Starry Sky of the Magic Tower Chapter 679

Someone who had escaped haha ​​smiled, put the bamboo basket with food into the rear compartment like an okay person, opened the garage door of the low mansion, and invited everyone to come on. car. Everyone had a tacit understanding of forgetting what had just happened, and doing what should be done.

Because this time the Grand Duke Kavi was the protagonist, he was asked to sit in the passenger seat. Also traveling with him were Fasheng Babak Abu Nahan and Nguyen Van Viet of the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong.

As far as the Nguyen Brothers are concerned, if someone is not there, of course there is no way to negotiate, so it’s better to follow them. The others in the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong are also preparing their horses and intend to accompany them.

The Grand Duke of Cavi resolutely refused to wear a seat belt. Perhaps it is a taboo for someone with his status to be tied or fixed.

Anyway, this product is very strong in someone’s observation, how fast the speed is impossible, what accident really happened, he can save himself. Lin thought so, and he didn’t force everyone to wear seat belts before they could set off.

Before setting off, the cowhide canopy was put down again, because the field of vision was more open. It is also because after putting down the canopy, the subordinates of the Grand Duke can see their patriarch more clearly, rather than being covered by the canopy.

Even if there is a Dharma saint in the car, he is also a friend of the Grand Duke. But as servants who protect and serve the Grand Duke, they are impossible to let patriarch disappear from under their noses, even if patriarch is stronger than them.

However, the compartment is not airtight, so you have to consider the issue of blowing cold air. After the New Year, it is strictly spring now, but the weather has continued to the end of winter. Being blown to his face by the wind, it was not frozen, and it was inevitable that the biting chill was. No matter how kind someone is, he won’t conceal his defense against the wind this time. Apprentice-level magic, the standard Wind Formation was quickly attached to several people in the car.

Such a simple solution has provoked complaints from the Fashen. Barbak complained: “Okay, Xiao Guy, if you don’t have this method, what does it mean that the cold wind that left me blowing all night?”

I know this one’s complaint is just Lin did not pretend to be cold, but smiled and said, “Sorry, sorry, that day was not expected. Many things I do now are only after the first encounter. I thought about how to solve it.”

With this self-familiar Dharma sage at the head, when the two came and went, they looked like old friends who had known each other for many years.

Kavi is very proficient in talking and laughing with everyone, especially Nguyen Van Viet of Chamber of Commerce in Jialong. Although his own steward has transactions with people from the Chamber of Commerce in Jialong, he is in charge of other Ruan surnames, not the one in front of him.

But he pays more attention to his beloved horse. The magic horse with the blood of the flame demon is not a tame thing. In order to tame him, I really took some effort. If an unfamiliar person approaches it, they may be kicked off by the horse. It does not allow other horses to walk beside it. Once seen, it will either kick or bite.

Such an arrogant magic horse, today is particularly peaceful. Kavi looked thoughtful towards the main mansion. According to rumors, a Black Dragon lived here. Is the breath of Black Dragon suppressing it?

When the Grand Duke came back to his senses, he realized that the vehicle he was riding in had left the workshop and moved slowly. Of course, the movement of the vehicle is impossible and stable enough to make people feel nothing. But compared to the bumps of a horse or carriage, it is as different as heaven and earth. Such a difference inexplicably made the Grand Duke look forward to it.

The entourages who were ready to follow after riding on horses quickly gathered around the front and rear of the vehicle and moved forward slowly. Although they belong to two organizations, they have well allocated their respective areas to protect the Grand Duke and the head of the Chamber of Commerce sitting in the car.

It’s just that the front is blocked, and someone who can’t get up to speed is a little discouraged. If it weren’t for the Grand Duke’s Knight, and the road in Holy City was not wide enough to overtake, someone really wanted to crash or run over, at least let the horn be sounded.

Knight who opened the road, thought he was taking care of the’very slow’ car very considerately, so he controlled the horse to walk one step at a time. It is as if an army is marching or triumphant, parading the streets to accept people’s cheers and encouragement.

took a deep breath to calm your emotions. Anyway, he was going to join these people with the Duke’s Guard, so Lin held his temper and stomped on the accelerator lightly.

The two people sitting in the back seat know the ability of this car, so they are also a little puzzled about this speed. Even if the one I sit on now is quite different from the one I sit on a few days ago, it won’t get worse. But looking at the guards all around, they also seemed to understand something.

No matter how much tossing, the entire group finally came out of the city and joined the five-hundred-ridden Duke’s Guard. The most special thing about this force is that there are no auxiliary soldiers.

Whether it’s Earth’s medieval Europe, or the reality of the maze, a Knight will have six or seven infantrymen on his own, usually serving as an auxiliary soldier or Knight’s attendant, and this group of people can be assembled during war, or Become Knight’s reserve team, or become another infantry team.

The Duke’s Guard is quite a rare light cavalry, but one would not underestimate this unit. Because of the aura and oppression radiated by the magical equipment of that water, it shows that this unit is more deadly than the fully armored Knight team, and it also costs money.

They also attach great importance to long-range weapons, a horse crossbow, two barrels on each side of the crossbow. Counted with a barrel of twenty crossbows, such ammunition reserves are enough to fight a small war. The horse crossbow is a small crossbow machine with a special pulling mechanism. Fortunately, it is a crossbow. With a bow, no matter how good an archer is, it is rare that a war can shoot 80 arrows. The stronger the bow, the more so.

The horses riding are tall and majestic, and you can tell at a glance that they are not ordinary horses. But at this speed, your mother, it’s a pinch when you are walking on the street.

In the city, limited by the width of the street, someone has to bear it. Coming to the outside of the city, somebody can’t stand it anymore. He slapped haha ​​and smiled reluctantly, Lin turned his head and looked towards Grand Duke Kawei, and said, “Duke, we have to speed up a little bit, otherwise there will be no way to reach Mount Weisu even if we drive to the evening.”

“Although you speed up, my troops can catch up. If they can’t catch up, I will fine them a year’s salary and send them to help you do things for free.”

To this patriarch To speak, the Knights who followed just found it ridiculous. The reason why the Duke’s Guard chooses war horses instead of llamas is because this breed of horses has the blood of demonic beasts, and their endurance and explosive power are far better than ordinary war horses or llamas. In particular, compared with the fellow Jialong Chamber of Commerce guards, the gap between them is obvious at a glance.

Lin didn’t take Senior’s words seriously, just couldn’t stand the feeling of being suppressed. Said: “Okay, let’s go.” As soon as the steering wheel was hit and the accelerator was stepped on, he got out of the gap in the team. Everyone was startled, and saw that the car had gone far. The bodyguards of the Duke’s Guard and Chamber of Commerce quickly waved their whip to catch up.

The sudden acceleration, although it hit everyone completely unprepared, but it is not a problem. After a few whips, the speed of the horse kept up with the speed of the car. Even the Knights who opened the road wanted to run to the front of the car again.

However, this speed, although it is not the speed limit of the horse charge, is already much faster than the forced march under the ordinary definition. In addition to being taken aback by the acceleration in at first, Grand Duke Kavi sat calmly, watching his subordinates trying to catch up, and said, “Oh, this car is so fast. Not bad. , Yes, I can catch up with the guards I built heavily. It is quite excellent.”

Lin laughed very happily and said, “Thank you for your compliment. Then let’s change the second gear.”

“What is second gear?”

Slightly loosen the accelerator, step on the clutch, shift gears, loosen the clutch, and step on the accelerator again! The speed of the car suddenly increased. Although it didn’t have the feeling of rushing out like before, the Grand Duke could still clearly see that the Duke’s guard, which he had heavily equipped, was…slowly falling behind.

Only a few Knights can ride a horse to keep up. And the horses that these people rode are the best horses in the guards they know. Perhaps the most relaxed of these horses is their own mount. It just carried an empty saddle, sprayed its nose, and followed easily. But the breath of the other horses was a lot thicker, carrying a Knight, and doing all they could to keep up.

The first thought of Grand Duke Kawei was that this magician used the speed of the charge? But everyone who has taken cavalry knows that the charge will not last long and will always be exhausted. So he was waiting, when the speed was unsustainable and came down.

Understanding how fast the charge is and how long it can last is also a valuable piece of information. So Kavi did not criticize or ridicule, but silently counted in the heart.

But when he couldn’t see the backward Duke Guard in his field of vision looking back, he was moved. The original military capacity of five hundred horses, but now only a few horses have a way to follow. The only comforting part is that the members of the Duke’s Guard, the bodyguards of the Chamber of Commerce, who can keep up, have long been out of sight.

Of course, Lin doesn’t care if those people can keep up. He only pays attention to the condition of the car now. The speed of 70 kilometers per hour is an easily achievable index for Earth vehicles. But there is not a good asphalt road in the maze. With magic materials and a half-way engineer who was a monk, what is the level of the car built, I am curious and a little worried.

When I tested the car before, it was night time. The dew was thick and the ground was slippery. In addition, most places in Holy City are stone pavement. Concerned about the tire and brake problems, someone would not dare to drive fast.

Now that I leave the city, the road that everyone usually walks is often crushed because of the carriage. That is because weeds can’t grow out. Basically, it is a dirt road. And the road is not like a city. You have to worry about when someone jumps out to stop a car you haven’t seen before, so someone plans to test the speed of this car.

It’s just this road to Mount Weisu. Although it’s not crooked, it’s not a straight and smooth road. Especially when you enter the woods, you have to follow the old road that everyone is used to; unlike the past on the grassland, you can run where you want to run, and no one cares how to drill.

But after getting used to the maneuvering, Lin drove the car and raised another gear.

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