Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 674

Lin said with a smile: “Just accept it. Please give me another broth and bread. And–” Lin turned around and asked, “–You want wine Is it?”

The young magician hiding behind someone is nodded like a chicken pecking rice, Lin turned around and said: “Give me two more wheat bars. Is this enough?”

“That’s too much.” The fat shopkeeper stuffed a few Gold Coins back into Lin’s hands, took only two of them, and said, “Find a seat for yourself.” Then he left to prepare.

The reason why Lin enters the door without making trouble is because he guessed that he would tolerate someone owing some wine and food on credit, and his character It shouldn’t be bad. And from the fact that he only takes part, not all, he knows that the opponent knows how to score. It is important to know that according to the consumption level of the average tavern, the five Gold Coins that Lin just took out can probably be eaten here for free for a long time.

This is not because the other party is afraid of magician. Ordinary residents living in Estali, Holy City, when faced with magicians, they are usually neither humble nor overbearing, instead of bowing everywhere like slaves and living trembling with fear. In addition to the self-discipline of the magician group, the prosecutors hanging around are also a big reason.

The magician cannot be completely separated from the ordinary person group, just like noble nobles, they still need farmers and soldiers to maintain his wealth and authority. Therefore, when there is a dispute between the magician and the ordinary person, most of the inspectors who come to the arbitration are being on the side of righteousness rather than the side of emotions.

But such a civilized performance is only in the glamour of Holy City. But for an ordinary person, this kind of life is pretty good. As for those who voluntarily walk into the dark side, of course another set of rules applies. But as long as you don’t walk into the shadows yourself, everyone still abides by the rules.

This is also the reason why the fat shopkeeper throws a magician who owes money to go out and is not afraid. Of course, although he himself does not know magic, he is also a man of ability. However, opening a shop is always doing business. Now that someone has paid off the debt, he has no reason not to continue doing business. So the hot broth and the softly served bread were quickly served. There are two large glasses of ale at the same time.

These things can be regarded as the most high-end dishes in the tavern. It’s been a long time since the young travellers from Italy had eaten such a good meal, and because they were really hungry, they gobbled up on the spot.

Of course, there are conversations in Italian and lingua franca. It’s just that I’m eating something in my mouth, my speech is vague, and emotional, it’s amazing to really understand two of the ten sentences.

This is the case, Lin probably clarified the situation of this youngster.

He came to this World suddenly two years ago, when he was about fourteen years old. It was similar to someone’s experience, but was taken in by a kind old magician. But after that, it was different from someone’s experience, because within half a year, the old magician died. After that, he lived alone until today.

“So, the golden ear line on your body is fake.”

The young magician who was exposed, said in shame: “Yes, this is the one who takes care of me. Old magician’s relic. I was his last apprentice. After I buried him, I took his leftover property, including this magician shawl.”

Lin sighed, really bold youngster. No wonder that in his own detection, the power level of this youngster is at best an ordinary beginner apprentice, not even a link. Said: “Listen to my advice, take down the golden spike line. I am posing as a magician, if the inspector finds out, the matter will be very serious.”

Because of the adventurer flow Sex, when a group of people come to a new location, their identity is a difficult problem. In most cases, it is the adventurer or magician who self-reports, and the person at the new location will register it. Except for the title with the prefix’big’, which needs to be recognized.

Being so relaxed, in addition to the difficulty of verification, another reason is that no one has to be responsible for others, only oneself is responsible for oneself. Obviously he is only a magic apprentice, but he has to pretend to be a magician and take on tasks beyond his abilities. Who will die?

Just to avoid such fakes, it doesn’t matter to kill oneself, but also to implicate the teammates who are adventurous together. Fascinated, there will still be penalties for such people who pretend to be. Don’t think that you can be fined or go to jail. Usually it is either an arm, a leg, or a life.

So after learning about the fellow’s situation, Lin couldn’t help but warn him that this kind of behavior was unacceptable.

As if knowing that he did it, it was really not good, so the youngster replied with kindness and pulled off the golden ear line in one fell swoop, and put it in his arms.

Frankly speaking, there is no substantial difference between having a magician identity or an apprenticeship and walking in this World. Maybe everyone would be quite respectful to the magician wearing the golden ear line, but the money that should be collected will not be less than a cent. When they realized that this person was just a paper tiger, it was useless to hang up ten golden threads.

Some aggressive people dare to move even genuine magicians, even more how are fake magicians. On the contrary, the counterfeit also has to worry about the moment he is exposed, what kind of death it will be. The youngster hung up before, but because no one mentioned it, he didn’t pay attention. When someone uncovered, this golden ear line was closed without the slightest hesitation.

The two people couldn’t help asking each other about the problem after solving the eye-catching Jinsui line. The youngster only said that he was from Florence, which was ruled by the Medici family, and he had to ask in detail, but he couldn’t say more. From Lin’s observation, it was not deliberately concealed, but really didn’t know.

As far as someone knows about European history, the Medici family is the old nobleman of Western Europe. But it seems that the family of such a family was cut off in the eighteenth century, and before that, Florence had always been the nest of their family. This shows that the youngster in front of me is a European before the eighteenth century.

Because knowledge was not as popular as modern Earth in Europe at that time, I wanted to ask this youngster for more information about his hometown, especially the time period he belonged to. I didn’t know one question. I can only say some of the customs of Florence in his impression, and they are all trivial things.

But someone is not a professional in European history, and he has no way of inferring about the mountains and waters. Suddenly Lin thought of something and asked: “Do you know the Pope?”

The youngster biting the bread widened, and after swallowing quickly, he drew a cross on his chest and said, “Of course I do. .”

“Who is the pope in your mind?”

“It seems to be Pius II, but I have heard that it was replaced by Paul II. I live In the countryside, I’m not very sensitive to this kind of news.”

…Well, someone can remember the order of the twenty-two history of Qing China, it’s already amazing. As a science student, I don’t have the ability to memorize the emperor list, and I have never even checked it, let alone the pope list of Tian Bishop. So, I asked for nothing.

In short, the young Italian young man is called Leonardo and has no surname.

European civilians before the eighteenth century had no surnames, it was normal. At that time, only nobles had surnames.

The name Leonardo, I don’t feel it. This is the name of the vegetable market in Italy, think about Li Boy who later took the Titanic. It is not unreasonable that people in Europe and the United States often live in the second and third generations.

Homeless, claiming to be able to do everything. So after he ate and drank enough, Lin took him home. With just that mouthful of Italian, someone is impossible to leave him alone. Fellowship, isn’t it just being able to help, just help. If something goes wrong later, think about it later. If you don’t help because you are afraid of problems, you will feel even more sad.

Furthermore, the other party is obviously from a different era. why? If someone doesn’t find out about this problem, it’s hard to sleep well. Anyway, now the other party has nowhere to go, living in a tight life, and it doesn’t take much trouble to have an extra mouth at home.

Leonardo didn’t ask about someone’s origins. But a young mouth is definitely not as good as Lin, the well-known Old Fox, only that he is from the east and then the east of Florence. It’s a pity that this youngster only knows about the Jatuman Empire, whether it’s Ming or Qing, he just shook his head. Therefore, to determine the time period of his arrival, it still needs to work hard.

Bringing a big man home, everyone said nothing. There were still a lot of guest rooms anyway, and Leonardo fell asleep after asking Wana to clean up one.

According to what he said, it was a very difficult time, especially when it was windy, snowy and cold, and I was often awake from freezing. If this continues, maybe one day I won’t be able to wake up. So there is a room that won’t leak, and there is a bedding, but he is speechless with excitement. He didn’t care about politeness, so he stayed. For him, hearing the accent in this unfamiliar world is also a rare thing.

Leonardo, who has suffered for many days, finally got a comfortable environment and fell asleep all at once. He wasn’t afraid of being sold out for what he would pay for. Anyway, he would have a bad life, and it seemed that it couldn’t be worse.

But people who have just eaten he he and come back from a business talk do not feel that sleepy. Regarding automobile matters, what we are talking about today is also some preparatory matters. To implement the actual production and research regulations, it is not possible to rely on that group of people, and you have to plan a set yourself.

But more thoughts are still on crossing these two words. I would want to contact people from the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong. One of the big reasons is that I suspect that the ancestor of the other party is also from the background of Chuanzhong. After meeting today, that feeling is even stronger. And it can be seen that they are not of the same age as me.

First of all, their escorts dress up and use weapons, a strong modern military style, but they don’t know anything about’cars’. Secondly, they master many types of crops, including spices, and many of them are unique to the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, those exclusive varieties are actually some kind of edible plants from Earth.

So Lin estimated that his ancestor’s background is likely to be Vietnam during the French colonial era.

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