Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 678

The so-called not hitting the smiley people by reaching out. If the grand duke overbearing as soon as he appears, someone will inevitably put on a good show that is not afraid of power. Anyway, people are in Estali, the magician’s territory, plus he has the confidence to do so now, and the other party only brought a few people by his side.

But the other party is like a big child looking forward to a new toy. His eyes are shining and it is difficult to make someone feel bad. On the contrary, the few people behind him, with serious expressions, just put their blatant disgust on their faces to make someone a little self-aware and retreat.

Thinking about it, Lin said: “My lord, instead of introducing a bunch, it’s better to experience firsthand what a car is. When we understand, we will discuss other things. Otherwise, it’s not about anything. If you understand, make any decision in a hurry, it will be irresponsible to you and me.”

“Of course, I have this intention.”

I entered the reception room. Before long, before the hot tea was served, a group of people ran out of the house and came to the silverbeard dwarf’s workshop. The two Knights brought by the Grand Duke consciously guarded the door, and only the others followed Lin into this workshop full of science fiction.

Except for the Nguyen brothers who came to see them on the first day of their visit, they spent the rest of the time discussing cooperation plans and never came in again. But within a few days, things changed dramatically in the workshop, and the silver-bearded dwarves didn’t just eat and do nothing.

Babak Abu Nahan looked around in confusion, but didn’t see the car he had been in. There was a large metal creation in front of him, the structure resembling a car. He asked: “Your Excellency, is this… also a car?”

“This is the car that a few people have ridden before.” Lin replied casually. Suddenly realizing where the problem was, he said shyly: “Last time I went out and tried the car and found some problems. After I came back, I asked Jermaine to improve it. So it’s no wonder you can’t recognize it.”

The silver-bearded dwarf named, proudly raised his head and wiped his nose. For this legendary dwarf Human Sovereign clan, Duke Kawei still respects him quite a bit. After entering a few polite words, he asked around the car.

The dwarf doesn’t even have the idea of ​​hiding personalities, so he can say whatever he knows. Anyway, according to someone, even if the car is thrown directly to someone else’s copycat, no one can imitate it in a short time. Just listen to the introduction, of course, I can’t tell why.

But it is different from the Grand Duke who saw the car for the first time. When he saw the car for the second time, he couldn’t see the big guy in front of him and the car he rode in that night at all. There is a slight similarity.

First of all, there is an extra cowhide folding roof, the side glass of the door, and the rear seat also adds the design of the door. The engine room in front of the vehicle is finally covered in skin.

Furthermore, most parts of the engine room were reconfigured under someone’s strong request. Simply put, the height was as uniform as possible. The overall effect is that the height of the front of the car drops a lot, and the space is more effectively used.

Second, of course, paint polishing and waxing, and the main color is still very bright silver. The overall physique feeling has improved more than one point or two points. It is simply like a different car. It looks a lot like the silver ghost of an antique car in someone’s mind, a car made by Rolls-Royce before World War II.

Thirdly, the tire area is widened. However, limited by the design of the inner and outer tires, it is difficult to achieve flat tires like Earth cars, but they are also much wider than the wheels of ordinary carriages. This is mainly to increase the grip. At present, the efficiency of all aspects of the car is not raised to the limit, the biggest reason is that the tires do not pass. Without a good grip, acceleration and braking are both problems.

Just like at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, no matter how fast the computer CPU is, it is still limited by the speed of the hard disk, resulting in limited overall performance improvement. It was not until the advent of solid state drives that the experience performance of computers actually improved significantly. In the Midi version of the car, the tires are the hard drive that drags down the whole.

Lagged behind in tires because the silverbeard dwarves didn’t care about it. On the other hand, the rubber used to make tires doesn’t have a magic side material. In the past, just dealing with the problem of hardening would almost turn someone’s hair gray.

The results were also completed by mistakes. The method used is the old way of fascinating, exhaustive and trial-and-error methods. If you want a few silverbeard dwarves to improve the tire craft, it is better to wait for yourself to do it.

In addition, the dashboard is reset. Delete some things that are obviously not needed, and only keep the speed, speed, water tank temperature, fuel tank capacity, and the unique power meter of Midi.

In short, the car in front of Lin’s in mind has achieved a degree of completion of 70 to 80. The benchmark for comparison is probably the level of the first half of the 20th century on Earth.

Make sure that the fuel tank is full, and the power extraction tank is replaced with a new magic stone. Lin opened the back door and made a request, saying, “My lord, please. I’ve been thinking about this trip for a long time. I plan to do a test and run a little longer. It’s just that the past few days have been busy following Mr. Ruan did not start discussing things. Since you also want to test the car, don’t mind taking this test by the way to see how the car’s performance is.”

If you are facing a normal financial owner, maybe Go out and take a stroll, and it’s over. However, the Grand Duke’s expression was both curious and excited, and it wasn’t a look that would be enjoyable just by turning around. So simply put forward suggestions for testing incidentally and go further.

Sure enough, the Grand Duke of Cavy was nodded with satisfaction. However, the silent deacon behind him crossed the crowd and came to Lin, asking: “Your Excellency Tripwood, do you know where you plan to go?”

Someone who has not yet decided on your destination. He thought about it seriously, and said: “Go in the direction of Mount Weisu and see where you can go in an hour or two, and then return, hoping to return to Holy City in the afternoon. Because I still have a math class. If you want to teach, you can’t just be absent.”

Mount Vesu is near Estali, Holy City, a very important transportation hub location. The mountain is not high and the slope is quite gentle. It takes about one day for ordinary traders to go there.

If the army advances at a forced marching speed, it will take more than half a day to arrive. Even if everyone in Duke Cavi’s Duke’s Guard is two-ridden horses, he must also take into account the weight of the army and the impossible marching horses.

Considering the magician’s claim that he must return to Holy City Estali before the afternoon, it is estimated that he will have to turn back halfway. Anyway, he only said to go in the direction of Mount Weisu, and didn’t say to get there. deacon thought so. Then he said: “Since it is going to the wild, then the Duke Guard will accompany, that’s okay.”

“Of course there is no problem.” Although Lin answered quickly, he thought a little bit. Later, the expression was a little tangled, and said: “But the distance is a bit far, so I will speed up, it doesn’t matter if I can’t keep up. Or do I have to match your speed?”

In his remarks, Duke Cavy did not get angry, but directly said: “Don’t be afraid to get rid of them. I just want to know the limits of your car.”

In fact, it’s not just Duke Cavy, he brought Knight and deacon around him didn’t quite believe in someone’s crazy words.

The horses of the Duke’s Guard are all gods with demonic beast blood. The best ones are not ordinary horses, but the kind that can eat meat. Speed ​​and endurance are not comparable to ordinary horses. Whether marching or charging, the performance of this ducal guard ranks among the best in the empire.

But patriarch is in front, and he is obviously in the mood, but he has no turn to mock people sourly. If, as a subordinate, he did this without instructing him, it would be considered a violation of his duty, and he wouldn’t know who was in the face.

As the deacon of the Grand Duke who handles affairs personally, he only needs to let patriarch want to do things smoothly. It is not his scope of work to express emotions or opinions.

After obtaining the nodded consent of the Grand Duke, deacon walked out the door and ordered a Knight to prepare the horse. The space of that car obviously couldn’t fit all the people. So if they want to follow, they can only use their means of transportation when they come, which is the war horse.

At the same time, deacon took out the magic letterhead from his arms. This is a set of two magic props. Use one of them after writing the text, and the text will appear on the other paper. As a one-time consumable, the cost of making magic letterhead is very high, and it cannot be used as a regular contact method.

Like this time, what is passed is a military order to mobilize troops. Order the Duke’s Guard stationed outside the city to be ready to march and may leave at any time.

Lin did not leave immediately. Because the destination is a bit far away, he instructed Kaya, who had nothing to do at hand, to go to the kitchen and prepare some dry food that could be eaten during the journey.

For the magic apprentice who was accustomed to adventure in the first half of his life, preparing these things is nothing difficult. After a while, he proposed a bamboo basket with some sandwiches in it and handed it to his teacher. A group of people made it seem like they were going out for a picnic.

In the middle, Lin met Lich who was walking out of Jamsil with the golden haired girl, and asked casually: “We are going to drive to Mount Vesu, shall we go together?”

Those cold eyes cast a glance at someone. In the past few days, Fen was busy discussing the production of silk cocoons with Hallumi. It’s not that you can raise more moths and lay more eggs. It is necessary to consider the load of the nurturing environment and the amount of food supplied, which will affect the survival rate of moth larvae and thus the number of silk cocoons produced. So for someone’s invitation, she just said coldly:

“No. That stuff is too slow, there is no time.”

“What about slowness. The beauty of the car. , This is a man’s romance.”

Fen suddenly flashed and appeared in front of someone who utterly talked about it. With five fingers, he clasped someone’s ugly face and bit it. Ya said: “Dare to say women, are you only worthy of being your romantic accessory.”

Feeling the pressure exerted by the five fingers on his face, the man in a cold sweat said vaguely: “I’m sorry , Sister, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

Lich disappeared, and everyone had the same idea: The speed of the car is really slow, you see if you are not in favor of anyone.

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