials, except for iron ingots, all the metals that can be collected are delivered. Timber is a good solution, not to build a big ship, so the wood is not very particular about it. , The woods around Holy City can be obtained.”

The attitude towards the land of this era is completely different from that of Earth. In Earth, the borders of all countries are bordered by each other. Except for the sea and the open sea, there is no such thing as an unowned land on the land. Most people’s perception of the’land without a master’ is actually state-owned land. Chopping trees and hunting casually above are all acts of violation of the law.

But in the lost land, the registered land is of course protected by local laws, but the attitude towards the wasteland belongs to whoever reclaims wasteland. This is the reason why Holy City Estali continues to expand outward.

If in other corners, human beings would have to open up wasteland with fear, for fear of being eaten raw by the demonic beast, which is so hungry. But in Holy City, as long as you have the heart to deal with those woods, plan roots, and clear stones, you are not afraid of wild beasts or demonic beasts.

No matter how many and strong those laborious beasts are, how many magicians are there? Is there a magic tower? If some native residents of Holy City are not afraid of trouble, they will build houses outside.

With this kind of barbaric growth, no one has thought about planning well. Everyone plays like this anyway, and of course someone will follow the trend. The technical guild that Uzov was in charge of at the time was also divided in this way, and now it is not growing vigorously.

The workshop of the silverbeard dwarf at home seems to have some sci-fi colors. But in terms of scale, it’s just a little bigger than the garage. It’s hard to engage in research and development and mass production. There is a Chamber of Commerce as the backing, of course impossible like a player’s house wine.

However, the exact size depends on how much the head of the Chamber of Commerce in front of you dares to invest. I glanced up and down at Ruan Van Yue, and if you are divided into peace talks, there must always be an argument. Lin said: “As for the income, after deducting the cost and personnel expenses, the initial investment is amortized by installment depreciation, and the remaining profit is divided into fifty to five. If there is any decision, it will be implemented after both parties discuss and agree. “At the end, I also explained what is meant by’instalment amortization’.

Basically somebody’s proposal is to give up half of his decision-making power. Even so, Nguyen Van Viet’s brother, Nguyen Van Chao still said: “Your Excellency, if you are willing to develop, why not put these R&D and manufacturing centers near the iron ore owned by my family. A large amount of raw materials can be used nearby and shipped. Holy City will have to spend a lot of transportation expenses.”

The Nguyen brothers focused on the location of construction and development, but they didn’t have any opinion on the share ratio that someone said later. Based on their experience of working with magician, there are basically only two modes. They hire magician to do things, or they cooperate with magician, it will not happen that they work under magician.

Because even if it is a cooperative model, the magicians of the maze rarely intervene in specific business behaviors. Most of them still rely on the organization of Chamber of Commerce to carry out production and sales links. Therefore, when encountering things, they are all discussed, avoiding laymen to lead experts.

In such an environment, it seems that Faye is easily killed by merchants. The fact is otherwise.

A magician that can be recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and cooperates with a cooperative model is definitely not a little shrimp that anyone can handle. It would be a trivial matter to see blood if you provoke a person like Mao Mao.

If you dare to say that the things in the magician’s mind are worthless, such a Chamber of Commerce can not irritate the magician group, and can still live until the next day is not completely destroyed, it must have great abilities. However, this kind of Chamber of Commerce with great abilities did not exist yet.

The intellectuals of the cream of the crop are almost synonymous with the most dangerous existence of the cream of the crop. Those who do not do business will find themselves uncomfortable. even more how The one who was serving in front of him was still a Faye who didn’t know the depth. No one really dared to use him as a wage earner.

But the meaning of discussing everything is to express your thoughts correctly. If no one can persuade anyone, it depends on who wants to back down, or seek common ground while reserving differences, and negotiate a plan that both parties can agree on. Midi has no such concepts as shareholding system or proportion. As long as it is a cooperative nature, everyone is equal.

For this reason, Lin explained: “I don’t know the location of your family’s minerals. But for research and development, the most important thing is talent. In terms of human resources, I believe that there are not many places that are better than Holy City is even better. If Mr. Ruan’s manpower cannot solve the problem, I may not be able to find a suitable solution for a while. With so many magicians in Holy City, there will always be someone who has a solution. So I think it is for the automotive industry. The 1st Step should be carried out in Holy City instead of worrying about the transportation cost of raw materials, so it should be placed near a pit where birds do not shit. Not to mention that if the funds are sufficient, we can hire more people and form more R&D teams. Take the same approach and standardize the manufacturing process of cars using ordinary metals. The sooner this goal is achieved, the sooner we can achieve profitability by manufacturing and selling cars. After that, we only need to retain one or two of the most outstanding R&D teams, and then Continue to study diligently. This kind of advantage is impossible to achieve outside of Holy City.”

This arrangement of someone, according to his own vision, has almost no confidentiality measures at all. . The same is true for the production of printing presses. Although it is useful to distribute the parts and make it more difficult for others to copycats, it only increases the difficulty and is not really anti-blocking.

Of course, he also thought about keeping secret technology, eating alone, holding money, and building magic towers. But after thinking about it seriously, it makes no sense to do so.

If you join a certain force today, or travel back to a certain dynasty in the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, facing the pressure of foreign invasion and total destruction, using advanced technology to crush the backward natives, It has a gluttonous taste.

But today I am lonely, and there is no country that gives me a sense of belonging. Before crossing by himself, his popularity was so good that he could even choose a monitor in elementary school, so he didn’t consider self-organizing forces and dominating the king. Not to mention that, even these people gathered around don’t worry about it.

So for the advanced technology in your hands, the best way is to charge the person who throws the iron to the front and pick up some cheapness in the back. And to make people rush silly, of course, there must be enough benefits as an incentive.

To accumulate one’s wealth by casting the net widely and hiding behind the scenes can be said to be someone’s policy over the past few years.

After all, being in the world of Lost Land, which has individual mighty power, financial strength, power, and power are ultimately not comparable to strength. It’s really meaningless to hold money.

It’s just that for someone, his concession is not appreciated. Ruan Van Chau smiled contemptuously, and said: “If I say that our family firmly disagrees, set that center in Holy City, must be located in our family’s territory. What will you do? Your Excellency Magician.” /p>

“At that time, I can only entrust this set of ideas to the craftsmen of the technical guild, who will research and solve the problem. This is just a longer research and development cycle, and the return to the cost will be slower. that’s all. But, I’m not in a hurry at all.” Lin laughed.

Such an answer, of course, is to choke people to speechless. Lin just needs to explain that you are here to beg me on this matter, not me. Who will show the sample of Na Qiao?

At this time, Ruan Van Yue, who was his own brother, certainly wanted to come forward to make ends meet. In fact, the actions of his own brother just now were not instructed by him. He just kept silent and watched the developments. However, just like my own guess, unreasonable requests for trouble with this magician are not good enough.

“Your Excellency Tripwood, I agree to all your terms. It is not a problem to establish our Chamber of Commerce base in Holy City, and to develop a R&D center.”

“This is really true very good.”

The Fashen Babak Abu Nahan, who has been on the sidelines, suddenly said: “You are willing to accept other collaborators?”

Ruan Van Yue frowned for the first time. But Lin smiled like a flower blooming, and said: “The more the better.”

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