Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 675

It’s just that now the members of the Ruan family are already in their branches, and the first generation of transmigrators should have gone too far. The rest of those who wear the N generation, feel that there is no research value. At best, it is to find out if their ancestors left any evidence of crossing, or items that were brought over together.

When someone came across, they came with a bare butt like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. But this does not guarantee that others will be the same as yourself. Maybe they just grabbed it before they crossed and caught something like a mobile phone or laptop that can be used across time and space.

However, those with the surname Ruan are far inferior to the other one who has no surname and is worthy of attention.

As he was sorting out what he had observed and asked about Leonardo, Fern opened the door of the attic and walked in. She didn’t talk nonsense, pulled a chair and sat next to Lin, and asked, “Who is that man?”

As far as Lich knew, this man rarely cared about strangers. Although there is a smile on his face in the usual communication, it is actually a polite manner of hypocrisy. Sometimes she is happy to act together, sometimes she doesn’t bother to be so pretend to be polite with others, so she just throws this man to face it alone.

But one thing is certain, that is, most of the troubles are caused by the other party themselves, and they have not been led into the door by this man. However, it was quite abnormal today and led a youngster in. If you are not sure that the sexual orientation of this guy is normal, you have to doubt if there is any ambiguity between them… Maybe, you can still doubt it?

Looking at Fen’s eyes wandering around, Lin couldn’t help but laugh and curse, “What are you thinking about. The youngster I brought back is called Leonardo. He should come from the same place as me. People.”

Lich didn’t react at first. But then his eyes widened, pointed at someone, and pointed at the sky.

“Yes, it’s from there. It’s just a problem.”

“What’s the problem?” Fen, whose curiosity was hooked up, approached someone and asked in a low voice. Tao.

“I think he comes from a different era from me.”

Lin thinking, according to Leonardo, he traveled two years ago, about fourteen Years old. And advanced countries at this age have at least compulsory education, and they should have a rough understanding of the most basic history and geography.

But the other party does not seem to have learned these things. In addition to the geographical background that the other party said, the Republic of Florence, this damn is definitely not modern Italy!

It’s just that Lich couldn’t even understand what someone said, the meaning of different times. Lin had to continue to explain: “It means that to me, he may be an ancient person hundreds of years ago, rather than a person living in the same environment and the same age as me. So you go with P language, advanced mathematics, etc. If you ask him, you may be asking three questions.”

Whether the person you meet for the first time is a longevity species, or a powerhouse beyond the mortal level, in Lich’s eyes, it is obvious at a glance. It is precisely because that youngster is too ordinary, it is unlikely that she has lived from the different eras that the person in front of him said, until he lived at the same time point, and then to the fascinating place, that made her feel curious. As for someone’s speculation, she only asked: “Why?”

Lin smiled bitterly and said: “I want to know why too.”

“Why then… …” Fen made a knife with five fingers and made a laparotomy.

Someone’s wry smile is even more bitter, saying: “It’s not necessary to do this. You secretly pull a piece of his hair and check his DNA. I don’t have any objection, so don’t hurt him. I think , The problem is not with the person. What he has experienced is what I want to know. As for his origin, it just allows me to confirm some things. It seems important, not so important. Moreover, listen to what he said about the time Point, did you think of anything?”

Fen thought about someone’s question and asked uncertainly: “You mean it has something to do with World Tree Wadwo’s promotion?”

Lin still had the wry smile and said: “He came to Midi about two years ago, and Wadvor’s promotion was almost at that point in time. I couldn’t help but doubt both. Is there any relationship between them? So I want to check to see if there are any traces left on his body.”

As a member of the World Tree Wadwo multidimensional space connectivity research, Fen knows very well The research content at that time. If we use the same method to analyze the “footprints” that may remain on the youngster, it is like deriving the existence of the multidimensional world from Wadvor’s branches, and it might be as if someone had assumed it and found some mysteries from it.

Now, even Fen is interested. Although it’s a pity that you can’t Dissection, but who knows what will change in the future. Maybe there is still a chance for Dissection. In the past, there was only one Earth person by his side, and he was gone after he was cut. It’s a pity. Now there are two, you can cut one, throw one, how good.

Early the next morning, someone is still the last one to get up. It’s not that his habits are bad, it’s just that in the middle of the night, when other people are sleeping, this guy will still watch the stars, make records, or organize some documents. Anyway, it’s going to bed later than the others, so the wake-up time will be delayed. This is really because in the dead of night, the efficiency is better than during the day, there is no way, the common problem of the house.

Just after washing, I came to the dining room and saw a group of people chatting around the new young man. zhi zhi chatting, we had a good chat. Even Regardless of the law and of natural morality, two little ghosts and three kittens are all around him, listening to the youngster’s muzzling, stunned, it is rare to be quiet.

As soon as someone enters the dining room, Hallumi seems to be offering treasures, holding an unfolded notebook, bounces to Lin’s face, and says: “teacher, teacher, take a look , This was painted by Leonardo. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it beautiful!”

The notebook is a sketch of a landscape painting, because it is just a simple essay, so the details are not very clear. But judging from the composition and brushstrokes, the outline of the landscape has been drawn quite vividly. But that’s not anywhere that Lin has seen, so the teacher, of course, will look suspiciously at his apprentice.

“Leonardo said this is the scenery of his hometown. It is a small town in Tuscany, named Vinci. The Arno River flows through the nearby valley, and this is where he often climbs After going up the mountain, looking at the scenery. Because the impression is too deep, so deep enough that you can just draw a picture like this, he is very difficult to deal with.”

Stop talking youngster , Looked towards a certain magician with some trepidation and said: “Your Excellency, I know a lot of things, not just drawing. I can calculate, and I’m also very good at copying text. If you want me to do other things, even if it is. No, I will study too. So I don’t know if I can stay and serve you.”

Lin split his mouth and smiled. What to think, what to come, this is called walking right into a trap. “Of course it’s okay. I welcome you. But if you want to help me, you have to learn. I’m not going to be able to help everyone. Understand, from Wenxi Town. Leonardo.”

I would call this youngster because before modern times in Europe, there was no ordinary person with a surname, either by the father’s name or the place name. It’s normal, no…problem…sickness?


“Sì.” Leonardo replied smoothly.


“Eh~!” cry out in surprise, not only scared the others, Lin also jumped from his seat for a long time, even knocking over the coffee cup in his hand Didn’t notice it on the ground.

Looking at the young man in front of him, a certain premonition in his heart is extremely unreal. Suddenly I remembered a painting that I had acquired during the journey. It was not destroyed in the airship accident a year ago because it was placed in a treasure chest with other important belongings.

One flash, someone ran back to the treasure library and found the picture. This was originally hung in the corridor of the attic, but a certain Lich complained about why he had to hang a portrait of a woman who didn’t know the origin in his home before he pulled it down. Because of this, things were quickly found out.

He was holding a precious item that was not protected, so Lin did not dare to use the flash technique to move. Instead, he ran down and ran back to the dining room. I almost stuffed that portrait of a woman into the face of a young Italian young man, gasping for breath, pointing to the painting, and couldn’t let out a fart for a long while.

When the magician in front of him suddenly disappeared, he ran down in a hurry, holding a small picture on his face, Leonardo was originally quite nervous, for fear that he had committed any taboos. . Living in this World for more than two years, he knows how unreasonable people with ability in this World are, worse than the noble masters in his hometown.

But after shrinking back, after seeing the painting clearly, my nervousness eased slightly. Leonardo became a little bit shy and asked, “My lord, how did you get this painting.” The sudden thought of something made him nervous again, and said in fear, “Sorry, my lord, it was with this nobleman. Is the Young Lady thing related? I really shouldn’t sell this painting casually, I…I…I really don’t know what to do.”

When I heard the keyword “Noble Young Lady’, the raging gossip fire of several women ignited, and they hurriedly asked. Leonardo had no choice but to say: “That was when my teacher had just passed away, and a nobleman in the city wanted me to help his daughter draw a portrait for a blind date. But his daughter was too enthusiastic, I Finally had to flee the city. And the most valuable things on the body were sold one after another during the journey, and in the end even the painting that was not handed over had to be sold.”

“Oh~ , Enthusiasm. “Compared to Leonardo, Hallumi, who was only two or three years old, flirted with the young man with his voice and expression openly. Looking at the big boy who has a beard but still hasn’t reduced his immaturity, he showed a look of embarrassment. The girl smiled like she succeeded.

But compared to the fun between youngsters, someone is in a state of collapse. Two eyes murmured blankly: “Why are you here? Why are you here? This is just having same given name and family name. This is just having same given name and family name…”

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