Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 672

Someone spoke nicely, but he still asked the Master Fashen who he wanted to introduce.

To this day, he doesn’t need to plug people in, bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections, to make himself easy to handle. Nguyen Van Viet also has the same attitude. He can tolerate a magician with unique skills on the same level as him, but it does not mean that he will accept other collaborators.

Know that everyone is discussing it now. But in actual practice, it is inevitable to have to break things up and separate the boss and the second. If people who are not strong enough want to join this round, they will be eliminated every minute.

Even the Dharma sage in front of him, if he wants to join, he can only put down his figure and become the leader of the R&D team, not qualified to be a collaborator. Because he doesn’t have the most core technology, he can’t afford the investment of Ruan Family in terms of money and effort.

However, the candidates mentioned by Babak Abu Nahan made everyone lose their temper. One of the sixteen Grand Duke of the Gwana Empire, the Grand Duke of Kawi who is closest to Holy City Estali.

“Duke Kavi is one of the few imperial aristocrats, one of the few men I can see. Although he is far away from the center and does not have much power, he must not be underestimated. Nothing else. Said that there are many mines in his dukedom, but many of them have stopped mining now. If you can make effective use of those minerals and make a lot of money, I believe he will be very interested.”

The reason why Nguyen Van Yue can’t do anything about it is because the Grand Duke Kawi is a patron of the Jialong Chamber of Commerce of the Nguyen family. He wanted to transport the iron ore produced by the family mine to Holy City, and he couldn’t get around the domain of the grand duke.

You must know that the Chamber of Commerce, which is in the middle of the world, is actually very similar to the ancient Chinese escort. The lost noble lords are legitimate bandits and bandits. If these people are not satisfied, a large number of goods are walking on other people’s turf. It is absolutely good luck not to be robbed. It is normal to be robbed, and it is a loss of wealth and wealth. Normal operation, the anti-killing wave is the prelude to courting death.

So in such a situation, if the grand prince really joins this round, Nguyen Van Viet will immediately become the third child, and he can only watch the magician arguing with the grand prince, vying for the second child, and he I don’t have to fight for anything.

But when Fasheng wanted to introduce such a duke to join the car manufacturing business, Lin just smiled. He saw too much of the situation where the youngster went to invest in those landlords’ old wealth with a sound-sounding idea, but was humiliated so much that he wanted to dig a hole to bury himself.

Although the duke is not necessarily such a person, the Master Pharaoh is not a young man with a hairless mouth, but now that the characters have not been written, there is no need to send too much expectations. . It’s not that he is afraid of disappointment afterwards, but whether the grand prince has joined or not, or whether the Nguyen family in front of him really wants to join, the matter of making cars is just a game of play for him.

His purpose is just that’s all that is the car parked outside now. What I want to do now is to make the car more complete to make it easier for me to travel. The idea of ​​relying on selling cars as a major event industry has long since faded.

In fact, since leaving the Great Sage Tower, he has been wandering for so long, and he has already let him see some facts clearly. The fascination in this era wants to build a magic tower of its own, but it is not just a matter of funding.

A three to five-layer high building is made of magic materials. The amount required is not comparable to building a Demon Sword or a set of full-cover magic armor. The difficulty with such a large amount of materials is that money may not necessarily buy them all!

Those magician families or inheritance that have accumulated over several generations and are finally enough to build a tower will spend that much time. In fact, they are not accumulating the wealth they need, but relying on the efforts of generations. To collect the required materials.

Or to be honest, from the advent of the forum designed by someone to the present, all the money has been saved, and I dare not say that you can buy all the materials to build a three-story magic tower, at least one or two. Layer is not a problem. But even if you save that many money, the reality is that if you want to throw it, there is nowhere to throw it.

Anxiously want to buy a large number of specific products in the market and put them on Earth. People like this are not being ripped off as a fat sheep, and there will be ghosts. Midi is not much better in this respect. Even if you don’t get a stroke, no one will hoard the materials that can build a magic tower, and it is bound to be transported from afar. The shipping fee is also impossible to be absorbed by Chamber of Commerce, so it will naturally be added to the selling price.

Even if you want to build a tower in Borderlands, you still need to transport the required materials to the construction site, and you need to help build it. If it is a magician with too shallow foundation, and someone stumbles in the process, let alone building a magic tower, it is still a question whether one can return to the civilized world alive.

In other words, if you don’t have the ability to support yourself to build a tower, even if you have accumulated the funds you need in this life, you can still only look at a pile of Gold Coins.

As for the use of the money to fight for the inheritance of the Masterless Towers whose owners passed away? According to a source that is not an outsider, Gabrach ‧ Tripwood has become a blacklisted object on the Magician Association. The succession of the tower is impossible to him anyway. The incomprehension of the Great Sage Tower makes these people very wary.

Anyway, there are no certain rules of the game regarding the choice of inheritance rights. It depends entirely on who the local division will assign to and who will inherit it. It is very difficult to find a magic tower like the Great Sage tower in the sky. It is very difficult to find a magic tower that people hate ghosts for a few years. Want to pick up the leak again, the chance is slim.

Perhaps, the end of my life will be in Holy City Estali. Someone thought so.

After wandering for a few years, I finally settled on one thing. I am a house. The life of’the world is so hot, I want to go and see’, is really not suitable for me.

But this is not the time when someone can think about it. After Nguyen Van Viet decided to join the automobile business, he had already started negotiations with Lin on the preliminary plan. He will actively do this, which is also considered a rainy day.

Despite his good reputation, Duke Carvey is indeed a personality that doesn’t matter. But how could a ducal family fail to cultivate a shrewd and capable auxiliary family to become steward, deacon, and family management. Those people are released as traders, and their wrist skills are all predator-level figures.

If Grand Duke Carvey is really interested in the automobile business, before that Duke officially joins, he should discuss some conditions with the magician in front of him, decide on the distribution of benefits, and even start the plan. This can be considered to form a natural alliance to fight against the strong man who suddenly joined.

Don’t let the grand prince come forward to dominate everything, swallow all the benefits, and you can only become a waste of work. Because if you want to make any changes to the arrangements that have already been activated, you must first consider whether it will disrupt the established plan and cause overall losses. Not to mention the use of brutal methods to intervene, that will only arouse public anger.

Of course the magicians present can see this thought. Even Nguyen Van Yue will more or less reveal the meaning of wooing in his words. In this regard, I’m indifferent expression. Anyway, it’s a game of chess. As long as you don’t get kicked out of the game, you will not care too much about how much you can do.

It is the two Nguyen brothers. Once they started business negotiations, the two of them sang the white face and the black face, and they were so proficient in their skills. This is not the first time they want to come to this kind of thing. The most commendable thing is that you will feel pressure in your speech, but you will not feel disgusted.

If it is an ordinary person, I am afraid that this series of offensive will be confusing. But as far as Lin is concerned, he is impatient to bet too much effort on this anyway, and it is understandable to let the other party do more.

But the key part is that you still have to hold it. There is no such thing as reap without sowing in this world. I think that I only pay money and don’t work hard. I don’t care about anything else. I just sit and wait to collect the money, and I will be eaten up sooner or later.

Wait until the first round of negotiation comes to an end, and it is also time for the banquet to end. After all, the pace of life in Midi is not as rushed as the advanced metropolises of Earth. Except for some research that can’t be interrupted, no one will fight night for work. So after Nguyen Van Viet agreed to visit his home tomorrow to discuss the follow-up content, everyone left today.

Of course, someone on the return journey is still driving that semifinished product car, stepping on the accelerator in the envied eyes of a group of youngsters, and walking away.

The magician who was invited is single to the party, so he comes and goes like wind. Others brought their families with them. They said they were leaving, and the waiters who were in charge of driving the car had to be in a hurry. Pull the horse out of the stable and put it on the cart. In order of status, whoever can get in and leave first will have to wait a little longer. But busy returning to busy, still chaos and orderly.

Whether it is Fasheng Babak Abu Nahan and his friends, students, or members of the Nguyen family of the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, they all have a place in Holy City. They borrowed this aristocratic mansion just to hold a banquet.

As a controller of one of the branches of the Nguyen family, Nguyen Van Viet and his brother Nguyen Van Chao were sitting in the same carriage and left. Outside the car are two rows of trotter guards with back guns, and the two brothers sit firmly in them.

When the carriage drove away from the aristocratic mansion, Nguyen Van Chau, who had been holding back his words, finally spoke up and asked, “Big brother, why don’t you insist on setting the center near our mine?” p>

“What is the reason for having to do this?”

“On our site, we have the final say. If the magician is not convinced, just kick him out. a trifling Magician, what qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with us.”

“If he only has a technology like a car, I will consider doing the same as you. But have you ever thought about what else he has , Airships, ship-cutting knives, printing presses, and even his technology to transform the magic tower, each has considerable benefits. If you follow your approach, it is equivalent to severing the probability of other cooperation, isn’t it. “

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