Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 677

The operation of the jacquard machine is smoother than expected, without any errors. But the outcome depends on the details. In the previous trial weaving of the small piece of Kampa, it was successfully completed, but there were flaws in the details. This time the official operation, we can only wait for the silk brocade to be completed before there is a way to do a detailed inspection.

The successive visits of the Nguyen Brothers also brought a group of Chamber of Commerce managers who are good at business. The original intention was to occupy a dominant position in the R&D and manufacturing centers to be established in the future.

If an organization has been established and the internal relationships are intertwined, someone has to intervene and dominate, but one has to consider the attitudes of all parties. Either Liwei, or differentiation and win-win.

But now, there is nothing, it was built from scratch. No matter how many people are sent from Chamber of Commerce, Jialong will have to re-arrange their respective positions. Who calls auto manufacturing is a new industry that has never been experienced before. Not to mention that these old partners who are used to doing business have to explore, and a non-professional traveler does the same.

But compared to the advanced management system, if someone from Earth from the 21st century can’t crush this technological and cultural process, at most the fascination of medieval Europe, then he can just commit suicide. See if Black and White Impermanence will cross the zone and realize his desire to return to his hometown.

Just a set of immature procedural process management has already made the Chamber of Commerce managers who have climbed up from the grass-roots craftsmen dumbfounded.

Whoever is called Midi is still thinking of a small workshop. The so-called large-scale manufacturing is just a large group of people gathering and doing their own things. But Lin’s plan is to control every component department carefully, and finally unify it. In other words, those involved in manufacturing do not need to learn all the craftsmanship.

In addition to conducive to confidentiality, this will also help the craftsmen involved in the production to quickly familiarize themselves with the part they are responsible for.

In fact, this set has a prototype in the technical guild led by Uzov Gantia. After contacting the people of Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, they also tried to transform the manufacturing process within their organization. However, there is not much room for development. After all, the internal operation of Chamber of Commerce is mature when it sounds good, and rigid when it sounds bad. It is not so easy to introduce new system changes, and the people and interests involved are too complicated.

But what Lin Wei puts forward for making cars is more complete and direct process control. Unlike in the technical guild, Uzov will contact and control the overall situation by himself.

Procedural control includes the evaluation of manufacturing efficiency, the control of materials and inventory, some simple quality control and non-performing rate statistics, so as to highlight frequently occurring problems. And a very unique project, the most suitable arrangement is suggested.

The core algorithm of the last project is actually the most suitable suggestion for the placement and quantity of the jacquard spools. Lin just asked Kaya to modify it and apply it to this set of management procedures.

Of course, someone is not from an industrial management background, but he uses his own vision and ideas to make a rough outline. This set of management procedures can still be improved, everything has to wait until the actual operation, and then do some supplementary actions according to the situation. Even so, it made those Chamber of Commerce veterans feel a panic of fear.

It is necessary to understand a craft or an industry thoroughly, smooth the up and down processes, and let the veterans do this. But how much time it takes to break in, and how much extra loss will be in order to make the work smooth.

These things need to be clarified. In the past, it was the controller’s experience and memory, so the person in charge of everything is very important. But now all digitization is presented in front of the eyes, which becomes the basis for the judgment of the controller. As long as the mind is not muddled, basically refer to the data to make judgments, and will not make too exaggerated decisions.

Of course, people with experience and good memory still have the advantage, but this change mainly reduces the barriers to becoming a management. This unprecedented method makes these Old Foxes who have dealt with the mall for a lifetime feel tired.

For these old fogey’s thoughts, Lin doesn’t care or want to take care of them. When this group of people appear, it is a arrogant attitude, teaching people really on age to show of age. So someone will one after another throw things that they are impossible to understand, or something that is difficult to understand for a while, and at the end, I have to ask one more question. If you can do it, you can come instead of using my method.

Maybe they are stimulated to doubt their lives, or the Cavaliers will appear at any time, which will invisibly bring pressure to them. Under the leadership of Nguyen Van Viet, the managers of Chamber of Commerce in Jialong know how to negotiate with a humble attitude.

However, the people of Duke Kawei arrived earlier than expected.

I thought that no matter how fast this group of nobles were, it would take a month before they might appear. This is because there are not many days before the New Year, and the New Year is a very important holiday. As a lord, even if you don’t have fun with the people, you should still hang out with other nobles to get in touch with each other, and these activities take time.

Unexpectedly, a few days after the end of the New Year, Grand Duke Kawi came to Holy City Estali personally under the recommendation of Saint Babak Abu Nahan. Meet magician.

The Grand Duke of the empire, if there is no emperor on it, they can all be crowned as kings. The strength is not comparable to some small city-states.

The sixteen princes of the Gwana Empire are basically the same in strength, but the relationship between the current patriarch and the emperor will affect the status of the prince, approaching or far away from the power center of the empire. It can be said that Grand Duke Kavi was the lowest-ranked Grand Duke in the Al Ming Emperor era. It was also one of the few great nobles who did not live in the capital of the empire, but lived in their own territory.

Compared with the war in the past, this era is more peaceful, and there is no need for the Grand Duke to guard all places himself. Aristocrats with a bit of status will choose to devote themselves to the power vortex of the capital. The management of the family territory naturally has cronies to do it for you. Unless ordered by the emperor, he is not allowed to leave his territory, which is like a criminal noble under house arrest.

The most important reason why Duke Kawei stayed away from the center of power and stayed in his own one-third of acre was because his hobby was incompatible with other nobles, or to put it plainly, with the current imperial emperor. In order to avoid the annoyance of seeing each other, he simply retracted into his own territory and lived in semi-hermitage. The family’s agent in the capital was handed over to his own son, and the future grand duke would worry about it.

Except for the current emperor of the Gwana Empire, his hand is one of the very best among the emperors of the past. Passionate about the balance of power, he likes to watch courtiers fight the most, but not to see blood or even lose control. Of course, the nobles in the capital knew the evil tastes of their emperors, so they were very tacitly acting in opposing dramas.

People who watch a play also know that the playmaker is doing a play, and the playmaker also knows that the playmaker knows that they are all doing a play. Everyone is performing, and today we will fight for a little bit more and rejoice; tomorrow we will lose a little bit, beating our chest and our feet. Anyway, life is like a play, and there is nothing wrong with acting more.

It’s just that I can’t get used to this kind of atmosphere, so Duke Kawei returned to his own territory on the grounds of his advanced age, and came to what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. In fact, he is younger than the current emperor Armin Kazarnia, but he is also a grandfather.

Just like the senior who retired from Earth, there will always be some hobby hobbyists. The semi-retired Kavi loves all kinds of weapons and novelties.

Because of the peace of this era, he has no reason to expand his arms. Therefore, it is also impossible to use military force to expand the size of the Duke’s Guard indefinitely. Not wanting to pretend to be polite with the emperor is one thing, but it’s another thing to make yourself an excuse for a suspected rebellion. Therefore, in the army, Kavi can only think of ways to improve the armed forces of the guards and improve the quality of soldiers.

But in the weapons and equipment used by individuals, Senior does not hesitate to spend money. On the one hand, it is also because these “expensive” things are like drizzle compared to the financial resources of the Grand Duke.

On the other hand, it’s also because Senior has a higher status, collects more things, and his eyes are vicious. It is even more difficult for ordinary goods or crooks to pick out a few Gold Coins from his hands.

In terms of personal military force, the other 15 princes and the emperor are tied together, and they are not the opponent of Duke Kawei alone, and liars dare not jump in front of him. Therefore, there must be something special in his eyes.

I will come in person this time, and I want to see what good things Babaq Abu Nahan said. As early as the Dharma Sage had not obtained the title of Dharma Sage, and the Grand Duke had not inherited the era of the Grand Duke, they had gone on adventures together and traveled in the maze. Because he knows each other, he still trusts the eyes of this friend.

But trust belongs to trust, and there is still a distance between the hobby between the two. Certain things praised by the Dharma Sage are not flattering in the eyes of the Grand Duke. When it comes to investing in the industry and revitalizing the use of mines in the territory, Kawei can’t help but care about it. This is not buying a sword or a pair of armors.

So after the entire group of Kawei public arrived in Holy City Estali, they did not care about the etiquette and went directly to the magician’s house of Tripwood and beat Lin and Jialong Chamber of Commerce. Centaur is a completely unprepared. Fortunately, the latter two did not engage in some shady agreements, but the sudden appearance of a powerful third party would inevitably disrupt their steps.

Of course, the Grand Duke did not come alone. In addition to the first Demon leader of the ill-fated First Army regiment, the Battallion Great Captain, there are half of the Duke’s Guard. The other half is guarding the castle at home.

The elite army of five hundred people, of course, is impossible to intrude in Holy City Estali. Regardless of the permission of the managers of Holy City, there is no room in Holy City to accommodate the army of five hundred people, so most of these people are stationed in the outskirts of the VI area of ​​Holy City.

Behind the Grand Duke, there are only two fully armed Knights, a magician, and a deacon in waiter costume.

The Grand Duke himself has a short beard, a sharp pale short hair, and wears a noble gown, which does not conceal the magical aura that he exudes. He is old and vigorous, and looks like a very hearty person, who can live for hundreds of years, rather than the horrible old fogey.

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