Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 676

Regardless of whether the youngster is the future Three Renaissance Masters, or whether the future Earth will have the Renaissance Masters or not, it’s still unknown. Lin didn’t say much about what he did. Known Da Vinci. If it was him, Lin didn’t want to mislead his life; if it wasn’t him, he didn’t want to give him unnecessary illusions. Whether it is or not, there is no way to prove it.

But also agreed to Leonardo, let him stay by his side as an apprentice. As for what to do in the future, I will talk about it later. The tentative thing is to find out whether there are traces left by the crossing on his body. This is also the purpose of primordial.

The established arrangement still has to be carried out in accordance with the schedule, after all, this is at stake for your own safety. The modified version of the brocade jacquard machine is ready to be officially launched. ……Heartless is talking about this kind of person.

Except for the work that must be done at hand, everyone else gathered in the jacquard workshop, including Leonardo who had just joined. This is not what they are responsible for, but just to watch the excitement.

The silk reeling work has been completed before. And what magic to add, what color to dye, and how much silk thread of each color needs are estimated by the program written by Kaya. Of course, what color thread is placed on which spool of the jacquard machine is also calculated and specially arranged. The difficulty of optimizing the calculation is no easier than editing the primordial program.

Because I make the clothes I want to wear, including robes, shawls and close-fitting clothes, I have planned the amount and cut of the fabric in advance, and made the pattern. The additional magic, of course, has high-dimensional alien energy protection, and comes with a simple and clean purification technique. The curse reversal that I wanted to add to myself a long time ago, and a set of my newly created magic—optical camouflage.

The protection magic is the complete version, and it is also the focus of the silk reeling enchantment this time, and it is also the most important part.

Basically, as long as the part of the purification technique is not lying in the mud and rolling, a little sweat, dust or dirt will not adhere to the clothes. But don’t think that there is no need to clean the equipment with purification magic attached. Clothing, especially magic equipment, still has its maintenance needs, not just cleaning.

The curse reversal is the most guilty magic attached to someone. Because this magic requires a little luck, and a little metaphysics, not 100% of its effect. As for why it produces an effect, or why it does not produce an effect, and what level of curse can be reversed, these remain to be studied in depth. At this stage, I feel at ease.

Optical camouflage is a must-have Divine Item for the protagonist in Earth’s sci-fi works. I have a lot of research on the magic of light, and of course the content related to optical camouflage has also been my research topic. So this time can be regarded as practice and experiment, and the effect is not compelling.

On the contrary, what is the pattern to be used on the tapestry, it hurts my brain a bit. If you use plain cloth, you will have to build such a jacquard machine yourself in vain. It’s too fancy, and it doesn’t belong to one’s own taste.

Finally, after careful consideration, I decided that the main pattern on the robe was Black Tortoise among the four spirits. Use the shape of a tortoise with a snake’s tail, and use black as the base, with black gold lines and dark red lines to outline the line pattern.

I originally wanted to say that the Four Spirits are complete, and the Dragon-Tiger Phoenix Turtles are all on. But later I felt that doing so was too shameless, and it was also not in line with my taste, so I gave up. However, when the original picture was handed over to Hallumi for retouching, the ghost girl actually said that this is just a sorrowful change, and the essence has not changed!

If it wasn’t for this girl to be older, I really want to treat her like a child, grab her butt and enjoy the fried pork with bamboo shoots.

These preparations have been completed before. The weaving process is also programmed with procedural logic and input into this magic-revised jacquard machine.

The two girls in charge of the operation re-check all the processes and equipment again. After confirming that everything has been positioned, the teacher walked through it again. After everything was confirmed to be correct, the machine started the weaving process in the eyes of everyone’s expectations.

The number of heddle arms required is one thousand or two hundred. To maintain the original independent heddle arms design will make the upper end of the machine very crowded and prone to failure. Therefore, it was later transformed into a horizontal row design similar to piano keys, and all heddles were fixed in a row, and the heddles meridians were raised up or down according to demand.

The operation of the machine is not too noisy, the whole process is quite quiet, only the sizzle of the silk thread being pulled from the spool. This is because the tightness of all machine joints has been adjusted to the right degree, and the lubrication has been done quite thoroughly.

After all, it is a customized machine, not a mass production model produced by a factory. All adjustments are made to be consistent and meticulous, so that there is no noise. If those mass-produced models, how convenient and arranging, just ask for fast and good, but not for the extreme, it will not have this effect.

During the operation of the machine, apart from Kaya monitoring the data returned by the various ministries, everyone else watched it for a while, and after the initial freshness passed, they went to work on their own affairs. Even the most curious little Maotou and kittens couldn’t stand it, so they ran away to play.

On the one hand, because the speed of silk and satin weaving is very slow, after standing for a while, it is not enough to weave the length of a fingernail. Even if you tell them that compared with primordial’s hand-made brocade weaving process, this is already unimaginable, and it won’t make these impatient guys interested again.

On the other hand, it is also because most of the work is done by the machine. If the people in charge of the operation are busy, they may be able to watch the excitement. But if only the machine is running, the restless Little Brat can’t stand it.

The exception to be mentioned is Leonardo, who just joined. He kept his eyes wide open and looked around. Everything in the jacquard workshop is new to him. Including the control and monitoring interface similar to the forum, he can also ask for a set. Not participating in the production process of the jacquard machine made him even more curious about such a sophisticated machine.

Lin did not hesitate to spend some words, one after another to explain the questions raised by Leonardo. In fact, it doesn’t work if you don’t talk about it. If you don’t look at this guy and satisfy his curiosity, he will dare to put his hands in the running machine and try to see the Fleshy body recklessly fight the machine, who wins and who wins.

If the hand hurts, there is healing magic to solve it. Disrupting the weaving process, it is conceivable that the aftermath will be a work that makes people cry.

And the process of interacting with Leonardo makes two apprentices who have been with someone for a long time also enjoy it. Hallumi twitched his lips and complained: “teacher, you have never explained these things to us so carefully.”

Lin laughed and scolded: “Because you never ask me questions. You Don’t ask, I’m going to explain the data in your ears. You don’t bother me. Even if it’s magic, all of them are like stubborn donkeys, walking on their own with their heads bored. You can blame me.”

Speaking of which, the two girls have been too independent before. Many things are gritted teeth and braced themselves. If teachers do not take the initiative to arrange, they will not ask for help very often.

At that time, looking at them with their small bodies, trying to do things that they couldn’t do, Lin inevitably would have some pity. If they were placed in Earth, they would be in a free and unconstrained student age, and they should study happily with their peers; but in the fascinating land, do not force themselves to do something beyond their ability, so that they can adapt as soon as possible, and may even live. There is no chance to go down.

In addition to satisfying Leonardo’s curiosity, the main reason someone can’t walk is because of the first official operation. Of course, he has to be watched by the side. If any unexpected situation occurs, it can be dealt with immediately.

Currently, the machine is set to shut down as soon as it encounters an error. Once the machine stopped, Kaya would report the location of the error, and then everyone would overhaul it. After all is completed, you can continue to boot.

Fortunately, mistakes only happen in the first hour or two, and they are quite rare. After adjusting the machine, it can continue to run. It can be seen that the executable rate of the original design scheme is quite high.

All changes in the weaving process will be recorded in the log file. After everything was on track, Kaya, under the instruction of her teacher, said in return: “teacher, if it goes well, the scheduled completion time will take seven to eight days.” Because it’s just the beginning, and the frequent weft change has not yet reached the part, I am not sure. Whether the time spent is the same, so the current progress cannot be used to make accurate predictions.

Slightly relieved, Lin asked Hallumi to continue to greet the moth masters in the other long house. In order to make his first clothes, he almost used up the silk cocoons accumulated in the past six months. If other people want to make clothes, they have to re-accumulate.

So don’t look at weaving the first silk, it takes seven or eight days; to accumulate enough silk cocoons, but it takes several times, or even dozens of times. So several women are thinking about whether to expand the scale of breeding.

Although Kaya was still sitting in the monitoring position, she began to help someone sort out and wait for the car production plan that might be used.

As for Leonardo, who asked many questions, the questions he asked were not casually asked, and he didn’t care at all. He seriously wants to know the answer and why.

In his question, it is inevitable that some deeper knowledge is involved, which can not be explained in a few words. In response to this, Lin of course took out the textbooks used for enlightenment in the past and asked him to study by himself first, and then ask if he didn’t understand. Many things can be understood without a single shot, but systematic learning is required.

While preparing for the production plan and waiting for the members of the Nguyen family, Lin took the time to take a trip to the silver-beard dwarf’s workshop. Tell them that when the people from Jialong Chamber of Commerce arrive, they may come in and visit the environment where cars are made.

I would say this, of course, to tell them that they should hide things quickly. Otherwise, when the time comes reveals the secret that the silverbeard dwarf doesn’t want to be made public, you can’t blame him.

After everything was prepared, I waited for the Nguyen brothers to visit.

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